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Capsim round 1 guide order

Capsim round 1 guide order onenote 2019 change page background for money md04aca600 review of literature ´╗┐welcome to another fountain pen day review today's review will be of the Montegrappa desert area home is a fairly new pen from Montegrappa I'm in a really nice box that folds down a lot of Japanese let's do this as well really nice touch makes it easy to take out the box your pen comes in like the logo it's got right on the front that plate very nice touch good texture on the box I mean they did a nice job I'm not really a fan of fancy boxes but this one was done really nice really nice um underneath you gotta find a booklet or Montegrappa again this one's gonna tell you about the pen it's in a lot of languages and as well as some of the company's history well you warranty card is in here as well pictures some of the hoods anyway so in the box that you get it in there's really nice nice texture to it um good feel to it you get two one two graphic arts it takes the short cartridges as well as the converter that's inside off a that in a minute also comes with a ribbon I guess so if you get it as a present thing and wrap the the package with Montegrappa ribbon nice touch as well and it's cell very nice beautiful beautiful pen it comes in three different colors this one is the Navy and gray it also comes in red and black and chocolate and beige they call it now this is a pearlized bicolor resin and that's what they call it really beautiful resin I mean it's got a lot of depth to it you can see you know how it shines in the in the light when it catches it alright I'll start from the very top of the pen on the top you have sterling silver throughout its mark sterling silver on this Center band as well but the clip itself was sterling silver with your that'll focus it's got the Montegrappa the octagon logo on the cap and you also have the ball that's here you can see it's one of the ones that rolls when you put in your pockets when you clip it in and roll your shirt really stiff clip but you don't want to lose this pen so once you get it away the ball rolls the ball is made out of the same resin as the gray resin as this piece right here so you move down to that gray stripe of resin really nice accent and on the band you can see it says Montegrappa backside it's just stamped for the sterling silver then I'm 25 and flat ends on the rear of it and when we uncap it you can see what the bicolor comes in because you have a beautiful pearlized resin for the section the section also has a second band that reads whoops sorry there reads Montegrappa it's engraved really pretty also stamp is sterling silver and then we have beautiful new 18-karat nib it's etched all the way across plastic feed the beautiful pen I mean very more reserved for Montegrappa I know some of their pens late the chaos and stuff like that that series and the skull pens are a little more in your face if you will so this is this is really a nice turn I I think for them because it's very majestic almost it's a more formal pen for sure and you're not gonna bring it into the business meeting or you know office meeting whatever I mean case may be and find that everyone's staring at you like what on earth you have this is really a nice pen beautifully done love the style the threading here you can see is more of a block threading I don't mean block like I just mean it's not sharp at all it's more of a thicker flatter threading so they root doesn't get any way at all which makes it nice for holding at first I was gonna post it and it is top-heavy when you post this pen so when it's posted it's definitely got some weight to it and that's because you've got sterling silver throughout very writable some people again they like a back weighted pen good feel to it but it is just big enough with my large hands so for a normal person this is it's a great pen to write with and sit in your hand just as it is again these threads you don't even know that they're there so it was really nice touch I thought that was great to think of that again it's a cartridge converter and you just Montegrappa cartridge converter that's in there and like I said it takes this short international cartridges and here I almost forgot that it's got a metal liner inside so that it screws in nice tight secure I'll give you the other ones and really beautiful time I mean the depth of material illness is just fantastic and like I said this came in three different colors so I'll move on to the chocolate you can really see the depth of the material here beautiful and again you have the rollerball here matches your material for that band for that accent pan love the combination of this section here he really this was this was well thought out very nice looks great the combination of these two really complement each other very well good shot of that name and the last one the last one is the black and red you can see that's not you can see the reflections all right here we go but you can see the that pearlized resident really come through same things you the rollerball matches that accent and you'll love this section really really pretty excellent detail work on these pens very impressive price is impressive the fountain pens and this comes in four different styles so you have the three fountain pens they are retail and remember these are retail prices are at 850 apiece there's a rollerball those come in at 625 each ballpoint 575 and the mechanical pencil they do have as well which is 575 so you can get a full set and make a great gift for whoever whether you're an executive or not these are a really beautiful pen I mean they did some like I said I'm just surprised at how form that formal I hate to say that word but understated and formal it's probably the best I guess way to describe it for Montegrappa like I said they're known for being a lot further out there with their designs but this is just really really stunning pens beautiful I'll get you guys a writing sample and we'll be right back okay for the writing sample we'll use the Montegrappa glue and we'll start with the brown and beige this one's a fine nib and I'm just gonna dip these tests again this one's the fine nib really smooth has some give to it as well again these are not meant for flex pens but everybody always asks you can definitely add a out of the fine squeeze some flex and I will fine next up will do with the medium Navy is medium we didn't edit because my head got in the way I tipped it and we have definitely have a much broader line this one has some good as well really nice news really smooth this will be the medium very nice finally black and red has the broad love the contrast very well chosen colors the broad is definitely a little bit broader and what Airtel compared to the others the medium is still wet I mean this paper doesn't this is not the rapper's paper very found pen friendly very nice but it does have a little bit of a dry time to it broad nib has some gear as well it doesn't feel as springy not that it's stiffer but it doesn't just doesn't have that same feeling of giving and maybe because it's a broad already so and maybe because it's a broader ready Brod not you can read it but you can see the difference between the fine the medium and abroad very pretty pens but as you can see all the nibs very smooth very nice excellent writers I really I really enjoyed spending some time with them I think I think for me the medium was probably my favorite I love this blue and in gray Navy and gray very pretty and because I think again that the nib really has the most it's like an everyday use it's got a very light feel to it but yet if you want to you know have an expressive first letter of whatever you're writing you know the first paragraph it's nice signature as well and with that I'll say thank you very much for watching thank you Carol industries for the continued support position paper internal audit for money The College at Old Westbury.

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