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Capstone c1000 signature series

Capstone c1000 signature series do my ati capstone 2019 looking for personal statement on management ´╗┐how's gone guys it's me LSP s 1 2 3 back at it again told you monday or tuesday hot video coming up um the first time in really in any video you guys see me what that were and i had to start all this because i just got home from something important and yeah i gotta leave again in a little bit but anyways got for a you know what forget my cell phone nah this by the way you don't know this one is the Mickey sorcerer hat the Fantasia had that cool stuff yeah y'all seen this one but I just saw another one of these in this size get put up on ebay and it was from England so the concern depressed conversion we're talking about I think it's sold for like 50 55 is crazy so I'm happy I got this for 25 but yeah anyways first up y'all seen my a's doc your hat here's a more popular and more cool dog your hat it's a yankees hat but it's a different kind of Yankee side guys is that it's Scottish style this is a corduroy tartan what are the only one back pocket with Scott you know I mean anyone or a flag right there that won't be logo won't be hologram sorry I'm sat down and I'll be hologram and it's got satin lining so that's cool anyways since it's seven and a half it actually fits me perfectly that's a hat goes but when you're talking about winter hats you want to fit kind of tight so as you can see leave some space it's still warm but we're all gonna want to wear this one because you want with these hats you want to get a size they'll be a bit tighter because you don't want it to fit like a cap unless you're gonna have it like you know fold it up anyways but like if you're actually looking for warmth sorry what the whatever you want it for warmed you probably want to go with a size smaller so this 738 it's probably work better I can't believe I got this for the price i did cuz i'm not a Yankees fan so I'm not going to buy the Sun once i got it for a great price and when you get this out for like 550 yeah you just you can't say no so that's one anyways out waiting for this gigantic ass box their gigantic ass box and there's three housing here from the same seller who is so dope that each hat shipping is seven dollars but you can buy up to four hats and the combined shipping will be italicized or so including sheds ill the shipping for all these were seven dollars so that's pretty cool boss like this so imagine one hat being in this bargain so I got three let me start off with hope left one in there let me start with the first one that I've been on which is a lot cooler in person this is basically an unboxing okay sorry for language you know what happens sometimes but this is unboxing i just opened up literally I open up the box and that was it I didn't think I need that hat pour in so technically it's an unboxing because nobody won't see a box being cut open people want to see what's inside the box so I'm seeing these as you're seeing it here's a crown hat and I don't know if you can tell but there's like designs if you're wondering what those designs are those designs again hard to see because the reflection why not all that dark stuff that's all felt or velvet ok that's a crown I don't know that suppose be anything else but it's a crown on the back same thing it's a seven and a half pretty cool hat and fits perfect so you know I'm going to be rocking this it's going to happen and um against shipping for all the house for seven dollars so we're talking about this one costing you know what I'm going to look up the price of the hat but of course you're not going to keep you guys waiting and so I'll show you guys the next hat and think what the next tab is if you take a look at the movies are coming up you know I'm inner superhero movies the only comments or anything but of course x-men the newest xmen movie is coming up and that's looking pretty cool at least from the trailers and who's the most loved x-men of them all maybe Wolverine and y'all seen somehow over he has well here's a Wolverine hand that you can find on ebay you can find in a lot of different places and yeah everybody seems to want this hat Scott Wolverines claws and the snake you all know that you'll know how and comments or not they got the sound effects to automate Appiah well snikt is the one for him this is a size seven and a half seven and seven eighths by bag on the back it says marvel comics and I just now noticed this I mean I just took this hat off the first time in forever but uh there's nothing underneath or inside but you can look closely that's guys that's a that's a silhouette of Wolverine right there that's pretty it's pretty dope all right by the way shipping for all the more seven hours like I said so you can cut the Cheviot your shipping up not counting shipping this hat okay cost me a dollar and ninety-four cents gar ninety-four cents divvy up the shipping early had probably a little over two bucks shipping so this cost me hun to four dollars if you want to look it that way this one not counting shipping cost me five fifty not 25 not 3915 he will use that to pay 25 30 for this thing this cost me 5 50 if you want to add the shipping we're talking about probably 750 for this one anyways you guys know I'm gonna mickey has and as far as Mickey guys go y'all know about my blood 20 collection and if there's ever been a blog 28 had that's not excited me um it's the 1 i'm about to show you so you might be asking why would you buy it well as you by mr. Li SPS 123 and the reason I is because a it's a block 20 attack be I must have got it for dirt cheap so I saw these hats by the way I bought them all I pay for a mall one week ago they arrived today and or no I pay for them last Wednesday I won the mall on last Monday and he put up 10 day auctions so I saw all these hats 10 days before that so we're talking about nearly three weeks ago I saw all these hats and I saw this one and he didn't know what it was called he thought it was called the wicked hat and for good reason but this is actually really cool hot now that I take a look at it I still wouldn't pay too much money for it but anyway here it is is the Mickey block 28 wicket hat and if you're wondering why because it says Mickey but it looks kind of like wicked that can be considered on w that could be a d from the top and on the back I believe that is the name of the artist because you know these were by ball 20 had survived street artists um let's see your flag golden or flag that seems I'll cool why not Lord sees all right this is leather satin this is satin it's not a satin under bill that's pretty awesome right by the way this cuz I thought this is a regular hat this is felt guys this is a felt hat with a silky honor bill alright and silk lining it's pretty cool and of course all 28 so if you're gonna make a hat like this you gotta have some really cool features to it and like I just showed you it does so it's pretty cool this one cost me for 75 mile county shopping said ball 20 has cost sixty seventy dollars when they came out and this dude didn't know what he was selling and I got it for the president I did so again Yankees winter dog your hat Wolverine snikt at free dope crown hat would have let stuff all over I know really interesting wall 28 so there you go my next video I don't know what is going to be but might have some interesting hats might not I don't know I'd be lying if I told you I did but yeah stay tuned and um it's been a busy day I gotta go I this video took a lot longer than expected but these are pretty cool hats and I just unbox them that's what I took so long otherwise this video would have taken probably about half the time that it's taken anyways have a good one hopefully you guys aren't as busy as I am right now it happen and I'm going to be for the next few days / week but yeah stay tuned and uh I would go on you guys happy one day bioengineering capstone design for money Manhattan College.

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