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Capstone bank tuscaloosa locations

Capstone bank tuscaloosa locations failing a capstone didactic essays examples well you ready for another story I pure motherfucking Armageddon well she not here's one anyway appalling as the Asian tsunami disaster was it's absolutely nothing compared with the apocalyptic event that is yet to come somewhere over the next stretch of time New Yorkers will have to deal with a huge tidal wave of biblical proportions beep da la Poma mega tsunami and shiver flush here comes the drowning waves try to surf this wave is almost twice as tall as the Empire State Building you're traveling faster than an airplane at a breathtaking 700 km/h enough to give you the creeps right well it should for the question is not so much if such a massive wave will one day slosh across the oceans but when then there's more disturbing news if the doomsday wave kicks in it'll be the end of the story for the US East Coast New York City gone Boston washed away Florida Miami the Bahamas all history oh and several hundreds of years may pass before the super wave rolls in but on the other hand could happen next month as well it all starts with a faint rumbling of the earth thousands of miles away near the African shore of the volcanic island of La Palma with Rumble with seismic activity announcing in another eruption of the Cumbrae the visa volcano on the southern half of the island but this time the unstable western flank of volcano doesn't hold a huge chunk of the island simply breaks off and plops into the Atlantic Ocean plunge now plunge immediately up Rises a tsunami and not just a tsunami the sea has pushed up something like 650 meters as 500 billion tons of rock and debris hit the ocean witnesses to the event will see how a massive wall of water towers up it starts sloshing westward across the Atlantic at the astonishing speed of over 700 kilometers an hour destination the US East Coast now that will bring about some stress to the other side of the Atlantic the orchids and millions other of other inhabit to the u.s. coastal regions we'll hear about it on the radio within eight hours the entire East Coast will be splashed away hundreds of millions Americans will get the hell out to escape to the to escape the wet Cataclysm turning every city and every road in the area into total chaos some people will hope the mega tsunami will just break down by itself and indeed while crossing the ocean the wave does dip down a bit until it perhaps only some tens of meters of high tens of meters high but the La Palma mega tsunami isn't just the next dull waves it will pass storms unscathed bombs boat won't do anything to harm it either you see the bag of a tsunami we're dealing with is an endless wall of water that stretches out across the entire Atlantic not exactly the kind of wave that easily just breaks down then after eight hours the incredible happens at the US shore all the water suddenly recedes and it's all sucked up by the wave to come you'll be able to see the bottom of the ocean for hundreds of meters ahead but your attention will be caught by something else this huge wall of water that's moving in on you faster than you might think for your good for the good of your house as it closes in on the steep coast the tsunami will grow and grow some more until it's perhaps several hundreds of meters high seconds later it impacts with unimaginable force billions of gallons of water slam into the coastal areas skyscrapers just snap bridges ripped to pieces and outside the cities forests and villages are swept away and obviously if you're still around it's only likely you're killed in the whole show the La Paloma La Palma Palama wave will push 30 to 40 kilometres into the land since the wave is so long warm or water will be pushed push the land inward until the entire wave has finally rolled on to the shore next the massive waters withdraw with unimaginable force the wave is sucked back into the ocean drag with it everything and everyone it encounters so one moment you're higher dry only minutes later you find yourself floundering somewhere in the Atlantic well away from the shore in fact a mega tsunami will wash the coastal area clean it will destroy every city on the u.s. coast and although it really won't bring about the end of life on our planet millions will die not to mention the total disruption of the world when the urban heart of America it's just swept away by the way Americans aren't the only ones affected or southwards the metal in South America's will be struck calculations show Europe will suffer as well the southern part of England will be it two parts of the low-lying Netherlands will be flooded some parts of the French the Spanish coast will be severely hit in Europe too many thousands will die ironically Africa the continent where the mega tsunami comes from will be relatively safe since the super wave is pointed away from the continent like almost every other apocalyptic scenarios discussed in other videos the one with the tidal wave is nothing really special in Earth's history you see it's perfectly normal for a volcanic island to collapse every once in a while that's why I had several occasions in our prehistoric past giant killer waves rolled over the Seas bringing about doomed destruction everywhere they hit land should be an example of shoe uh-uh-uh-uh hula island in Hawaii many times in history big chunks of Hawaii plummeted into the sea the biggest event occurred about two million years ago when a piece of rock ten times as big as Mount Everest broke off the island of mahua and the result of huge tsunami hundreds of metres high tens of kilometers long that is the Cape Verde Verde Island 80,000 years ago the west coast of Africa was rinsed clean there's another nice another massive tsunami in it and nearly full force one hour earlier a massive chunk of Cape Verde Island had plunged into the sea then there is Reunion Island only four thousand years ago the island of réunion in the Indian Ocean snapped in half another mega tsunami popped up several hours later it slammed into the coast of Australia this is known as water fury some famous or infamous mega tsunami events vacation huge tsunami swept over the comments and these are just a few that we know of and La Palma only recent science scientists realize only recently scientists realized that the ideal conditions for the next landslide exists on this island actually 1949 an eruption of the Cobra via almost triggered the la flama disaster a volcano erupted the weaker half of the island dropped down four meters and at all and it was only in the 1990s geologists realized what a really close call that was on the other end some scientists hope the island will snap into pieces before hitting the Atlantic that would almost certainly lead to a smaller wave compared to throwing a rock into a pond with dropping a handful of sand into it no one knows if the island is able to withstand the next object volcanic eruption gladly will know several weeks in advance the cube raviga is about to go berserk again but then again will our governments take the warnings of geologists serious enough to get that far will they be willing to evacuate the entire US East Coast in large parts of Europe following the advice only a handful of scientists somehow we doubt it perhaps the mother of always will take us by surprise after all there's one researcher don't Mack that build the wire put it there's a problem with all the major natural catastrophes because we've never experienced these things we don't think they're going to happen to us we just ignore them but these sort of events have occurred throughout geological history and they're not going to stop happening just because we're around [Music] [Music] do my capstone resume services Jefferson Community College.

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