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Capstan winch jeep

Capstan winch jeep capstone c65 inverters for money cover letter for construction company profile ´╗┐fifteen creatures with amazing eyes number 15 starfish what a starfish what's that doing on this list do they even have eyes well they do actually five of them in fact look closely and see if you can detect their eyes because there's one at the end of each arm granted it is a very simple form of AI that can only detect light or dark but they are eyes nonetheless if you see what we mean number fourteen chameleons while best known for their ability to change color and blend into their surroundings chameleons have highly unusual eyes each eye can move independently of the other enabling the lizard to scan for threats and prey simultaneously that ability also gives the chameleon a 360-degree range of vision chameleons have extremely acute eyesight they're able to spot prey from many meters away and they can also see ultraviolet light number 13 goats did you know goat's eyes have rectangular pupils it's not just for the sake of looking strange the horizontal slits not only give the animals great peripheral vision they also allow them a range of vision between 320 to 340 degrees compare that to 160 to 210 degrees for him the larger pupils also mean that goats have excellent night vision as well not bad number 12 felis Silvestri's catus of course no list of animals with amazing eyes would be complete without including our feline friends also known as the common house scamp as you no doubt aware cats have eyes with vertical slit pupils which are most often found among nocturnal predators it's thought that this type of pupil structure provides the animal with a way to measure the distance between itself and prey it seeks ambush meanwhile pupils which are circular are more often found on predators that are taller and more active during the daytime an example being the animals that most often own cats number eleven tarsier about the size of a squirrel this nocturnal primate is found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia of course those eyes of the animals distinguishing feature relative to its body size the tarsier has the largest eyes of any mum if your eyes were proportionately as large as the tarsiers your eyes would be about the size of grapefruits as you might guess this animal has excellent night vision and it's believed they can see ultraviolet light number 10 for I'd fish despite the name these fish actually have two eyes but a band of tissue divides the eyes and each eye half has its own pupil that allows the fish to simultaneously see both above and below the waterline as it looks for credit ISM pride the eyeballs up 1/2 is adapted to seeing in air while the lower half is adapted to seeing underwater the small fish I found in Central America and Mexico number nine stock I'd fly as you can see the name of these insects was inspired by the lengthy projections branching from the sides of the heads they look like antennae with eyes on the end turns out the male's have longer stalks than females during mating season females will choose from a selection of males to see which one has the longest stalk the guy with the longest one is the winner so it seems the females prefer guys with long stalks a well seems like some things stay the same across all animal species number eight Nagas face spider does this arachnid have only two eyes well you would think so in this photo by Alex Hyde but no it actually has six eyes the middle pair is enlarged making it look like two these spiders have excellent night vision but not only due to the big eyes there's a layer of acutely light-sensitive cells covering the eyes so sensitive that a new membrane regenerates every night while the old one is destroyed at dawn researchers think these ogre spiders have night vision superior to Alps and their night vision is 100 times better than a human's number 7 hammerhead shark the strange shape of the creatures head was long a source of debate in 2009 a study conducted by Florida Atlantic University revealed some information that might provide closure to the debate it's thought the hammerlock shape of the shark's head may have evolved in such a way as to augment its vision the eyes positioned on the ends of the animals distinctive head allow the shock a 360-degree range of vision meaning they can see what's above and below them at the same time number six colossal squid the largest invertebrate creature known to science it also has the largest eyes found in the animal kingdom each of the creatures eyes are bigger than dinner plates up to 30 centimeters across because the squid spends most of its time 2,000 meters underwater it needs those huge eyes to navigate the dim light in such extreme depths the colossal squid possesses stereoscopic vision enabling it to better judge distances each eye also has organs called photophores which serve as a kind of built-in headlight the photophores produce light as the squid looks frontward allowing it to discern its prey through the dark waters number 5 red-eyed tree frog the vibrant green skin along with the blue and yellow striping on the sides really makes those red eyes with narrow vertical pupils appear all the more striking the red eyes actually allow for identification in addition to serving as a defense adaptation upon detecting a predator the frog will suddenly pop its eyes open and stare them down it's thought that the sudden appearance of the fiery red eyes might startle the predator just long enough for the Frog to hop to safety number four owls if there's a symbol for awesome eyesight from the animal kingdom it must be the eyes of the owl those striking orbs are well-designed for hunting and allow the bird of prey to see equally in brightest day and darkest night their eyes are fixed in place meaning owls can't move them in any direction to compensate the Owls Head can swivel around 270 degrees allowing them to see behind them the Owls night vision is thought to be 100 times greater than that of a human who knew number-three leaf-tailed gecko they look kind of strange anyway so it's no wonder the eyes of this lizard have a pretty bizarre appearance their vertical pupils contain a series of spin pricks switch at night will widen allowing the Gecko to receive whatever light is available thanks to their orbs containing so many light-sensitive cells leaf-tailed gecko scan also detect colors at night as well as objects you might know that cats can see up to 10 times better than human beings but in dim light conditions the leaf-tailed gecko has vision up to 350 times beyond that of humans number 2 dragonfly dragonflies have a full 360-degree field of vision their eyes are so big they nearly cover the insects head making the dragonfly look like it's wearing a flight helmet they have sharp eyesight and are able to detect polarized light in addition to colors that's due to 30,000 visual units known as ommatidia each of which contains a lens and light-sensitive cells they're especially sensitive to motion and can quickly detect potential enemies or pry number one mantis shrimp many consider the eyes of the mantis shrimp to be the most complex in the animal kingdom they have compound eyes but they also have vision powers even Superman might envy they can see infrared ultraviolet and polarized light their eyes which are located on the ends of stalks can move independently of one another and rotate some seventy degrees and because each eye is divided into three sections the mantis shrimp has a kind of trinocular vision it can use three different parts of the same eye to see objects giving it depth perceptions research continues it's difficult to imagine how the world might appear to a creature like the mantis shrimp do my vodafone uk internet of things Adirondack Community College.

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