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Big data analytics projects cheap

Big data analytics projects cheap write for me capstone project galvanize data science essays on intellectual health ´╗┐what is going on guys welcome back to another video finally and after a three-month hiatus I'm gonna give you guys my thoughts on a big rumor in the MLB of course that is where Manny Machado will be heading during the trade deadline if the Orioles decide to trade him which I no doubt think they should in my eyes there were four likely teams he could be headed to I think these teams could make a strong push for him before July 31st these are in no particular order these are just the four teams I think are the most likely for him so with that out of the way let's get started with the first team the first team of my list pains me to say but it is the st. Louis Cardinals listen the Cardinals do have Paul the young but he can still move around the infield and play third or second base should the Cardinals acquire Machado and for all we know the young could be possibly part of the deal should the Cardinals want to give up one of their more younger solidified players from Machado I already know some of you might be saying well what will the Cardinals give up well being a cups man I've seen it more than once where the Cardinals pull great farm players right out of their butts and they have success in the MLB so even if the Cardinals don't have top names they could package an MLB player with some decent prospects who coming out of the Cardinals organization could be better than decent when they reach the MLB also even let's go to the Manny Machado is this is the rental it's no guarantee Machado will sign the team he gets traded to so the owners won't get the same value out of him this year as they could have gotten out of him last year the Cardozo pair was at least likely out of the four on my list to pull this trade off but I could see it happening if they want to legitimately compete with the Cubs Machado is somebody they should have on their radar the Cardinals never surprise me so if a deal is made I won't be shocked the second team on this list pans meat and probably most of the MLB world but there is no denying facts and that's that the New York Yankees will be looking at Machado at the deadline and even if they aren't serious about getting him they could very well make it happen last I know most of us don't want to see it happen but it it as possible the Incas could get it done they still have a strong farm system to trade I could probably convince me childhood stick around and pay him big bucks this offseason it would be a much better idea for the Inka to go after Machado instead of a guy like Bryce Harper considering he's not gonna ask for as much money but then I look at this Yankees team and even though this is one of the best possible four teams for him I don't think I'll be the best move for the team's future to trade for him this year if I'm the Yankees I will just wait for the offseason and see if you can sign Machado then there's no point in really adding another inferior to this team when you already have these glorious having another all-star here and they are already one of the world's favorites this year yes they can add to the team and make it better but giving up your future talent for another star shortstop you don't really need it isn't the brightest idea in my opinion this isn't like the Cubs or asteroids where they added Chapman and Verlander those moves helped put those World Series teams over the top and without those guys they might not win at all the Yankees don't need Machado to win the World Series that's not a weakness on their team right now so this should probably wait until the offseason but with all that being said this is the Yankees we were talking about so I wouldn't put it past them I've put them on my list because they will always be in the running for a star player on the market even if they shouldn't or don't need to get him if it does happen I won't be surprised they have a great farm system to trade away and have to pay able to give him more than other teams would so we will see if the Yankees become even more hated the third team on my list is the Chicago Cubs now it was reported that Manny Machado will be the Cubs main target at the trade deadline what this tells me is the Cubs are ready to move on from Addison Russell and are willing to give him up should that mean acquiring Machado we also know Theo Epstein isn't afraid of pulling the trigger if it means his team is holding up the trophy at the end of the year like I said before Manny Machado is a run tool so the web team pulled the trigger it will be because he is confident he can resign him in the offseason this is to what most teams mindset will be when trading from Machado teams are likely not gonna trade for him unless they think he will stay long-term so if you're the Cubs you'll be willing to trade Russell and Ian hat if you're confident in getting Machado since we are hearing man Machado is the main target I'm sure Theo Epstein is confident they can resign him in the offseason but that will for sure take them out of the breast Harper sweepstakes this offseason and they look to be the favorites as of right now to sign him all of these teams on my list have pros and cons but if the Cubs can trade and sign Machado they will be the NL favorite or how the Dodgers season has gone they still like the best team from Machado to be dog to but expect them to make a push if a trade is made I would expect the rust oh I'm probably and have to go I don't do it anyway the Cubs will give up on Alberto more a junior so we will see what Theo Epstein has up is Swede the last team on my list is actually the team I think is the best place from Machado in the land and overall the best fit for him that team is the Philadelphia Phillies the Phillies remind me of a lot of the 2015 Cubs and Astros a young team on the rise and with the right moves made could be very close to being a World Series contender they aren't as far as you think the rotation has been lights out and the young hitting has been good enough for them to be competitors so far early this season now if you add Machado to this already young competitive team and years beyond it might be trouble for the rest of the National League if they trade from Machado they could very well make the playoffs and put up a fight and if you're Manny Machado this is the best for him this year and moving forward if he wanted to compete all the other teams on my list already of shortstops have pretty much solidified their future on the team as long as they don't get traded Paulie Young has become one of the Cardinals top hitters dieter growers had become one of the best shortstop in the American League and Addison Russell was still extremely young with plenty of experience and big moments already in his career the lilies don't have to give up on JP Crawford but he hasn't done anything yet that screams we need him to be our shortstop for a long time I mentioned with Paul D Young that he can move around but he has shown he has the skillset to play shortstop for them for a long time I'm not saying JP Crawford can't but if you have to move in the second base or trade it from Machado to speed up the process of winning at all you pulled the trigger the Phillies have a great farm system future and legit shot to pull this off Thomas definitely can see it happening so let me know you guys have thoughts down below where do you guys think my chatter will land will he get traded at all or will the Oriole just wait till the offseason and maybe try to resign him just straight up let him go I think the Orioles would be foolish to not do anything but we'll see where he lands we would like if you guys enjoyed the video and as always I'm glad to be back subscribe if you're new to the channel plenty of baseball content on the way and I will see you guys all in the next one [Music] [Music] do my coso 2019 enterprise risk management integrated framework executive summary Long Island Business Institute - Flushing.

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