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Capsim round 1 cheat sheet for money

Capsim round 1 cheat sheet for money do my average age of americans retiring 2019 la report parking violation toronto [Music] [Music] morning guys today we're putting on the tent and we're putting on the excel tail lighten and the side tent on the little side lights on the side of my Camaro but we're going from 30% on the two side windows to five percent that should be I'm I'm it's going to be a pretty big change it's not going to be a little change it's going to be a big change to see out of and for people to see in I find 30% is and it just doesn't cut it as soon as the light headset you can directly see in this car you can see me you can see my face expressions I don't want anybody to see me and 5% I've had it once before and I liked it and I disliked it I liked it where you're completely blocked out in here the person can't see anything but when you're driving at night it's a little dark it's just hard to see you know like curbs and stuff you just got to know your surroundings a little bit better but these this this right here this tail light then from expel so we got a headlight protection kit that's what it says but it's actually a tail light kit darksmoke so it hopefully goes on easy and hopefully it goes on you know so the install are pretty smooth cuz I'm doing it drop it off the car at the Auto Glass place we'll see what it looks like guys and another hour it's a lot darker in here with five percent tents on this is the first time I've taken the car out with the new tint on windows it cleans and it's dark it's a lot darker going from 30 percent to 5 percent there's a big difference sitting in the car so it's I love it I love the look of this it's great guys but I got to get my coffee I can't go a couple hours without one hey guys we are back at home here and well I got the car tinted I didn't get the side markers done or the tail lights there's a story behind that but I'm going to show you guys what the tint looks like from the front right here now the reason why I'm showing you from the front it's so you get an idea if someone's trying to look in from this direction so you kind of get to you know see what's going on and we'll show you guys right now beside so I can see my shifter and I can see my ie break there now what I not what I can't anymore is I can't see the headrest so they actually have that zl1 on the top of the headrest I can't see them anymore I can't see the seats at all actually so it's a lot darker in there actually just sitting in there it's a lot darker I'm sure it'll probably help with the heat also but this is five percent ten this right here is a big difference from thirty percent if you guys have been watching my other videos that tent is 30 percent that's that's fine but I like I like a bit darker tune when I mean a bit deck I mean a lot darker not limo because and then I can't see it at night but five percent should be that sweet spot I'm hoping anyways if I don't like it I'll take it off and go with different difference you know maybe ten fifteen I don't know but I think in five is where I want it you guys there's a video cores of verses Borla now I have a picture there it is right on the lake front there but the Sun is Eden right and you can pretty much see everything in the car you can see right through both windows to the other side and when I saw that picture I was like wow that tends really not all that dark so I had in the back of my mind I want to re tent these windows get that 30 percent out put that five on to take tin off isn't very hard not to put 10 on I can't do that because well it's sort of like a I swear it's like a lost art kind of deal to get it nice and neat and perfect and nice and neat lines the guys I did my tent has done every single vehicle I've ever owned he's always done an amazing jobs I've never had any complaints so I'm happy with that guy second the story on the workers here that was supposed to be tinted and [Music] the taillight and this one right here was supposed to be tensed now the story behind that is I have the expell kit that is the dark tint for that but when the guy saw it he talked me out of putting it on and recommended that I take it to his shop not the shop here because he actually drives here do tint once a week for this other shop you want me to drive to his shop about 30 minutes away and he wants to take the taillights out and also take the side markers out and tint them and have him wrapped a little bit more so the temple never bubble or peel or anything like that which when he talked to me about it it seems really convincing so it's a little bit more money than that kit but he said that you're going to love it he has actually an srt8 charger and he had the taillights in city showed me he showed me the process of doing it on his phone it looks great I'm very happy he's actually painting it he paints it and clear coats it and it makes it look it makes it look awesome so he recommended me to do that so I'm going to do that I'm going to do that next week so that's a story with that I have that expel kit I don't know what I want to do with it who knows what not or hate it I'll probably end up keeping it or if I get you know big enough on youtube I could probably give it away or whatnot but I'll keep it for now but anyways guys it was a the Wicker bill in the back there's a story behind that too I was supposed to get it last week in the mail and never came so I called up z1 zl1 addons and I was talking to him about how come I don't have the Wicker bill yet and on the tracking number it actually shows that it has mean unless they're shocked so they said this ship that so I called USPS I talked to them they said they never received it they said that it never came yada yada yada I talked to the owner of vol.1 add-ons and he said that if I don't get in the next few days so shoot me another one for free you know what that right there I'll order a lots more things for that that is the veal he could have thought that I was ripping them off or I wanted to but the guy you know he said that he didn't like USPS and I agree with him he believed me and he made the customer happy I am definitely going to order more products in them and I actually did order more products from them that I just couldn't have gotten any better USPS lost the product CL zl1 add-ons manned up and said you know what we'll ship you another one sorry about that that was awesome that was like the best news I heard that day but anyways guys the Wicker bill is going to be a little bit more delayed but at least we got the tin clean here the Tim looks awesome I love it the test is let's see if I can see it at night I don't do a whole lot a night driving with this thing but well it looks amazing and now for the next step is to get me back taillights tinted and the side markers tinted and that should look just as good as well I'm happy you guys want to see more videos on the build and more customization I do to this beautiful vo1 Camaro guys get my channel follow or subscribe the whole thing so you guys can see more content every week every couple days I upload a video you guys want to well I post pictures on Instagram do you guys want to follow my Instagram that'd be great Twitter I post there not so often but once I do it check it out guys give that a follow and then like my Facebook page guys I just not only post uh that's it but I know I just don't post it's just things about my car I post things about you know cool stories Oh are you no cars or the cars like that or builds on other people's cars I post a lot on Facebook seems to be the go-to for my social media but anyways guys thanks for watching I love all those links down below I am five one nine streets guys have a good day a peace out do my ap capstone research exam New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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