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Capstone control implants

Capstone control implants capstone logistics portland maine for money gourmet food writing pens what is going on guys Healy here and today we are playing some battle royale completely forgot about this lineup we have agen Beltre Francisco Lindor Paul Goldschmidt Jenny Martinez Cesar Hernandez Jose Martinez Kurt Suzuki and Tyler naquin every live Series player in my lineup is up on inside edge now that is sick Endora beast mode ultimate beast mode like this is gonna be a great PR run today hopefully we win Zimmer's up to but a our bench isn't too good but yeah look at that everyone's up on inside edge we're gonna see if we can pull out a couple wins here make sure you are following all my social medias they are in the description but you can follow my twitter at the Heeley 6 you can follow me on snapchat at Heeley 6 and then you can follow me on instagram at the Heeley 6 post a lot on twitter and snapchat but I know a lot of people use Instagram as well so if you want to follow me on Instagram you can do before we get in the game play shout outs eek-eek for sponsoring this video see geeks and a packer it's ticket prices from all over the web to make buying simple they give you a 1 to 100 in on every ticket price so you know if you're getting a good deal or a bad deal they also color code it as well from red to green also when you're purchasing your ticket you get a view directly from the venue so you know if you have a good view as well and if you decide to use a seat geek make sure you use the link in the description to download the app and use promo code Helia check out for $20 off your purchase all right let's check out his team Hunter Harvey on the mound he is the Ichiro Suzuki and Chipper Jones ins lineup not too good for power Tommy Pham and Desmond bullpens not gonna be looking to Guddi as Ian Kinsler will Middlebrooks Kevin Smith and Jean Segura guys lineup not looking too decent our Paul Goldschmidt wasn't diamond in our lineup I don't know if you guys caught that we're playing that polo though come on Adrian Beltre going up against the right-hander we're going power swing all the way one a no count now to Beltre pop out now power swing worked great let's try not to get under this pitch again no Goldschmidt base hit to the gap should be guaranteed Homer not gonna happen we get a 1-2-3 inning not what I wanted out of this team he chose to Dukey superfast gap shot would be an automatic four home run for him not gonna happen though just kidding he gets on base thought maybe we would have gotten him out but he gets on have to prevent this stolen base right here we're gonna pick him off and we got him we got it let's go he was leaning but she got bro I saw you I had my eye on you the whole time we're gonna go over to change up now to Desmond and that one should be fielded boom out number two Ian Kinsler is now up the silver one don't really know his stats but it doesn't matter that's gonna be out number three very quick first inning Oh a one count now to JD Martinez and JD that one's launched it could get over his head Ichiro Suzuki probably the only person able to make that play man and Hernandez 78 speed he's gonna get on base that's an error oh did you buy him though a desert one can't play first base Martinez now he has the power Martinez hits that one the left field at rate Adam I need a ball to get by these guys can't hit it Adam uzuki 68 power and that's gonna be out number three my approaches are terrible can't get anything going we're leaving in the common a very bad move very bad but it's working though it's not a problem we're gonna go Gossage here test him out see how this guy hits him he's only like a to pitch pitcher one out on one pitch that's good enough for me Gossage doing well for the 70 overall we're gonna go sinker he'll probably offer get jammed [Music] that's out number three though going into the third inning this game going by pretty fast Tyler Naquin oh one up against the lefty in a twin he gets a base hit ok I'll take it thank thee needs boosted against lefties today though then we use Gossage cuz he now is up for warm-up Madson and we are gonna sub in 58 power 8 power we're gonna have to go the righty right here our pinch-hitters are atrocious that's gonna get the runner to second base okay I was thinking about bunting our guys aren't good at hitting adrián beltré let's go a gin adrián beltré hits that one deep not deep enough though we're gonna remain at 265 speed base hit will score him let's go Lindor based hit scores are on pace hit scores are on we're gonna go in that oh he makes an error he's using Ian Desmond at first he can't play first base you can't play him there he doesn't have first base his normal card does this flashback does not want to count now to gold trend and gold trent grounds out all our hits today are ground outs and that's another miss play I might as well bunted because he's not gonna feel their first base not gonna be able to field it JD Martinez this is about to be a good a/b it's about to be a good a/b that one's rocketed to left field he's there in it we get too rough we got one do one run Ryan Madson is gonna come in the game we're gonna curveball again please whiff he doesn't with ah almost got that Oh this is where we the bed right first base 69 speed never mind never mind we rebounded from that this should be the final out of the game the key word there should it should be the final out it should be the final out take that base we're really about to lose this inside come on throw the damn ball going up top with his fastball and he strikes out why would you steal home with two outs banana is singled and no one's give me an out wonderful power it out let's go Martinez two outs this game is about to drag on for a while I can't hit anything man come on this game is I'm not taking pitches I need to be more patient at the play but so frustrating dipper Jones we're both just going after pitches high yeah one out left and hit a dawn man break out please y outs good to we end it next inning Tommy Pham he's gonna end it right here this is how the game is gonna go kidding see you gotta like make it seem like reverse psychology I guess you talk to the game as if you want something happen and just never does it goes the opposite direction in a Qin Square something up he does Oh No let's go baby sixty five speed give me at least a triple at least a trip all we're gonna say three no way are we gonna go home especially with like zero outs I was early on that okay and that one should be it we should have an out should I ever run the one time he doesn't miss the ball at first-base come on my rod is gonna go in the dump if I lose this this isn't good no I'm playing terribly can't square anything up oh this isn't good now I could at all and like I'm bound to lose at this point I'm just playing not to lose wits what what kind of finish was that what kind of finish was that well uh the episodes gonna be over I'm sorry that game play went on for a while and we will get back at this be our run in the next few days I would assume like we're gonna use some of these guys it's an amazing line-up completely forgot we had it but if you guys enjoy that gameplay it was a very interesting VR game play make sure you leave like subscribe down below this is Healey and I am out peace my capstone reading Queens College, Flushing.

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