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Capstone bridge solutions for money

Capstone bridge solutions for money capstone financial group llc satan hates you movie review ´╗┐welcome to the court case covering club where we cover court cases today we will be covering a couple of court cases called Oregon versus Smith and lemon versus Kurtzman some of my colleagues and I have compiled a couple of court case kits to help you further understand the court cases we will cover in today's episode of the court case covering club please enjoy wait okay LG drug screening down here you're fired why for eating some of that peyote I don't condone that type of behavior in my work environment fine Ari now that you've seen that little skit I hope you understand the gist of the case let's get right into the explanation scaling black was an employee at a private drug rehabilitation clinic in Roseburg Oregon he was dismissed from his position at the clinic after failing mandatory drug screenings due to his religious use of the psychedelic cactus peyote his colleague Alfred Leo Smith was just missed soon afterward for the same reasons knowing that black was fired for this exact same reason so after they were fired Smith and black were both denied unemployment benefits due to their reason for dismissal which was disorderly conduct the two men presented their case to the Oregon Court of Appeals and the court ruled in favor of Smith and blacks rights to practice their religion which entailed the ritualistic use of the cactus peyote Oregon dissatisfied with his ruling took the case to the Oregon Supreme Court alright so the Liberty at risk here is the individuals right to practice his or her religion this is important because the u.s. was founded on the basis that everybody should be able to speak write and practice their religion freely and the overarching theme of the Oregon versus Smith case in the two lower courts was ultimately that Smith and blacks constitutional rights to practice their religion in this country Trump's the law claiming that the drug use is illegal the tort the court stated that unless their use of peyote violated another person's right they should be allowed to attend rituals involving peyote however the Supreme Court ruled oppositely saying that the law prohibiting drug use was not a deliberate infringement or interference in the right of black and Smith to practice their religion mostly religious liberty scholars widely disagreed with this opinion so to draw a parallel what if there was a law prohibiting the consumption of wine at Catholic or other Christian based churches most Catholic based religions use a wine in their community ceremonies and it is widely assumed that this is a secured right in the Constitution but how would people of Catholic origin Christian other Christian faiths feel if this right would was violated ultimately the scenarios are the same if these people feel like the protection of the consumption of wine and church is important they must feel the same way about the consumption of peyote our second case is lemon versus Kurtzman please enjoy the following skit explaining it man these textbooks sure are expensive yeah $1500 for ten of them my god if only there was a way for the state government of Pennsylvania to pay for these textbooks hmm so if I sign this you're saying that you're gonna pay for all my textbooks and school supplies and the school supplies correct yes as you remain a Christian organization thank you and so the stay is paying for all of this absolutely now this little skit here represents the reason that lemon challenged the state he believed that there should be a separation between church and state and that our pew school shouldn't be shouldn't receive funding from the government this argument from his point of view was completely supported by the First Amendment which says that there should be a separation between the church and the state the lemon rule states the statute must have a secular legislative person purpose also known as the purpose frog the principle or primary effect of the statute must not advance nor inhibit religion also known as the effect prong the statute must not result in excessive government entanglement with religion also known as the entanglement prong these three parts of the lemon rule make sure that future cases will not end up as this one has in the hands of the Supreme Court help me this case is important because it really outlines something that's extremely important in the Constitution which is the separation between church and state this is significant because if there isn't a separation between church and state then government buildings and government facilities may become subject to religious bias for instance a government official may feel more inclined to give money to a school for instance if they teach the religion that that government official is a part of for this reason we believe that it's extremely important that everyone knows about this case and how the case ended that it won in favor of lemon and that there should be a distinct separation between church and state the similarity between these two cases lies in each of their significant involvement with religion being one of the largest components of the first amendment any case involving religious dispute is a very serious issue to be dealt with especially by the Supreme Court in both of these influential court cases the freedom of US citizens to practice their religion was being jeopardized in the case of Oregon versus Smith a significant aspect of a person's religion was being compromised by a law making consumption of a religious affiliated plant illegal in the case of lemon versus Kurtzman the religious influence that the state of Pennsylvania had on the parochial school was not allowing students attending said school to make their own individual informed decisions about which religion they chose to practice instead they were being highly influenced by a governing body which is in direct contrast to the freedom of religion guaranteed in the First Amendment overall even though the Supreme Court ruling for Oregon versus Smith was extremely controversial and highly disputed by many religious liberty scholars these two cases are considered landmark cases because they represent times in US history when decisions were made that would influence the future of US constitutional law and its subjects for a long time to come thank you for joining us today on court case covering club we'll see you next week you our second case is lemon versus Kurtzman please please enjoy the following skin all right are you still going yeah get him boys action okay so all right all right hey draw a little tear on the Fridays from me he believed that there should be separation between church and state and that parish how do you pronounce this very case Reister I do you pronounce this word parochial he's a rookie old probably probably well now we can redo that hang on brace guys ready now this little skit here represents the reason that lemon challenged the state he believed that there should be a separation between church and state and that parochial schools that's okay I drew the Church of like knowing Samantha's okay how do I literally do the script is good what if I just put this mic in my mouth would be super crunchy oh my god I can't I can't [Music] [Music] alright alright I'm gonna hold in my lap if that's cool wait let's give it to the wall that's a maxim basket tape okay this is the last this is the last bit of a means this so you say I kick in a halt there's probably nothing this is the last bit of time we're gonna waste time wait oh you use that one point you wait this is the full 1/4 we don't we don't my god higher I can't talk this is gonna be really informative and good cpa ontario capstone 1 schedule Institute of Design and Construction.

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