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Business capstone report order

Business capstone report order do my management 2018 s responsibility for enterprise risk management and internal controls ocr a2 english literature texts in time ´╗┐okay this is Miss cloud I'm gonna show you guys something this is that 2014 Pacific Street okay going on the one two and three okay these are steps to the roof going up there to the roof HPD came here today today is February the 24th it's kind of lemonade today it's February 24th and HPD came on here today the first thing we did was to monkey steps and I'ma show you why okay they came up these steps and they said what's up there I said don't worry I said this is I said this is steps to the roof it's a four-story pre-war walk my door not attend another tenant another tenant and then you have the steps some are HDD search is there a hot metal I said no I said these buildings at 24 they want Pacific stream it's two of 20 buildings 20 buildings and on the other side one of the best events came down these steps came towards my apartment tour saw me for a second time they followed me up these steps and assaulted me in front of my door then they came up from office now mind you this I don't know what this is this is a camera it's good and that's a camera it's good the question is doesn't work does it work this should work this door supposed to have an alarm okay let's see if it does residents on the other side have been using this roof to come on this side to do whatever traffic you know whatever they do all hours a night all day every day okay it says no one's supposed to be coming off this roof okay I'm going to touch it first they came down these steps they came down the steps and they walked towards this only to meet up your whole bunch of police officers whoever handed them right there that's right show you something with HPD came here they asked me let me see your windows I said you want to see my windows shorten my windows it asked me you said take the tape take that gray tape he said to me remove that so I had to remove this I removed it so that he could see rocks and debris and everything came in here once again I had to clean it clean it up say anything was here okay because oh what's wrong with your windows my windows are old and they're drafty okay they're all the dirty and there's asbestos in it okay then I took him to my other windows yeah yeah I seen the whole thing that I was going through with this okay sure sure Julie this window this windows reason I'll show him this and I showed him the tape show them the tape the tape that they put up there I showed it to him so he text takes his hand with the windows tries to shake it to see if his loose I said the windows are old and they're drafty and they need to be removed and that's what I want okay because they're killing me and my child right this one too so now it's three windows it's that one over there this window and this window he told me to remove the tank from here which I did I'm on the tape he asked me to remove the tape I did didn't I had I had to go and get some other tape and put it back you see the clear tape had to put back why because I explained to him I said you just asked me to remove this tape this tape that had the brown dust and everything on it it's all up in my face all up in my nose so I said sir why didn't you just move it why are you asking me to move it why didn't you move this tape okay I remove all appear the dust in the rocks everything in there coming in you see that oh is it just in the rocks I have to put this tape back I have to put tape back here because mr. HPD person told me to remove the silver tape the tape like this told me to remove this tape I said you asking me to remove to touch up stuff like that all this brown stuff coming in here look at this all this brush this is the problem this is my fight look all of this all of this brown stuff he telling me remove the tape so when I remove this tape all of this stuff should pop in my face dust everything in my face in my nose in my nose you can see all the dust in here too all right they're not sure on these floors I showed in this voice then I showed him and use this to show him how a speedy how Niger said are we gonna put tile on top of that you a how you gonna put on top of this and it's flush you got the old and this is flush this is not supposed to flush with that okay this is not supposed to flush because when they put tile on top of this then that tile that they put on top of here supposed to flush with this right I took it back over here and I showed him I say you see how was balanced it's not supposed to be balanced I also showed him this crap up tile here I said what kind of work is that all right my little boy he's here why is he here because he was in the emergency room with a fever of 103 how many emails that I sent to you guys complaining about the situation that's going on inside his apartment and how this is affecting my son how this is affecting my son and me and myself our quality of life like really okay I'm hearing all this talk about the next generation isn't the next generation isn't that little boy next generation you checked my stat check my standings for my standings you were telling me I should be going through this all right took them in here once again he tells you to remove the tape you see this I remove the tape and then either put it back okay when I remove the tape he said what was what caused that I said look at the tape and tell me if you see if he said well okay I see that that was there for a while I said yes it was here for a while it was here for a while and it's not supposed to be none of this is supposed to be here because these windows are not fitted these windows are not fitted at all you cannot I said if you look at this watch me follow me follow me and watch look at that you see how this goes from here and then the downward slope because I said to him open this window sir and close it he could not latch it at all he could not he couldn't you see the downward slope look you see that all right I'm not joking I'm not I'm not I'm not kidding you're not kidding anyone all here remember that big nasty dirty stuff that came in my child room I had to wipe it myself me I had to wipe it I had to tape it tape up taping everything he telling me to remove tape sorry I'm moving no tape he removing tape then I took him into my bed I showed him in here my bedroom I showed him this nastiness this nasty bum a punch a hole right in his biography see that disgustingness who's supposed to touch that meat that's damaged property you see that AC it's damaged it's damaged this is damaged property that AC is damaged look at my window see look at that look at that I have the tape now I gotta tape this up I'm gonna take that up you see my heat up that's it my heater all inside beer has that same brown mess that you saw on this windowsill and all over my furniture all over the other HPD person that came here he said miss you can't sleep in that room don't sleep back there my son can't sleep in his room fever of 103 he was in the hospital a fever 403 and then last night he has a fever of 101 then I went to 102 I'm sending you guys emails why you think I'm sending you emails why do you think I'm taking pictures you draw the first blood I can draw no first blood because as far as my obligation I upheld my obligation University Housing Authority you did not and you never do you never do so don't get mad at me for the exposure get mad at yourself New York City Housing Authority don't be mad at me don't be mad at residents like me be mad with yourself you want to speak about next generation how how are you speaking about next generation when you are allowing your property to kill them to kill the next generation so as a mother I'm supposed to just idly sit by and allow this to happen to my child that's not gonna work don't blame the residents for your negligence New York City Housing Authority gave yourself write for me capstone global outreach Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

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