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Business research topics ppt for money

Business research topics ppt for money capstone puck lights battery life for money outdoor grill reviews consumer reports ´╗┐what's up guys Mitchell wants Tanna country TV and today we're driving a 2018 Roush f-150 to tell you the difference what's better a raptor or the Roush f-150 now first off let's address these are two very different trucks the Raptor is actually a vehicle that is built directly on the assembly line of Ford Motor Company now the Roush technically legally speaking is an aftermarket company that up fits the vehicles but they are very comparable as far as an overall goal in fact both of them have Fox Racing shocks that are slightly different but they are both Fox Racing shocks they both have very aggressive styling on the outside they both you know are very very similar in vehicle but they also have very different offerings this particular vehicle is based on a 5.0 v8 chassis now this one is actually built on an XLT and we've added leather to it but if you look at the sticker price to sticker price they're almost identical in pricing depending on how each one is equipped this one stickers for I think right at 69 thousand dollars and most of your Raptors are gonna sticker price for around the same amount of money now keep in mind that most of the Raptors depending on where you live in the United States especially like places in California Raptors are going for a crazy premium over sticker price now we actually have completely sold out a raptor so we don't even I mean we've gotten I think 30 of them this year alone but they sell out so fast it's kind of hard to hard to imagine but the Roush is is a limited production vehicle where they serialize every single one of the vehicles but I can actually get my hands on a couple of these to sell back out so with that being said what is a better deal and that's kind of what we're here to talk about today something very important to keep in mind that because this truck the Roush is actually built on an XLT chassis and it has an XLT VIN that means with Ford Motor Company it actually has XLT rebates so right now and keep in mind rebates are depending on where you live so if your rebates are a little different just keep that in mind but right now if you lived in Bessemer Alabama which is where our dealership is located we have six thousand dollars worth of rebates when you finance it to Ford Motor Credit and if you happen to be military right now whether you're retired veteran or you're retired it doesn't matter you get an extra $1,000 you have $7,000 worth of rebates and you can actually get a Roush f150 at a slight discount because once again it is based on an XLT chassis so with that being said when you look at the out the door prices between both of these trucks even if you can find a raptor at sticker price you're going to be talking almost 12,000 dollars difference in price with 12,000 dollars and you're on the five-oh v8 you can buy a supercharger for that 650 horsepower and so that kind of begs the question would you rather have a Roush f-150 with 650 horsepower or would you rather have a raptor which is only available in a 3.5 v6 EcoBoost I will say the 3-5 EcoBoost and the raptor is a high output version and it's a fantastic motor but it's not 650 horsepower now the supercharger on the Roush f-150 will be available sometime in the late summer of 2018 depending on when you're watching this video but it's nice to know that you have 650 horsepower full warranty 3 year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty for the powertrain and for the the entire vehicle so it's nice that you have a supercharged vehicle with backed by Ford Motor Company and Roush Performance for a full warranty there and at the end of the day you simply can get a v8 sound where you can't get that out of a raptor [Music] now let's talk about a couple of other things that are brand new on the Roush f-150 that are actually new almost kind of even mid cycle so we've already talked about the supercharger but did you know that Roush Performance has developed an active exhaust for the f-150 so one of the biggest things about the f-150 Roush is that it it has a huge selling point as far as the exhaust is concerned so it is got a very loud exhaust and I personally love it because I'm loud and obnoxious myself I want my exhaust to be the same way some people love that sound exhibit when there are long interstate drives it can get a little monotonous you just kind of like it just kind of gets to you after a long trip down to the beach now Roush has actually developed a switch that is going to be mounted up here in the center console area where you can turn it on and turn it off in the way that that works is the exhaust is actually a dual exit exhaust so the pipe on the right-hand side or the passenger side of the vehicle is extremely loud the pipe on the left side or the passionate driver side of the vehicle is very quiet and what happens is both of them will pass through air but there this little toggle switch up here in the cabin allows that clean that loud exhaust to open and close so there's actually an active valve in there that you can change while you're driving down the road now the 18 f150 if you opt for to not have that option you actually have a baffle that you can put in take out within probably 10 or 15 minutes so that's even nice that you can do that if you just wanted to do that for yourself and don't want to have to pay for that active exhaust but any time you can selectively choose how loud your exhaust is I'm a huge fan of that and I think that's awesome the next thing you have to compare or at least keep in mind is going to be the resale value after the fact now I I'm not gonna sit here and prophesy what's gonna happen as far as values go down the road there's only one person that knows that any me but historically speaking Raptors hold their value stupid like crazy like something you've never seen before now there is one thing that you have to keep in mind is that f-150 XLT s and lariats they hold their value pretty well compared to the the competition in the market but they do go down in value as well as the Raptor keep that in mind but Roush actually had and this is so cool Roush is one of the only aftermarket tuners that I know of that actually has a black book valuation so as you're going through the black book as a dealer is trade that vehicle in and if they use black book they actually can see an ad what we in the business call an ad where you have an ad for navigation option you have an ad for a sunroof option you actually have an ad for a Roush f-150 package and I think that's as cool as the day is long so we hope you enjoyed this video and we know that we're not going to sit there and say this one's better that one's better we're simply here to provide the fax for you and let you know and let you know what the difference is and let you make that decision so I'm kind of curious put those down in the comments let me know what you think what do you think is the better deal a Roush f150 that you can get for about twelve thousand dollars less expensive when the sticker prices are about the same or do you think the raptor is the way to go two totally different vehicles of two very comparable prices so we hope you enjoyed this video if you did and you feel like it also make sure to smash that like button and if this is your first time on their channel make sure to hit that subscribe button and hit that Bell notification right next to it so you don't miss any of the videos that we put out and also if you're not following me on Instagram make sure you do that because we give a lot of sneak peeks behind the scenes and a lot of really cool photos my personal handle is Mitchell s watch have that link down in the description as well but we'd love to meet up with you there thank you so much for watching this video and have a great day [Music] write for me research on technology transfer SUNY Plattsburgh.

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