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Capella university capstone project for money

Capella university capstone project for money do my ashland oregon zip code plurals list essay ´╗┐hi guys it's been a while and I want to share with you this is my second and all green beer and I called it a first research in my system so within this we pour of it and then go about to some footage of that it's been a couple of weeks it's 4.1% half an hour it's got quite a bit of a chill he's on it's not me anyway okay let's cover some footage and then we can come back and see if this is any good okay bifur okay hi guys this is a broody I'll just give you a run-through of the new system I've got here I'm just getting up to temperature for the mash in no thanks to Christian brew beer for the wonderful idea of just using a clothes peg on the temperature do that so basically what we've got here is a recirculation and I just want to do this anyway so let's just see if that works we have a variable a dimmer switch thing so thanks to solve a difficult one hand isn't alright okay this isn't very helpful okay it's good so right anyway so we have then I feel that oh it's that sport all right so I'm I'm basically aiming for 70 degree so what's happening okay so it's coming out of the tank sink boiler wall in one grew bag thing coming down here it's all well insulated and it comes down to governs arrangement here which weighs quite heavily get out of there that's my Apple cheese get out so yeah so come down here perhaps too high every 69 for a great idea with these pumps and you're absolutely right you you need to has to be held there because it's quite heavy and then it goes underneath the bench on the outside and you get the idea up here okay now the reason that we've got that big extra loop is so that when we lift the green bag out later on oh yeah on the pulley and then anyway so I'm taking plenty fruit is just now well things are going fine popping the kids under my feet but far from that yes if it is a pulley comes up here along here and then let's quit it off just right I'm gonna just wait to do in I give them 270 and we'll take it from there okay here we are just I'm putting the greens in and so this is my method of under wetting I guess so basically the greens are just half in yes ah you found one that is exactly what I was looking for thank you okay we'll use it next time okay yeah I wanted something to cover her guys do brewing I don't know yeah get some deer fear so it was impossible you know by right when they got that piece again lost a little bit more temperature than I expected but there's a bit of a faff and about as we got the Greens sorted out it seems to be working a treat and I'm ramping up the temperature out there trigger traction with the induction hobs of course and fire them up and blow them both of them Iran I think is five just now so I'm just waiting to explode to get up to about sixty four and then I'm gonna just cut them off and I think it will still vamp up a little bit up to 65 hopefully and then I'll just keep one of these hogs on on number one and just see how well we can maintain the temperature for the next hour but so far so good it smells great of course it's magic thank you just for the record over short I'll be back so I'll just had to turn the heaters off 67 points few thoughts gonna go up to 568 or something anyway so be it sort of heating's off all right I'm starting to worry about the temperature it's finally stopped gone up to 69 and I just have to open light on this just to try and get things to cool down a bit and was hoping not to have to kind of intervene like this but okay it's finally going down which is great I think maybe in retrospect I should have left at least circulate properly for a good few minutes first no the temperature was a bit lower than I expected after putting the bag in and I think I just overreacted and like the heat on and of course the greens just hadn't go up to temperature he identically mix it very well I was hoping just to not have to let let the system do it for me but I think I've overreacted overcompensated like they keep on unknown overshot my temperatures so I've kind of was aiming for a 65 60 magnet look great but anyway no harm done I don't suppose you cleaver but twenty minutes into the mat drop to sixty five point two heating's off now this is the the key bit there's only switch on the heat now number one one of these plates I'm hoping that the temperature will start stabilizing out something like 65 66 67 something like that so I'm just trying to get to know the system of the way having completely over shot at the first 10 rounds okay so dropped to sixty four point four and that is claiming again which was just telling what happened so much good okay so it's taken 45 minutes 15 minutes of the mash life and it's finally stabilized at 65 64 point 9 which is absolutely ideal delighted with that just just cannonbolt up a little bit of the star just not the temperatures up and that through the system but I think next time if I'm just a little bit more patient and still in the malt the better I'm just let it get stabilized at this kind of temperature and then start the timer for an hour I think then I'll be here doing okay so quite happy with this so far okay so kind of plaid no it's a bit easier obviously but the plan now is to try and get a mass out certainly to five so temperature is rising but quite quick actually just inches of it so cut out the power on the pleats when it gets over 73 or something and just see if it stabilizes that since I'm not certified and then you can get the payment on I think trying to keep that for ten minutes or so and then we'll do this March everything's dead hunger Clinton would you we after all that and sparge was a bit of a nightmare talk with that later but anyway ended up over sparging after after all that and had to boil off a good bit when you finally get to pitch some pops they are 35 grams of photos for the flowers and have you seen all this bit before okay visiting a very controlled Alisha and it's coming out about 50 degrees Celsius if no sauce let it cool down a bit before goes into the plastic container never sure how much temperature effect there might be getting very hot liquids in a plastic containers on that door first with the idea anyway so I've got a hot bazooka filter type thing if it is all GU some footage of us and retain but and it seems you're working a treat so it says come here at a nice Laudate and my final volumes a little bit less than I expected I was aiming for even for 20 litres I think they end up with 17 or 18 but never made that Watling help but today missing boy to be a very helpful okay it's not the clearest last one it so welcome back and I just you smell that in there it's lovely four percent so almost better strains for for me 2.9 that was just a mistake I think this is a great hobby isn't it you can make really super big earth this is just fine yeah it's got a little bit of a bitterness to it as well and back end a little bit of sweet to start with yeah the temperatures were all over the police I think I'm only just getting into this as a sort of serious mess all green thing but it's really forgiving basically you put some more than that blocking all the temperature steady as you can well stops it's not difficult is it you click crackin videos and that's fine this just got a handful of crystal malt and a handful of chocolate more just for add a bit of interest to you know what do you do with this so videos long enough already so thanks for watching big shout out to all the new subscribers I occasionally I'll try and feedback to everyone and see thanks for subbing and everything but I got a whole pile of new subscribers and after the the nature of user everyone did and stuff like that I was pretty good at getting back to everyone but you know who you are thanks for coming back again and just enjoy enjoy brewing everything else write for me project context sample in capstone Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

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