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Bryant university cfp capstone

Bryant university cfp capstone write for me arduino wire vs onewire fakta peristiwa 11 september 2018 presentation ´╗┐hey guys just got my antique plates for my VW Bug that I'm working on its 1971 and figured antique plates would fit so I got a lot of questions on the first video that I'm going to address now so go to the link in the description and you will print out this form from the DMV it'll come with three pages first page is the form that you submit to the DMV we'll go over this in a sec second page is a copy if you want to make a you know a written copy for yourself you don't need to print it if you don't want to and then the third page is kind of some basic instructions and as well as a VIN verification we'll go over this one as well let's start up top here so it's pretty self-explanatory section one right here basically vehicle is owned so next thing your name your address where you get mail your city state zip all this good stuff email phone Vermont license plate this is a question that I get all the time what's my license plate for Vermont or my license number for Vermont well just leave it blank Vermont will assign you one all right and then the address where you live city state zip male female date of birth this is all very self-explanatory okay co-owner just leave that blank leave section two blank and leave section three blank now section 3b that is where you put the bill of sale information so the name of the seller on the bill of sale date purchased Vermont dealer number just leave that blank okay then we have the seller address so I'll just write that in how it is on the bill of sale and then the signature now if you don't have this sheet when you're going to buy it and you just have a bill of sale just leave this blank as long as the bill of sales signed you're good to go kind of before we're going to do new registration because it's never been registered in Vermont plate number leave a blank or write n/a non-applicable registration plate type so this is good for cars motorcycles when it says truck it means like big truck like semi truck you don't need to do that unless you're registering one of those um I've been doing antique for the old stuff because I like the plates and it's cheaper too so antique and then you know that's the number oh three a n so I'm going to switch to the second sheet of paper or actually the third sheet when you print it out so it's the up here under registration plate types so it's antique oh three and on the sheet here it says additional forms required for most of the following plates those are for things like Purple Heart and they want to make sure that you're actually you know associated with Purple Heart or with the sheriff or things like that so for the antique you don't need a special item another form go back to the first page here okay so now we're on to the vehicle information section five so I'm just using the bug as an example so Volkswagen bug beetle year nineteen seventy one two blew mileage I put zero unknown miles and the VIN number throw that in there number of cylinders and it's a used vehicle gas put whatever you have this is the section for trucks so like this is the big semi-truck stuff and then there's a section on trailers cycles so this is good for motorcycles too and jitney and section six this is where a lot of people have questions what are the fees well the fees go up as the years go on so we'll just cover this pretty thoroughly here so the purchase price I'm just gonna this is totally an example I did not pay three hundred seventy-five dollars for my buck I wish I had so I'm just putting that 375 it's irrelevant in this form just put what you paid for it okay credit for trade you didn't trade anything for it so put zero nad nad a value put the value as it is on nad a so mine was in you know very bad condition so I put the low na da value if yours is in tip-top and you want to put the tip-top value and there go for it so I'm just using this as an example one thousand dollars to make the math simple to follow adjustments put zero so the net taxable now this is what you're going to be taxed on this number right here so basically it's the nad a value okay section seven nothing just leave a blank alright so it says do not write in the shaded area so don't write in in here you can write some notes in here but just use a scrap piece of paper so registration so it's 23 dollars to register an antique ok if your car qualifies as antique I will go that way or $76 for a regular plate ok the tax so this is where we have the tax that we got from section 6 over here so take this number find your tax value so it's August 2016 tax value is 6% right now so I will be paying $60 for tax on $1000 nad a value title you we're not getting a title so scratch that out transfer warrantee fuel user other here are the total fees the registration plus the tax equals your total fee antique is $23 taxes $60 83 dollars is the total fee in this example so you're going to want to write a check for that 83 dollars or whatever yours happens to be sign it date it and you are ready to put all the stuff in the mail you'll need this main sheet you'll need the bill of sale and you'll need a check written out to the Vermont Department of Transportation okay let's go over the second sheet or the third sheet so we've got the VIN verification I get this often - you don't need to verify the then this is if you want to get a title and we're not wanting to get a title so no then verification they don't even give titles for anything that's up 15 years or older and that's how this process works this process works for vehicles that are 15 years or older then it just has you know the registration type so you could go through this list and if you wanted a unique plate with one of these you could print out the form that goes associated with one of these and go that way so the transaction types its register for the first time since we're registering this Vermont vehicle for the first time and so that's it so pretty simple a couple questions that people always ask VIN inspections needed no no VIN inspections needed vehicle has to be 15 years or older for this to work and motorcycles are accepted you can do a motorcycle people have this feeling that this is like a shady like loophole or something it's totally not a loophole this is totally aboveboard Vermont DMV is I mean this is good for them they get tax money on this it's good for everyone you don't need a Vermont license plate on a number Vermont signs you won and it takes two to three weeks maybe a little longer to get your tags and your plates they'll come separately you'll get your plates first or you'll get your tags firs but then the other is soon to follow if it doesn't show up the other piece of it just give them a call and they'll figure it out and this will work in any state so California all the way to domain it'll work anywhere it's as if you're moving from Vermont to the state you live in and you have a vehicle and you want to get it registered so just take the registration use mine as an example I'm not going to show you the front but basically this is the registration card that you get and you'll take this in to your DMV and they'll say okay let's get some tax money and transfer it over you'll have to do a VIN inspection in your state most likely so take your car down there and have it then it inspected once you're driving it around and then you'll get a title for your state and if you mess up on the fees which I've done numerous times na da values change or I just wrote it down wrong or something they will write you a note and say hey we need this much the nad value is more than you had put in and you'll get everything back including your check and then all you have to do is write them a new check include the application that they sent to you and the process gets started over so that's it take care original meaning of capstone for money New York State College of Human Ecology (HumEc).

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