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Capstone church east london order

Capstone church east london order topics for research paper about financial management for money looking for someone to write personal statement on cigarette smoking due soon ´╗┐Oh what is this why not standard these will be the death of my husband I need to do more clearing out of my handbag hello welcome back to my channel I'm Nara if you don't know me I'm gonna do another updated what's in my bag video because I'm still slightly obsessed with these even though my first one was about two years ago maybe three years ago so I thought I'd do another updated version I am like using this little Kate Spade number with a little tassel it's quite old I don't know the name of it it's actually really old but I just didn't wear it for years and then I've got a little grape bag so I'm just looking to buy one no sir I should got one apart my minimalism thing if you've been watching my videos you will know they're clearing out my wardrobe makes me realize how much of the same stuff I have duplicates of so instead of going out buying another gray bag I just dug this out so it's got this flap here and the really cool pink candy stripe inside look at this extra pocket it's like a secret pocket secret there's nothing in there but it's secret so yeah you could store stuff in that if you want and then it just flap sewed like that I'm sorry okay first up this is my camera case which is really bad I know I it's like a number 7 makeup case obviously the camera's not in there because it's up there filming so really really bad I know I've had she got a nice camera case but I just don't use it this is just so handy as you can see it's well-loved next up is a sachet of ketchup why not next another camera bit of camera equipment is a little mini tripod I don't think I've ever used it but you know you can't be without these things so that's why it's in the bag there are standards now I don't really need it because I've got compact makeup with mirrors but it's in there anyway also for the size of this bag like this video is gonna be quite long because there's so much in it next up makeup this is a makeup hairbrush this is a mini wet brush which I love I've got the bigger one as well when I matched in my her in the morning this is mini because the bags quite small so if it's in lovely it's got loads of hairs in it though mum life next is this band which I've been carrying around with me I haven't been wearing but I've been carrying it around it's from a really good charity which is the anti-bullying charity and on all their social their anti-bullying Pro and I went to the mum VidCon the other day which she may have seen my video on and lovely guy Alex Holmes was there and he was presenting and their charity do such good work and I really want to work with them so I've been caring the sound as a reminder be he want to be loved who you are that is a good motto to live by oh this Bennington I'm not actually opened yet I got it from mum VidCon because then if it was a 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he doesn't get any blue bits and then actually them loads but yeah so that's really really hard to have on the go as you know I mean I've got about six of these different ones around the house it's a cherry flavor his lovely standard Georgia pick no George this little guy oh there's a story there's a story basically Henry had this when he was little and he was absolutely obsessed with it and it obviously it's the smallest toy to be obsessed with but he was obsessed so we have to take it everywhere with us and then he lost it so then we had to find it every time he lost it and then we finally lost it for good so we bought him a new one for Christmas Santa and he loved it and then my mom was clearing out her carrier backs you know because we all have bags and bags and bags of carrier bags as you know I've seen from my memorizing video for my dining room link below and she was like look what I found and now Georgie Pig from a year ago was in her carry a bag so there's by the front door so 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keep all my like makeup I take with me now and again when I go out this Maybelline razor under I do buddy what's it I love it love it love it this I had to buy the other day because I've run out of my normal one and I just was in Boots so grab that that's actually quite nice quite nice one like a finishing powder oh this is actually a really nice lipstick it's a topped one but it's it doesn't really show up very well which is a shame because I really love it but it doesn't show up but it makes your lips go tingly but not too tingly but you feel like you're gonna you know that's a horrible thing the hairpin stealer lip glaze which is really pretty I don't feel the need for so many lip products that's fact lovely pinkie ready color another lip product for it's a lip balm so it's not a lipstick guys or a look plays Oh finally another one this is lipstick Queen well which I really love I'm wearing it now finally well done if you got to the end of this video expect camera battery because I always need more than one when I'm out vlogging cuz mine always runs out so that's essential I've got four of these and there we have it she's empty I probably should take this opportunity to clear out some of this stuff I'm probably not gonna need the ketchup probably should give this back to my child and this and probably don't need these tickets from 2014 so there we have it guys I hope that you enjoyed that little delve into my little Kate Spade handbag I don't know how I've got so much stuff in there but I do because I'm a woman and that's what we do how you guys enjoyed this please do subscribe if you would like to see more from me I upload every week three times a week on a Tuesday a Saturday and a Sunday so hit that subscribe button and keep updated by hitting the notifications though thanks so much for watching and I'll see you soon bye capstone logistics mechanicsville va address Downtown Brooklyn campus.

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