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Business capstone etest for money

Business capstone etest for money enterprise risk management interview question for money aer retail market performance reporting ´╗┐krugman rights what happened after nine eleven and I think people on the right know this whether they admit it or not was deeply shameful the atrocity should have been a unifying event instead it became a wedge issue fake heroes like Bernie Kerik Rudy Giuliani and yes George W Bush raced the cash in on the horror and then it the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neo-cons wanted to fight for all the wrong reasons a lot of other people behaved badly how many of our professional pundits people who should have understood very well was happening took the easy way out turning a blind eye to the corruption in lending their support the hijacking of the atrocity the memory of 911 has been irrevocably poisoned it has become an occasion for shame and in its heart the nation knows it and frankly I think he's right I think he's right uh this time could have been a time in which people could have a mourn those who died and where people could express pride uh not just because of the suffering of I mean obviously the pride in the way that the the people who race down to uh to ground zero to help people out but pride as a nation terms of how the nation responded to use that event to make the world a better place I mean it's almost a laughable proposition to even suggest that now and it uh certainly made this country a lesser place our reaction to it I mean is there any doubt would do we take that adversity and become a better place ten years out ik I can't see how anybody could answer yes I don't you think it's close were significantly worse country by any any measure really the what what constituted American values civil liberties respect for others we didn't even get that bump on like you know now Americans are gonna really pay attention to what goes on in the world and be more internationally minded in understand their context know that we got none of it none of it zero I mean zero it's pretty pathetic actually and you know this I got this IE email last week from listener NB he said a friend of mine posted an article on Facebook about the wikileaks cable exposing the execution of a family including children in Iraq in 2006 this was subsequently covered up by the US government after some back and forth with the right winger who said he'd like to turn that region into glass I said to him I don't like radical Muslims either do you think it's possible for an infant to be a radical Muslim and this is the guy's reply this will sound about as inhuman as anything you have heard and maybe anything I have said you know if you um feel you need to preface something with that maybe you should stop yourself then thing and worse then I'm not racist but right this will sound about as inhuman as anything you have heard or maybe anything I have said they are a radical Muslim speaking of this baby in the making so if we kill just the parents and leave the children this is an innocent parents too we should say we have stripped them of their parents and now they have a real reason to want to kill us other than a difference in spiritual belief who is going to take care of them you n Gitmo how many of our men and women like Justin this is a soldier who is also in the conversation would it take to babysit bastardize children and relocate the millions of them around the world millions of displaced children war is hell it's awful and I don't disagree with that but to me is an abortion that came it's an abortion that came way too late like Justin I care for the safety of my family my countrymen my country and nothing more than those things do I want to know about it when it happens absolutely not tad Justin statement about the war not only should DC stay out of the fight the press should too you and me need only know that we can travel to work every day and back safely how our military provides the means to do that is not my business this is so warped and twisted that I it's almost too hard to contextualize and be wrote since then I've thought of a good responses namely that he is a coward who was willing to let others do the dirty work and have to live with himself it's so far beyond that he is of course a coward he can't even accept the moral responsibility nevermind the actual practical responsibility he can't even accept the obligation of seeing what's being done in his name he can't but ultimately buried in this is the absolutely fundamental conservative worldview I will let someone else pay for what I have I will go through life living in such a way so that I don't have to see the genuine expense of it I will create all these externalities this is no different than one corporation poisons the river or poisons the air and allows some baby to get asthma or some infant to get a or some some uh kid to have a birth defect this guy will poison and kill children and the only issue is don't remind me that's what I'm doing don't remind me that I'm part of that I mean if he didn't even have to justify it take the moment to justify it to come up with the complete fabrication in fiction that it's okay to kill civilians because their children may end up being uh threats to my children which is of course a complete fiction if he didn't even have to bother to come up with that fiction he'd be that much happier so deluded this is the Republican conservative Tea Party whatever you want to call it mindset do not let a shred of doubt about the way I live my life and how it impacts others to enter into my mind and I will listen to Limbaugh so that he can remind me that three hours a day and I can watch Fox TV so that they can make sure that I live in this hermetically sealed bubble right after having no sense of the implications of how destructive my ideology is the fact that matter is it's impossible to go through life as a human being and not create some havoc for other people or the environment or future generations or other animals it's impossible we simply cannot live like that with as many human beings as there are on the planets just impossible but we owe those other people those future generations the other live beings on the planet at least at least to think about it to weigh out each one of those decisions every time we make them as to the implications it will have on everything else in the world not just our family not just our town not just our country but all of humanity all the world we can't always make a decision that is going to benefit those people we're not always going to make a decision that isn't going to harm those people but we need to think about you know whether it's should I have an amazon link up there when I know Amazon's not a particularly helpful company at the very least at the very least we are obligated to think about these things but to be a conservative means I choose whatever's going to keep me from thinking about it whether it's a fundamentalist view of the world that's what makes them no different than those extremists that they Ballon because at the end of the day once you choose to live by a rigid ideology that means you don't have to think about anything anymore this is where all roads lead to because there's no moral value to your killing of these innocent children and not wanting to know about it then those innocent those extremists killing innocent children I'm sorry just because you pay taxes to have somebody else do it in won't even bother to contemplate the action actually bag bag so that you don't have to contemplate the action don't go around thinking that you have some type of moral high ground here because you don't you're willingly desperately signing up for a program that in which you know innocent people will be killed and you don't even want to know about it that that's unbelievably offensive and it's also very much a conservative in my mind capstone foster care ofsted CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies.

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