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Capstone counseling llc

Capstone counseling llc do my capstone production group raleigh nc selecting distinct records in crystal reports ´╗┐hello my name is Charles valina and I'm co-author of Oxford discover in today's lesson we're going to be introducing students to a unit from a student book 3 in which we discussed plants and why they're important the purpose of today's lesson is to get students focused on the topic to find out what they know about the subject and also to find out what they want to know so we can explore it further you let's get started okay today we're going to be talking about living things and one living thing in particular but I brought my self with me a friend and what do you think this is first of all is it a plant or an animal plant okay great we've got that figured out all right what kind of plant is it it's a flower thank you do you remember girls what kind of flower it's a sunflower does it look like the Sun all right do it do you have some flowers in Mexico hey did you see a sunflower this morning coming to school okay but they are in Mexico that's great sunflowers are really cool because they Sun and later as we move into the lesson you'll find out why sunflowers do that it's very cool can you need a sunflower thank you for telling me okay but there is a part of the sunflower that you can eat is it this side do you know what you can eat what do you call something that you plant in the ground and some things see so you can eat sunflower seeds good have you ever eaten sunflower seeds yeah good great and they're very delicious and sunflowers don't mind giving us their seeds so it's a pretty cool thing now this sunflower his name is Fred now I told the first group that my sunflowers name is Fred I know it's a strange name but Fred is my pet right so I don't have a daughter and Cafayate when we have a sunflower so that way wherever I go I can walk my sunflower in the morning and I can talk to my sunflower and I read it's stories at night and I put it to sleep do you think that's great do you think it's a good idea it's a good idea okay good so our plants the same as animals okay is there anything that's the same a lot of plans animal like II that they are alive perfect they are both alive so what I put on the board here this is called a Venn diagram you see the big circles so what we're going to do is we're going to talk about how plans are different and how they're the same you've already told me alive good that's perfect so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pass out some paper again and you come Miguel can you help me pass out the paper one sheet for two so there's one sheet for them one sheet for you and just pass it around okay thank so you guys are gonna share this why because we want to work together we want to help each other and so we eat to students get one sheet of paper okay now what I want you to do you guys is to think about two ways that plants and animals are the same and look we already have one way finished they're both alive but can you see and think of two ways that plants and animals are different or you might even think of three ways that plants and animals are different right okay so can you work together and you actually try it okay make big circles big circles make sure they cross in the middle okay can you do it together you might have to share one desk great label them plants animals and both you do that for me right good now I want you to work together and I want you to think about can you think of two ways or three ways that plants and animals are different can you think of one or two and let's maybe even say three ways that plants and animals are the same I want you to speak with each other you can even talk as a group three or four of you English see what you can do in the next couple of minutes okay please begin I'm gonna walk around and listen so work together talk to each other all right how would plants and animals different oh you know the pencil okay don't worry about very good you can write that down move and what would this be don't tell me you can just write one word or two words you don't have to write a full sentence just think of ideas okay okay who would like to tell me let's start in the middle what are some ways that plants and animals are the same okay I heard some great ideas from you before yes the plants and animals grow plants and animals both grow wonderful do you agree is that true plants and animals both grow so we can put it up here all right that's wonderful yes plants and animals treated animals drink water Oh drink water love it plants and animals drink water do they drink water the same way no they drink it differently but they both need water that's a wonderful observation can you add one more I didn't think we'd have one more yeah they feel that's a very powerful thing so are you saying that when I touch a plant they feel right I think you're right do you know there's a certain plant that eats flies do you know that one we have it in my place in Minnesota and when the fly comes in a certain area at the plant closes you imagine anyways they're both alive they both grow they both drink water and when animals both feel that's wonderful can you give me an example of how they are different yes to another can plants move never ever finds can grow right they can kind of move but the plant itself has to stay in one place right did you have another your hand was up do you have another idea oh I'm sorry plants what should I say don't move okay thank you another idea yes plants make their mmm Wow you mean like hamburgers and pizza no wouldn't it be cool if we could grow plants that would make pizza and then they would eat a pizza and the extra pizza they would give to us that's something you can work on plants make their own food how about animals what would we say that about animals they don't make food they have to but how about food what do they have to do pumpkin okay yeah exactly I'm wondering if we could just say they have to find food look for food anyways they can't they can't just sit around they have to find their food right how about us do we make our own food or do we find food that's an interesting question right I guess we cooked our own food but we really don't make their own food right so we have to go to the supermarket and find food - right are we plants or animals I guess we're part of this counting right ok anything else do you know a difference between a plantain great plants many oxygen oxygen is a very big word oh wait a minute can you spell it for me oh it's excellent thank you so plants make oxygen what do animals make well actually when we think about animals when we breathe when they breathe out there's we don't have oxygen but we have something called co2 like carbon dioxide we can talk about that later but anyways that's very true or we can say animals don't okay you guys that was amazing thank you so much let me talk about why we need plants why we need Fred Fred is more than just a pet he's very important so we can talk about that let's erase Fred let's erase me and let's hear a some animals for them okay so we're gonna focus on plants now you've already told me a lot about plants we know that plants don't move but they're alive they make their own food they grow they make oxygen they drink water and they feel you know a lot about plants already that's wonderful capstone logistics clayton nc Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.

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