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Capstone conference 2019

Capstone conference 2019 capstone chiropractic for money alexander hamilton and thomas jefferson essay paper ´╗┐hi folks Bob Dale from total sales solutions in Jackson Mississippi where we sell motorhomes sell lots of them folks on them only on eBay we also occasionally run into try to relax or diesel truck something of that nature we buy it and sell it today we're going to list the trailer that we found that we like a lot it's a bargain it's immaculate it's a great trailer it sleeps nine people pull it with about anything I think they pull this thing with a half-ton truck without any problem but let us show it to you because it's a really a nice trailer and I'm talking about exceptionally nice it is a Springdale by Keystone it's a clear water addition clear water addition Springdale the Keystone it's a 260 model if you want to look it up which means it's about twenty six foot long tires are great no deal am everything on it works it's immaculate come on we'll show it to you here you've got one bottle over here one gas bottle battery goes here power has everything that the battery is not in it right now because they steal them faster than we can put them in so we will have your battery that's no words here just full pass through all the way through folks there's pictures of it but that's past their storage and that team you look down the side of it get over here son show down inside there it's not a mark pony there's no deal am no problems nothing at all all the way before you ask me it has jacks obviously this is not a any sort of FEMA trailer anything like that this is a dealer trailer you can see it's really self-contained got your outside water hookups all that I want you to look how good the color is I've wheels on the side we've not done anything that's just the way we've bought it here's just five tire it something good buffers feel top it back to anything this trevor's I mean it has not been beat up in any fashion there's no marks under the awning is perfect to be awning here I don't a mark on this which rolled up then walks right off here's one of the things we really like about this trailer folks and I told you it will sleep nine people we showed you on the inside but I want you to look this escape door is absolutely wonderful and that folds up there for storage if you're camping when you start out before you get where you're going you can load it up there you can access that from the inside of course but it's a great safety feature I don't understand why all trynna manufacturers don't have to have these poles but I want you to look at the outside of it look how clean how pride pride any of that it's not having the leaks in it no pants no one's lived in it no smoking none of that just a great crate it's a two sixth edition which means it's about 26 foot long clear water edition you can see the jacks hundred four jacks all the way around the glass is all good and perfect let's go ahead and look at it soon we'll show you right here right inside the trailer now come on back here we're going to show some of the features this little trailer we we just love outside of the fact that it is absolutely so compact and does this job so well sleeps nine people it also has lots of privacy here's the the door latch here and I'm not going to close out but it's got a solid door here unlike most these trailers we've got little curtains and all this dancing most of them they're just open across here but this one has a privacy wall you've got some privacy in here good-sized bedroom a nice mattress storage on the side there you can see these compartments no leaks those you can look over there at that see all that lots of storage clean as it can be we'll go up here now if you look in the front how immaculate this furniture is it's a no 6 but it's a breeze the bill 1112 whatever this is the original furniture how clean it is it's not frayed not stained not rag down that makes a bill of course the dinette here perfect original furniture makes a bed has ducted air conditioning up top and these little things or speakers for the surround sound system goes with the radio CD player we've got all the hooks and all the books and the part numbers to everything they were prep seat here's your place from your television got your cable hookups and all that here but it's we're saying you can look here folks - you sleep 9 people - up here to here to here 6 and look here this is what we also like about it this little bunk area right here you've got a half bit and then the bunk up here you want to show this overhead lights you've got your egress door here safety door look how clean this is yes here's your microwave here's the sticker it only weighs forty eight hundred and ninety pounds unloaded so you can pull it with any kind of half-ton truck or Saqlain a SUV this foam is perfect does it appear to have been used course that's common in these as the three-stage convertor keeps the batteries charged without overcharging them and has a cooling fan built-in so it doesn't overheat refrigerators ice-cold and immaculate either this trailer just shows so little you that make sure you got guts you're dining it outside here you can see and look at this bathroom no soft spots in here in the floor storage down here the water leaks got your vanity here your cabinet if I pull on the right side all the lights work come on comes that part the porcelain toilet porcelain commode I've never seen one one of these treasures oh that's a high-dollar option got your old tub which everybody likes that little option we need a bulb in it but you can look here okay porcelain commode focuses unbelievable have one of these but up everybody likes of course the shower option but look at your bins no water damage none of the end these are solid doors in these two with child life this is a great treasure son really nice it's a bargain this trailer is going to be a bargain price I guess we should point out we bought this it was a theft recovery we bought it from an engine at an insurance auction it was a theft recovery but it has a clear title so there's no issues has never been flooded never never been wrecked never anything no issues with what you saw the pictures of it this is just the way we've got it well the fire extinguisher a propane detector a paint come on up here Oh buddy I got three grandsons in there he's best living well just sit down in bed just sit down with your big sale they're not playing in the mud huh yes sir look at that he's proud of himself evening anyway folks my name is Bob day on my phone number 600 1 2 & 8 1 2 2 3 6 so 1 2 & 8 1 2 2 3 answer my phone all the time in common evenings we whatever if I don't answer the phone because I'm on the phone I'll call you back but we're going to list this trailer and I'm telling you if you're looking for this kind of trailer to carry camping that you can pull with anything if you've got children or soccer or if you want to create a fishing camp or whatever you want to do with it I mean it's perfect it's ideal it's a grand trailer and it's going to be some kind of nice bargain we're listening this weekend it's an O six Keystone Clearwater addition it's a 260 model which makes it 26 foot long sleep nine people no issues you saw the outside how immaculate it is sitting on good tires you're singing inside it's perfect I think it will suit about any need that you might have for a little camper trailer unless you want to spend thirty forty thousand dollars in three years from now it will be worth about $5,000 this trailer right here will always be worth the money we're going to sell it in a bargain because it is such a great trailer but anyway it's a know six Keystone you're gonna like everything about it I promise you gonna like everything about we appreciate you bidding on our motorhomes and our trailers folks watching our videos we look forward to seeing you here in Jackson Mississippi internet of things examples 2019 order State University of New York at Old Westbury.

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