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Business research paper topics in the philippines

Business research paper topics in the philippines write for me nurse capstone ideas type dissertation on tax for me ´╗┐Chris Dodd came out with a Senate proposal many months ago for financial reform that I really liked and I remember coming on here and said oh look at this this is a strong package it was stronger than what the House of Representatives said passed and the house was generally more progressive it was stronger even than Obama's proposals I thought well look at that Chris Dodd okay I like that and of course what has happened since then how foolish should me to get excited it got watered down and watered down and water down and now it is much weaker than the House version and much much weaker than the White House version which was already incredibly weak to begin with so today we find out okay Chris Dodd has said you know that independent Consumer Protection Agency supposed to clean and look out for consumers not so much not so much no it will no longer be independent according to the new proposal it will be under the Treasury Department and you know how the Treasury Department is at protecting the sumers and if it has regulations that it would like to enact well it cannot enact them it must put them up as basically suggestions to the other regulators whose job it is to make sure that the banks are financially sound now how do you think that's gonna work at so the guys at the Treasury who've been covering for the wall street in the financial sector in the Republican and Democratic administrations and whose job it is to protect the financial soundness of those banks get to decide whether you're gonna have your consumer protection or not hmm I'm gonna guess you're not gonna get that consumer protection they're up it jeopardizes the financial well-being of an important economic sector lalalalalalalalala okay but if that weren't bad enough they rip away the authority to regulate banks under 10 billion dollars of assets at all okay so and that's a huge part of the banking industry so they can go nuts if they like that consumers will not get protected by that how about the ones that are not technically banks like pay lenders that are in the financial industry but there are not banks well they've got a lot of senators in their back pocket a lot of the those pay lenders put a lot of money into the campaign contributions in the Senate that's gone to no pay lenders will not be regulated those pay lenders sometimes have rates that equal a thousand percent interest a year a thousand percent interest but they will not be regulated no no consumer to protection there because the Senate's hard at work protecting corporate America so by the end what we have if this version is the quote unquote final version that is presented and voted upon in the Senate and remember Krista is the one in charge of presenting this version it will be an absolute fraud Aman the upon the American people it'll be a absolute joke so you know New York Times wrote a great article about what you have to do to make sure that the economy does not collapse again and they finally figured out what I've been saying for a very very long time okay you know what it is let me give credit to the person who wrote it it's gretchen morgenson okay it's the derivative stupid of course the credit default swaps you don't need to have as much they don't have as much capital requirements in credit default swaps so they wind up taking these enormous risks with very little money to back it up and guess how much it's been regulated so far not at all no regulation it's a ticking time bomb I'm telling you right now and then I'll come and do this video later and telling you our i-told-you-so jail play this clip back etc they haven't done anything about it it's gonna blow okay so what are the things that you actually need to do to fix the system they're very obvious you need more capital to back up trades so I'm not a Ron Paul guy Ron Paul says hey listen in order to buy a house that's now missus roughly speaking and but we had them on the show you can go back and watch that interview in order to buy a house that's worth $100,000 you need $100,000 okay now wait a minute that's gonna slow down khana me down a tremendous amount what I'm saying is if you're gonna make a trade or have a credit default swap it said or whatever it is and you're a large bank I need to see 10% of the money you're gonna make a billion-dollar trade I'm not asking for a billion dollars and that you put up but I need a hundred million dollars in case it goes wrong and you've got all of these floating around there okay some decent capital requirements do they have that right now no on these credit default swaps and derivatives you know how much there is in the credit default swaps right now in the last quarter it's a thirty four trillion dollar market if you think they got the money to back up thirty four trillions dollars or the bets that they made they don't have that and so the bets go south things go wrong by only a couple of percentage points then you turn around go oh well you didn't require the capital so I didn't have it okay well things went wrong okay well then I guess the taxpayers left to pay for it so the second thing that the New York Times points out and that is obvious and what our point is look it look I'll go further first of all they point out that the federally insured banks that once that backed up by the US taxpayer money should be more regulated I say they should new credit default swaps trades at all of course look if you want to do these crazy trades on your owner you got the money for it have at it Hoss what do I care okay but if I'm backing you up and you don't have the money for it you're taking risk with money I'm gonna back up hell no no you know you shouldn't be able to do credit default swap rates at all okay if you're a federally insured Bank in my opinion okay and in the opinion of some of the top economists in the country and in the world and of course all of these trays must be listed in an open market you know right now they knew the trades they don't have the money to back it up and they don't even tell you there's no public record of it this is insanity they say oh no no you don't understand these are very complicated trades if we put it up in the public you wouldn't understand anyway well try me okay so now I say this in regards to the Chris Dodd story why none of these are in the bill they weren't even in the strong version of the bill it was a the only thing that was in there was well let's keep track point number 3 I just mean let's keep track of the trades okay so that's how it started and I was excited about that okay then they watered it down to well let's keep track of only 10% of the traits they created these giant loopholes know if you're outside the country we don't have to keep track of it if you do this we don't have to keep track of it etc so then in the end you were keeping track of 10% of the credit credit default swaps and that's what's in the current bill okay so it doesn't take care of the derivatives which is they eat the massive problem Warren Buffett called them weapons of financial mass destruction okay and he did that he said that years ago and nobody listens Soros says the same thing every one of the top investors that knows this stuff inside now they all say the same thing okay these things are gonna blow and now you don't have any regulation of derivatives you don't have any of the other strong parts of the bill that we talked about earlier and you know you don't have an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency that's gonna be able to look out for you and I so what do you have hmm let me be polite about it you got squat okay this thing's a piece of garbage an LP and it's supposed to be financial reform corporate America has completely captured the United States Senate and pretty much the entire United States government electrical engineering capstone for money Skidmore College.

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