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Business capstone experience for money

Business capstone experience for money research on java technology slajdovi za powerpoint presentations ´╗┐what's going on everybody this is Jeff with islandhoppper TV so today I'm going to talk about my experience on the Los Angeles metro from Los Angeles down to Long Beach so we're live so I'll wait for some people to chime in but basically out here in Los Angeles and exploring after dinner I decided to go take the metro from Long Beach to Los Angeles and just see what it was like just do a dry run really and that wasn't too bad I mean I was kind of tense but on the way back from so I started I got on board at like 8:30 and I wrote it back from Los Angeles down to Long Beach and that was that was when I would probably say that well it started it started just standing there at the station I could tell that there was just some funny characters that were just kind of like I don't know what they do every day but you could tell they're just like not very stable people and you know like a you have to put on this like almost gangster persona yourself to appear as though you know you're not an easy target and I don't feel comfortable having to do that but you know you could tell like the people who do it every day they put on this gangster persona like where you know that they show that they're not an easy target one dude was pacing back and forth you know just kind of doing this like gangster strut back and forth he didn't stand still I mean and and there's you just get the impression that there's predators literally predators right there it's just it's like you're I'm not saying that I was I felt like I was prey but I felt like there was definitely predators on that that metro system and Angel says you're a brave man I'm from Southern California and never do that yeah I was thinking about all my friends I was like would this person do it with that person do that I'm like like I don't know I was like thinking about all these people I was like do they even know this exists but um so the the Los Angeles trip it starts up in so I caught it from Southern California University or by this technical trade it's trade school and this guy he comes up to me he's like can I get 50 cents and I was like yeah sure here's 50 cents he gives me I give him a buck and he gives me a tries to give me the 50 Cent's back and I was like he's like he's like where you go he's like do you live around here and I'm like no and he's like he's like have you ever ridden this thing at night and I'm like no and he's like he's like it's kind of shady I'd watch out if I was you and I was like oh really so I was like I didn't smile or laugh or anything I was like really okay why and he's like well you know this train goes through watts and Compton so right from the very beginning you know I was just like oh great you know and then he's like he sits next to me on the train he's like let's sit next to each other so that uh so that we don't look like easy targets and so I'm like I'm getting on the train I'm like okay but when are you getting off he gets off like way before me he gets off like four stops later cuz Long Beach is like another 20 stops down so he gets off like real early okay and he was like he was even paranoid and he's from there he's like he's like do I seem paranoid and I'm like I was like I said no I didn't want him to feel paranoid you know so I wanted to give him like a rest of assurance he's like he's like do you think there's gonna be a metro police at this next station I'm like I don't know I have no idea I'm not even from here so so then he's like yeah just don't make eye contact with people and all this stuff and I was just like okay I won't make eye contact with people he's like go and like even on the train they have do not pull out your belongings keep your phone in your pocket do not buy anything from solicitors so I was just like I was trying to find the best seat I took the seat in the front so I could have a kind of like a peripheral view so no one could like no one was behind me but I was just looking like off to the side but like I could see how this side of my like it was weird because people like bounce around and you don't know if they're trying to get close to you is like scope you out to see if they could like pull something on you or something I felt like that that was kind of like I felt like there was a couple of those kind of characters on that train so I'm just saying you know if you're ever in Los Angeles don't be like me and try and ride the Metro at night I don't know about in the daytime I mean like I said the train up there didn't seem to a suspicious but definitely on the way back at night from 8:00 till 10:30 it was kind of a crazy circumstance I would say so you know and I rode trains all over Asia I went Tokyo rode the train at night Bangkok rode the train at night Hong Kong rode the train at night Singapore rode the train at night never felt unsafe Shanghai even in China I didn't feel unsafe either but in Los Angeles California hands down I felt more scared than I had felt in any of those cities that I went to all over Asia so if you're trying to go to Asia and you're concerned about is it safe let me just tell you this I felt more scared for my life right here in Los Angeles California by a long shot than I did at any point in time in any of those big cities so yeah that says something about you know the state of the United States you know I mean well thanks to everyone who smashed up the likes I know that it's not a story that's like likable but it's a story that I'm you know sharing with you guys because I think I think it's worth putting out there so yeah but it says something about the state of America because for people to for me to go all the way over Asia go all these different places and then come home and say that the most dangerous place that I've been is in the United States of America that's sad that's a sad thing to say not just now granted I was born in 1983 and I've heard it's been worse but it's it's pretty bad and I was I was thinking to myself I was like how do you fix this like how do you pull these people out of this environment where they're so like dangerous to society and then you know I was thinking about all these things if you're a if you're a policy maker I mean one thing that they could do for sure is just put police on every train like there needs to be like two police cars on every policeman on every train like the fact that some of these trains have like 60 50 60 people and no police on there I mean you're like a sitting target just sitting there in the in those train cars so yeah you got I don't know how long you guys have been on but I was just telling the story about from Long Beach to or from Los Angeles to Long Beach how crazy it was anyways if you guys have any questions feel free to ask I'm in Los los Los Angeles but in Long Beach beautiful you know the air quality in Los Angeles is great it's blue skies I didn't see that anywhere in Asia so there's actually blue skies here other than that I mean it's not a place I'd live that's not place I'd live and I don't know how to fix it I was trying to run through my mind how to fix it I think there's literally people who are beyond repair in the city that will do nothing their entire life to contribute to society other than consume I mean I watch the guy take drink a cup of McDonald's finish it ask for a free water finish it throw it on the ground outside on the street so he asked for a free water from McDonald's drinks it takes outside throws it in the air on the ground I mean that's just his so not only is he consuming for free he's also polluting for free you know so it's one of those kind of things I was just like whatever I don't think he can so anyway it's kind of late so thanks angel for commenting thanks Nolan for commenting and having a conversation I'll see you guys next time write for me coso enterprise risk management amazon New York Theological Seminary at The Interchurch Center and Union Theological Seminary.

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