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Capstone behavioral healthcare knoxville ia for money

Capstone behavioral healthcare knoxville ia for money do my capstone consulting omaha problem solving techniques mental health hey guys how's it going in today's video I want to talk about the stock split apparently it's real news I went to my friend who was invested into canopy he also has investments in Aurora but she had investment in canopy I told him on the day this news got released I messaged them and I told him to go buy shares of canopy now and he listened to me he actually listened to me but he didn't buy very much I think he put like five thousand dollars in so he had like four hundred shares but he still bought it at $15 at four hundred shares at $15 so and he sold off half of it just not too long ago at $40 so he made a really nice profit and he still had some shares left um but he got he got a mail and so I confirmed it like I didn't think it was real because I couldn't find any news on it but he confirmed it and then I looked at the paper and I I found the real information on canopy's website oh I I also want to mention that this deal was huge it was like historic because because of this deal all the cannabis stocks shot up like crazy like no tomorrow yeah anyways um so it's all on this information page so it's under investors and that's the events and then a special meeting of shareholders July 30th 2018 meeting of notice stock split as the number 2 number 1 is some kind of particular of matters to be act upon incentive plans I don't know what this means but but there's yeah there's a stock split information so my problem my biggest problem with canopy doing a stock split it's it's good it's a stock smell is good but my biggest problem it's gonna bring that the EPS down so let's say if canopy made I don't know like 300 million dollar profit right they would have a like one plus EPS but now if they have a stock split don't have a $0.50 EPS because all like 55 or 60 cents EPS and step over a dollar each EPS so it's good and it's bad if you guys don't know what EPS is I have a small little video for you guys oh yeah I should just make it small screen earnings per share or EPS is one of the most widely used ways to gauge company profitability to calculate divide the company's profits by the number of outstanding shares EPS matters because strong earnings tend to drive the price per share up and that's good for investors earnings also generate money the company can reinvest in growth but EPS has limitations if a company uses earnings to buy back shares of its own stock there were fewer outstanding shares in the equation that drives the EPS up without any actual increase in earnings EPS also doesn't consider outstanding debt or that two companies might have the same EPS but one company used less capital to generate the same profits indicating it might operate more efficiently so while EPS is a fundamental factor in assessing stock value it's most useful when considered along with other metrics pS is there's a small little video that I showed you guys so hopefully that helps you oh and then this is the second video why a company does a stock split I'm only showing a minute of this video so because the other blatte' part of the video they talk about reverse stock split so if you guys really wanna want to listen to this full video you can find it on internet why does a company split its stock just type that in youtube and you will you will get the information as the price per share of the company's outstanding stock rises higher and higher the pool of investors that are willing or able to purchase those shares typically gets smaller in order to lower the price per share to make the stock more affordable for some investors without diluting the equity of current shareholders the company can perform a stock split in a stock split shares are divided according to a determined ratio two for one for instance in a two for one stock split share holders receive two shares for every one they currently hold but each is now worth half of what it used to be for example if a company has 10,000 outstanding shares of stock at a price per share of $500 and you own five of those shares your investment is worth $2,500 if the company performs a two-for-one stock split it will have 20,000 outstanding shares priced at $250 per share this means that you will now own 10 shares at this new price despite the fact that you now own twice as many shares your investment in the company is still $2,500 the total value of the company's outstanding shares known as its market capitalization also remains the same at five million dollars just as a company may have difficulty selling its stock when the price is too high it may face a similar problem if the that was the video I hope you like learn something from that so after watching this video in this video I have to say that okay so a stock split will help a canapé stock have more volume because if you compare the volume between canopy and aurora canopy has two million like 2 million 2.2 million volume while Aurora has 5.6 so that's almost over double the volume that canopy has because Aurora has a lower share price they have a higher volume more people are trading the stock and because the price point have $40 less people trade the stuff so having a higher price stock is bad in a way where less people buy and sell stock while having a smaller share price you know increases the trading people do on the stock market on the on the company anyways and on top of that but this the disadvantage is the like having a stock split is the EPS because canopy has two two point 1 4 1 4 million shares right if they have a two-for-one stocks but they almost have half a half a billion shares and that would reduce this price back down to $20 but then but more people then will buy the shares because it looks cheaper even though it really doesn't because not a lot of people look at this number the market cap you'd be very surprised even though I tell my friends about market cap sometimes they like oh it's $40 I'm not gonna buy that I'm like look at the market caps and then like they don't they just look at the price the share even though they know what market cap is so it's it's a mentality it's a it's a it's a cyclic cycle logical mentality in my opinion when people look at the share price especially people who want to try to get rich off the stocks because in order to double your money you need $80.00 in order to double your money on Aurora right now you need eighteen dollars so it just it looks easier to get to eighteen dollars than it is to get to you know eighty dollars but in reality it's not it's just yeah I think canopy just wants more people to buy the stock because they creates a brand loyalty this is my opinion though so this I'm gonna end this video off with Aurora cannabis acquisition naturally advances towards July closing this is uh this is this are excellent if the if the vote goes through according to me according to why read in the booklet only five percent of shareholders approved like locked up for this thing for the Met relief side fifty six percent has been locked up for the met relief for the voting of the merger but for Aurora only five percent so Aurora needs a lot of people to vote yes in order for this to go through met relief is gonna go through no matter what because they don't need a high percentage for that but Aurora cannabis only has a five percent according to the book that they gave everyone Aurora only has a five percent like a five percent vote for yes right now so they need more people to vote I plan I plan to do a live stream tomorrow voting for doing at the doing the vote on a live stream so look forward to that I guess that's all I really have for you guys see it so it's 10 minutes sweet okay thanks for watching guys if you like this video please give me a thumbs up if you dislike this video please give me a thumbs down subscribe for future dates and have a great day bye capstone mccann llc for money John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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