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Capstone college meaning for money

Capstone college meaning for money capstone logistics greenfield indiana address for money soap vs rest web services java ´╗┐what's up guys J more than they have to kill and I'm back here on Borderlands 2 and I finished a tiny Tina DLC let's play on my channel and a lot of you guys have been asking you know what are your thoughts and opinions on this DLC some of you guys are asking if it's actually worth buying because you don't have it yet and some of you guys are just curious to see how I rate this DLC so I figured I'd actually take some time today to sit back and think about some of the things that I really did like about this DLC and some of the things that I kind of thought could have been done a little bit better or absolutely just did it like played out so let's start talking about the things that I do like about this DLC first up I thought it was really cool how they kind of reimagined the original campaign of the game through the whole fantasy senton from tiny Tina's perspective and it took one of the most annoying characters in the game and gave her a little bit more depth I know she does have the horrible backstory with her parents if you do to doctors quarters inside a wildlife preserve that is terrible but the cedar actually you know really go through would struggle with some of the emotions I thought it was uh I thought it was a really big stepping stone for Borderlands but I do think they missed expand a little bit more onto RPG style world maybe like SIA a push to box puzzle maybe like it Legend of Zelda you know opening up a staircase somewhere to go someplace epic that you're not supposed to be to get a box that you're not supposed to have I think they really missed the boat on bringing some of those key RPG elements to the buzz you know to table but I'd really wish they would have went more with the shift in environments like three or four different things that could have happened within the story to make it just a little bit different each time you go through because I did plate through this twice already once on xbox and once on PC and you do realize that once you do get the initial shock of the story out of the way it's just pretty much standard VLC so one thing that I do like is that the enemies are not really Rhys kins like you have those psychos abandoned from the original campaigns that get REE skins into you know tours bikers or pirates into Captain Scarlet of pirate booty POC it really makes it feel like you're not on Pandora anymore because you're really inside of a new world with new enemies but they do go by the standards Borderlands you know you have your basic enemy then you have your badass variant the midget very and maybe armored and projectiled very as well so it does still stay inside the realm of boarded lamps so it still feels familiar but just seeing all these faces and all new places and I really do like that I like that and the art in the game was really cool I was actually I was diggin the whole pastel theme especially the beginning and at the end when you get the really bright blues the really deep reds I thought that uh it looked really good and even by console standards it still looked pretty decent but when you get this game on the PC you're gonna realize that man this is actually a really beautiful DLC so I really did I kind of I kind of appreciated that you know I can actually walk around this DLC and look at some of the environments to be like man you know it would be nice just to walk through here in real life and they have a video game you know really inspire that feeling into you it's uh it's been a while it's been a while since I really wanted to be inside that world and you know see it from my own eyes my own perspective so my great list of the DLC is actually pretty small the one thing I didn't like about this DLC was the gameplay made it feel a little bit slow a little bit tedious and once again I think gearbox hey there traded the chance to have interesting fights for endless waves of enemies and not just endless waves of enemies endless waves of the same enemies over and over again so even though these are new enemies inside the game by the time I got to the end of the DLC all these enemies felt old and they felt tired because I just murdered maybe like 1 to 2 million of these motherfuckers on the way up and that's just a go fight the dragon to get a chance to go fight more motherfuckers to get the chance to go fight more other motherfuckers so are you Wow seriously I think I think gearbox needs to used to learn how to bring out the enemies and make it more interesting fight instead of just throwing waves and waves of this same characters so what the waves of waves as well I do want to say that the console framerate for the Xbox 360 I can say I had some issues where there was so many enemies attacking me that my actual Xbox was dropping frames terribly just because it couldn't handle it so I do think if they are gonna bring waves and waves they need to find a way to at least make sure that it doesn't drop frames on whatever platform it's on now when I ran this all my NVIDIA PC that has my GTX Titan 60 gigabyte card it plowed through the entire DLC without a problem so we do know that this is actually the Xbox's fault because it has you know the hardware's limitations of only 500 megabytes of RAM which here phone in your pocket has more RAM vents so I mean it's not really gearboxes fault but if they are gonna release the DLC or any type of games for that type of platform they need to make sure that it can handle it or scale back the number of enemies to make sure that it actually works and you won't have a video pretty monotonous time running through a million enemies on the way up to run through war enemies so let's just sum up this entire l see this story it was solid and it had rare emotional and adult situations that you don't really see in borderlands and it kind of thinks man the game feels like it matured a little bit and then they drop a fart joke on you and it's all good and you've realized that you're playing Borderlands again so I'm gonna give this an 8 out of 10 but I still enjoyed Captain scarless DLC a little bit more just because you know the gameplay wasn't a slugfest horde of enemies like tiny Tina's DLC was and the gearbox seems to trade the difficulty of balance in order to service a very small portion of hardcore elitist players and I wouldn't mind seeing them focus a little bit more on making some interesting memorable set-piece flights instead of just throwing a ton of enemies that one shot kill you and the raid boss at the end of this DLC is actually 100% sums up the entire DLC all in one little ball which is pretty much a big fuck you to the average solo player that's just wanted to pick up the game for fun and they're not trying to go for elite challenges there are plenty of games out there that offer those types of challenges Borderlands is not one of them and gearbox you need to fucking learn that so my name is Jay more than after kill make sure you guys rate comment subscribe I want to thank guys Washington could throw thumbs up on this video I would HIGHLY appreciate it but also also leave in the comment section down below what you thought about this DLC and if you disagree with what I said you know respectfully replying will start a dialogue and we'll see exactly where that goes because that's a lot of fun so like I said my name is Jay wooden have to kill make sure you guys rate comment subscribe learn I think that's watching pit throw thumbs up on this video I really appreciate it it gives me motivation to make more videos for you motherfuckers that watch my motherfuckin videos that is a lot of mother for the words and I'm gonna see you guys later you onenote 2016 default page template order Keuka College, Keuka Park.

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