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Capstone corporate benefits

Capstone corporate benefits write for me kapstone paper and packaging sold project risk management case study ´╗┐hello YouTube chick here shoots outdoor adventures watch jugamos die every hunt and that's my guarantee to you and I'm here to do a quick little review and show you the ar-15 that I just put together I had way too much fun with this this is very exciting for me just to uh you know put all these modular pieces together but I've never been an ar-15 guy you know my m1 grand video I kind of talked crap about my ar-10 I used to have and you know it really wasn't that bad and I actually really liked this ar-15 I / what caliber getting an AR n I came very close to getting a 300 blackout and I also considered a 6.8 but finally I just went with the 556 and it was just no contest and mainly it was because ammo you know the ubiquitous 5 5 6 to 23 is it's everywhere now it's inexpensive and you know the magazines are cheap and you know thirty rounders I mean I just was very excited about it so I went with the the AR yeah so I just had a blast you know I have the you know nothing expensive for optics I didn't get $1,000 to joke on or anything like that so I just got some sightmark stuff here but I do have the slide in magnifier with the red dot so that was kind of fun so you know all this stuff it makes it look like I'm a cyborg you know I got everything on here um you know I get the laser sight and you know the flashlight you know so III had a lot of fun with that and the weapon is is safe nothing in the chamber but yeah very excited about it and I know I titled the the video about an ar-15 versus a grizzly bear brown bear actually in Alaska that we've differentiated between Grizzlies and brown bears the biologists studied their skulls and found out that they were you know the same Gino mutts but slightly different the grizzly is in the interior and is a little bit smaller head of shaped a little differently while the brown bear is a coastal bear gets a little bit bigger form eating salmon they say the grizzly bear is a little meaner but I don't know I think that you know brown bears get a lot of they're not really upset or looking for food too much when there's salmon everywhere so they don't mess with people as much but anyways back back to the discussion so am I going to hunt bears grizzly bears with a five five six next summer no no way I hunt with 30 caliber rifles and you know some people consider that small um but this thing is so light I'm used to lugging around 11 pound tactical rifle that I am going to go on some hikes with this this summer I am going to go on when I'm not actively bear hunting I am going to go on some hikes and some camping trips with this thing this summer and if I see a bear and I've got a tag in my pocket no doubt I will unload on the bear and I'll tell you why you know people say oh you'll just piss it off and then you know that probably is true if if you hit it in the wrong spot but I mean these are 30-round max if it's close range and and you know I'm actually pretty impressed with the damage he's five five six do then they make soft points for him but I want to give you a little some a little bit of research I've done when I moved back up to Alaska in 2005 shortly after that there was a guy at the Russian River now the Russian River there's there's brown bears there all the time if you go in the summertime when there's and runs are in 95 percent chance you're going to see a bear you know they're very acclimated to humans sometimes they'll kind of chase people off but then there's just a bunch of brown bears down there and you know photographers go down there it's fun you know you just see bears you fish next to bears anyways this guy he got big trouble for it there was a brown bear at the Russian River and this guy got frightened he saw it was with Cubs it was a sow so he pulled out in a ke 74 now the paper said that it was in ak74 and he just unloaded on the brown bear and killed it now some people will say hey oh yeah this guy killed the brown bear with an ak-47 I always correct him I was like no the paper said that was an 8k 74 now that's a smaller round than the seven six - that's five 0.45 I believe and it's a kind of similar to the five five six it's a smaller rifle round and some say it does a little more damage but it has been you know compared is you know kind of equal to a five five six sometimes and uh you know five five six I look at it as a giant elongated 22 caliber Magnum Magnum I mean it it can really do a lot of damage but anyways this guy had these you know small rifle bullets and because he had a giant you know banana mag of these 5.45 s he just you know killed that bear he got a lot of trouble with it so you know I'm not going to actively hunt brown bears with an AR but you know if if I see one while I'm camping and I've got this and I've got my tag if I get close enough you know I there's no way you could tell me a bear isn't going to go down if I unload right in its face at close range you know 15 double taps from this thing you know if you're hitting the right spot I mean this can easily put down a brown bear quickly that's pretty controversial statement I know but I actually believe that especially with some of the soft points and hollow point rounds that we have you know you don't want to hit it in the hide where it's real thick but man right in the ocular cavity you can easily kill a bear with one of these things but yeah that uh that saw was killed and see the picture of me posing with the the the two twin cubs and it was kind of a sad story because the the Cubs were abandoned and so they just stayed down there by the river for years and you know I think they're still down there but it was kind of a famous story but anyways this is my rifle you know I've got it all ducked out and you know on my other videos I like the Ruger I talked about how I love this gun I will never sell this gun you know this was a lot of fun but it's kind of a novelty for me so I probably will sell it and just do another project I mean this is nothing special it's got a Bushmaster upper and a DPMS lower you know the Bushmaster has the chrome lined barrels you know helps with reliability a little bit less with accuracy they say I had a free-flow barrel or a free-flow handguard quad rail for it but I chose not to use it because it seems like the trend is to go modular and I just don't like the feel of a quad rails ripping my hands up and just like the feel this polymer I really like the you know the angled four grip and even though it's not free float I mean for you know close-range shooting what I'm going to be doing with it I mean this is fine and I will be taking this out you know for predators you know if I go on hunting for wolves or fox you know even birds just just smaller things if I'm making headshots you know when I when I lay my traps later this winter you know I'll take this so yeah I at one point I thought I would never have a five five six again but you know it's it's actually kind of nice and like I said the just the availability of magazines and thirty round mags I mean all the tactical rifles I've had up to this point the magazines cost from $70 up to $100 for one magazine and I went into Cabal the other day and bought a PMAG for 13 bucks and it just blew my mind I mean just and availability of ammo and how cheap it is you really can't go wrong with a with an AR and so surprisingly I consider it a kind of a useful tool for Alaska but like I said I'm not going to actively hunt large game with it but while I'm camping with it you know it's so light you know if I if I see something I'll take it out if I've got a tack for it so uh yeah let me know what you think you know hit the subscribe button out there and I'm putting out a video every Sunday so please subscribe thank you YouTube shook your friend in the field conference on artificial intelligence Molloy College, Rockville Centre.

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