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Capstone construction southlake tx order

Capstone construction southlake tx order do my purpose one real estate josh duggar police report destroyed ´╗┐joining me is the mayor of Omaha Nebraska Jim Suttle he is a Democrat in a red state mayor subtle really great to have you here today uh I want to talk about this campaign that uh you've launched this ad campaign which really shows that you support assault-weapons bans high-capacity magazine limits as a Democrat in a red state so let's talk about that first are your gun policies at odds with the broader opinion in your state if not your city well in the city not anymore we see a rapid change in attitudes and they're reflecting what you are seeing also on the national scene and quite frankly this whole incident in Newtown Connecticut matched up with what we saw here and with two locations in Omaha with a bun mar shooting at the westroads mall in 2007 and then we had an incident at one of our high schools millard south and about two years ago so public sentiment is changing they want to see some leadership and i read this over and over again in my exposure to the citizens of this city they kept saying mayor I don't feel safe you gotta help us so I step forward and then took a very bold move but a move up a leadership quite frankly to build in common sense and responsibility can you outline specifically the gun control measures that that you support and and would carry through if if you had support in Omaha and then also specifically if you can what gun control measures would you not be so supportive of well I'm going to frame it this way because I will move slowly and cautiously but determine on this to assemble the right kind of a broad task force of our citizenry to determine the several things first of all you and I have Second Amendment rights to own a gun that's what the Second Amendment says but we also have our children have the right to go to school and be safe and not have the threat of gun violence in their classrooms the same with family members that go to theaters or shopping malls or walk down the street they have the right to so we need to bring all this together and find the right middle ground and I think in our civilized society what we start with is what is the boundary line between civilian weapons that are there for hunting for sport and for personal protection with military weapons which are there for one purpose and that is to kill if we can get that definition in place than the rest of the things we need to do in order to maintain a civil society with the absence of gun violence is going to fall in place and that's what I will be putting together in my own way with my own task force here of our citizenry to determine answers to those questions I think that sounds good that you know the problem I have and we've talked to a number of elected officials about about guns in about gun control is that between task forces and different proposals we hear a lot about assault-weapons bans and high-capacity magazine limits but if we just look at the numbers the majority of of gun deaths in this country are really coming from handgun violence and and that really brings me to ask the question would you consider a handgun ban all together because that's really the source of most of the violence well you're looking for one answer there is no one answer to this dilemma as we're finding in Omaha's we address our our issues of gun violence and and any type of violence or gangs you have to do a multiplicity of things so as far as I'm concerned this this task force I will assemble so we can get the right ordinance written and then the right state law to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines is one more step in the right direction I don't disagree with you mayor and I actually I agree with both of those policies you mentioned but just in the interest of having a rational conversation based on facts most of the deaths related to guns would not be in any way affected by the high-capacity magazine limit most of one shot hand gun homicides and the definition of a quote military-style assault weapon also can just change and and manufacturers can get around that so the back to the handguns which really is the source of most violence as a progressive are you saying a handgun ban is off the table I did not say that one way the other I went back to the format that we're going to use we're going to decide as a civil society in Omaha where is that boundary line and right now we're going to focus on this issue of the military assault weapons and high-capacity magazines so that in and of itself will put us with the right guidelines i think for writing and ordnance and writing a proposing state legislation in order to do what our mission is then we can come back to these other issues in the meantime we're stepping up the pages of all kinds of frontier as we deal with the illegal guns coming into our city to get those off the streets we will continue that we will continue with our community policing we will continue with our thrust on jobs we will continue to with our thrust on attacking the issue of the gangs at the top of the gang hierarchy so as I said it's a multiplicity of things will take one step so that at a time I've taken a step here we're going to see this through then we'll regroup and see what else we need to propose so you're not preemptively saying that a handgun ban is off the table you just have to wait and see you're trying to put words in my mouth no I'm asking they're just listen to what I'm saying we're taking steps one by one by one as we put them all together we are moving in the right direction so we'll deal with this on what I've taken a leadership role to do and we will get it accomplished then we'll come back and we'll regroup and see what else we need to do all right I know enough to know when I'm not going to get more more of an answer so the other side you want to ask mayor is the jump a place where you want you to be and me too and that's to be discussed on another day right now I'm going to discuss what I did and why I did it and we're going to follow through with what I said I would do and that is seek a ban on military assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in Omaha Nebraska it's the right things is common sense things do we can still protect our Second Amendment rights yours and mine in the process mayor how difficult is it when you're working within a city to pass legislation that supersedes or can can overlap with what may be the state regulation so for example in Chicago we've talked extensively about Chicago gun violence and how easy it is to drive 45 minutes south into Indiana or north into Wisconsin and get guns and then bring them into Chicago talk a little bit about that given that you're working in a city within another legal framework of the state well again I'm an engineer I'm a problem solver that's what I've been doing all my life so this is merely identifying the problem getting in essence a task force of citizens and business people together on both sides of the issue digital define how we're going to approach this but the ultimate goal is to work things backwards we will write a an ordinance that pits Omaha then we will write a draft piece of legislation that fits the state and we will go and push that in the you know camera on Lincoln as they debate the state law and we will seek the permissiveness to allow us to pass the ordinance for metropolitan class cities in Omaha Nebraska once that's done then we can go and address first class cities and others here in the metro and start more of a global a way of getting this this particular problem under control all right omaha mayor jim suttle certainly fighting an uphill battle there commend your work and really a pleasure having you on today well thank you and I appreciate the questions and I we need to go to the future let's do it thank you so much capstan anchor winch youtube order Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

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