Bus 475 Capstone Part 1
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Bus 475 capstone part 1

Bus 475 capstone part 1 capstone physical therapy npi bellingham for money format of audit report company good morning I'm still reporting on the Clanton's you may have noticed I made no reports yesterday how come sometimes my reporters instinct just tells me to stop most of the time I'll rush into any old burning building of a story as long as I'm pretty sure I know enough about it to take it on even if it twists and turns but Trump saying he would not pursue Hillary Clinton ran me into a brick wall here's what he actually said whatever power I have on the matter I think it would be very divisive for our country so let's put this in context point number one where was this statement made in the New York Times headquarters in front of their editorial board although Trump has frequently disrespected the NYT throughout his campaign something no other presidential candidate has ever dared to do now he has to work with these people Trump might be strong but not stronger than the some of the entire MSM being president requires and gendering the cooperation of a wide swath of Americans the old saying in politics is enemies accumulate or put another way there is an old still family saying never antagonize your enemies or you'll end up like Obama Trump has wisely realized that the head bashing style needed to win this campaign doesn't work when you are actually trying to govern he has one period of time to reset all relationships to ask for and receive mercy and grace one time when all the exaggerated rhetoric of a political campaign can be pretty much forgiven and now is that time and Trump is charging through that window of opportunity now I'm not trying to make excuses here for Trump I will sound the alarm loud and long if the Clintons escape without any consequences how many times have I talked about the importance of the rule of law how many years have I spent chasing the crimes of the Clintons however prosecuting the Clintons is not Trump's call if it was he would be assuming the role a dictator judge jury and executioner and that is the spin the MSM would have taken had Trump answered in any other way now it's time for the wheels of justice to take over Eric Bolling and his legal panel last night spoke to this exact point from a legal perspective on The O'Reilly Factor Donald Trump dialing back on his campaign promise to investigate Hillary Clinton here's what incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said on the Factor earlier tonight he's not gonna spend his time sitting around thinking about how he's going to prosecute Hillary Clinton he's going to think about the future of America for all Americans that are out there that's where his focus is and that's really what he's saying now I'm sure if something comes around that is some kind of you know bomb that we don't know about you know what to take a look at it but his point is he's looking forward to leading this country he's not looking to you know further injure the Clintons journée it's not analyze our is it legal team least Weill and Kimberly Gill for at least your thoughts we heard him said leaves where it's previously at least leave the door open to further prosecution but more further evidence needs to come forward all right it's almost as if they're outsourcing it to Congress really at this point because it Congress is going forward with certain inquiries and they're saying okay Congress you can go forward with it but the presidential role is not to direct the Attorney General on what to do that's not what presidents historically have done so I think it's the right move to be sending out that message that that president Trump when he's there as president will not be to directing whether it's attorney General Sessions a river it is directing them as to what they're do the Attorney General and they're there in their role are supposed to be independent as what they're doing and not be answering to or dictated by the president basically the role is specific right because they're separate distinctions here in terms of checks and balances and you can also let the Attorney General do their job and again if it's sessions he can decide and determine and review evidence as it becomes available or review the current investigations that we're ongoing at the FBI prior and then also Congress what I don't think it's gonna happen is president-elect Trump when he becomes president saying I'm not gonna abide by this and I refuse to allow you to prosecute if evidence came forward he's gonna let the system work he's gonna let the different divisions and branches run their investigations whatever might be ongoing but the AG cagey is not completely independent of the president at the AG still serves at the behest of the presence of the president just but he cannot direct to say I ordered you to appoint a special prosecutor that is not within his purview under federal law to be able to do that at least are we to understand that Laura that Lidge never ever ever listen to what President Obama wanted her to do she was completely independent from soft power right when the president goes out to make speeches about you I'm upset about something rather like you know justice was not done you know the Attorney General is listening to the presidential speeches and wait of course we're there's that kind of soft power as opposed to the hard power which is written in the rules but let's look at as an example in history Nixon tried to say to his attorney general you know finer the Independent Counsel of article bought Cox well his attorney general resides on that that did not work out very well for Nixon so you know their laws in place there's also sort of soft and hard power but you know the president has to be aware of that political reality as well this shows a message that Donald Trump president-elect Trump is saying that he's not looking to divide the country or have petty politics or be vindictive he is looking for the laws to be upheld the law to be followed and for each of these different departments to you know honor their obligation very very quickly less than a minute so the FBI investigates all right yes well why can't they bring the indictments why does it have to why does the Attorney General at work the FBI is an investigative branch right they investigate they then bring that material over offer the evidence to the Attorney General who then reviews it and makes a charging decision based on based on the facts and the investigation and then English correct and not the Poland not the total besides there are no doubt several other factors at play for example this story in New York magazine yesterday prominent computer scientists claiming that based on their statistical analysis there was vote rigging of voting machines in the three big Rust Belt states at Trump one Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania the implication is that Trump somehow manipulated the vote in these three states to win first of all let's remember that George Soros is the billionaire with the financial stake in the voting machines and the u.s. secondly that's just not Trump style so lacking any hard evidence this story is easily dismissed by common sense people however it could also easily be hyped to the max by the NYT they could certainly pounce on this issue and keep it alive until the Electoral College meets in just 26 days and further tear the nation apart a divide that may never be healed so Trump needs to make nicey-nice with the old gray lady remember Trump has been right all along even when we thought he was wrong he has proven himself under unprecedented withering political fire against all odds therefore he still gets a big benefit of the doubt factor from Beth and I I'm still reporting from Washington good day bsn capstone paper ideas cheap Cornell Tech, Manhattan.

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