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Best research topics on economics

Best research topics on economics capstone jobs application great interview questions to ask a cfo are we alone in the universe it's a question that's captivated humanity throughout the ages our galaxy the Milky Way contains at least 100 billion stars some of which like our own star the Sun have planets multiply that 100 billion by at least 100 billion galaxies that make up the universe is Earth the only planet currently populated with advanced forms of life did advanced life forms exist in the past how did life originate on earth a potato sized meteorite found in 1984 in Antarctica named alh84001 may have answers scientists decided that the meteorite came from Mars because it matched the red planet's chemical composition most likely it was a remnant of some ancient Martian explosion that Earth's gravitational pull sucked out of space the American Chemical Society 2010 Priestley medalist Richard and Zaire was on the scientific team that helped reignite a centuries-old debate over the existence of life on Mars inside the 4.5 billion year old meteorite they detected possible fossilized remains of a bacteria like life though the rock was a meteorite a meteorite that fell in Antarctica and was identified to have come from Mars based on various isotopic signatures you can't be certain but because we had sent the Viking Lander to Mars in the 70s we had some idea what Mars looked like and that allowed us to say this rock came likely for Mars it is rare indeed for scientific research to affect the everyday lives of millions of people in this way to fascinate to enchant to captivate the research by this acs priestley medalist and his colleagues was science and it was magical for inside a sliver of that meteorite the scientists detected what could be evidence for extraterrestrial life we speculated the possibility that they were the remnants of some primitive life that had been on Mars we were able again with isotopes that date this to about 3.6 billion years ago and that led to a speculation that maybe we were looking at a very primitive life that had existed on Mars long ago when it cooled off the conclusions had far-ranging implications are we alone in the universe maybe not but doctors Ayres research touched even deeper reaches of the human psyche how did life start what's the origin of life we have good evidence that long ago the earth was basically a molten mass and there was no life it cooled off and then it got hit in the head with all types of bombardments of things that came in and may will have brought an organic matter somewhere we went from non-life to life now various people have other explanations for this and I'm not trying to go towards the religious end but I'm going to give it a scientific sense because we don't know the answer and we're very interested in exploring this question did life come first for Mars and then to earth what a wild idea we'd all be Martians if that were true this life start anywhere is life really a fluke a really unlikely event that's happened how did it happen we're still questing after that and I think that's a very important chemical question one that I think excites everyone DNA it's the book of life these incredible strands contain the recipe for all of life on Earth DNA plays a key role in determining whether we are healthy or sick in 2003 scientists reached a milestone in unraveling its mysteries by completing the Human Genome Project it involved the identification of about 25,000 genes and the sequencing of almost 3 million chemical base pairs that make up our DNA this landmark achievement promises to revolutionize medicine by providing us with new ways to prevent diagnose and treat diseases very few people know that this achievement was possible because of technology developed by ACS priestley medalist Richard and Zaire the technique was a laser induced fluorescence method it involves shooting a laser beam into a substance and measuring the pattern of light emitted this helps scientists identify substances based on their chemical signature in much the same way that the worlds and curves in a person's fingerprints identify an individual I am the person who first thought up the idea of using laser to excite molecules so that they would fluoresce as a way of detecting them this has allowed us to study all types of things particularly it leads even to the ability to look at single molecules in solution this has opened up all types of possibilities the we're not the first to look at single molecules but I think we are the first to look at single molecules in solution this laser induced fluorescence gives us a signal a bright signal against a dark background and that is so good that we're able to see individual molecules now that's a dream when I was a graduate student we prided ourselves that no one had seen him I'll kill but we all believed in them but that has changed not only with various scanning tunneling microscope microscopy but with the ability of the laser to excite fluorescence and molecules laser induced fluorescence has many practical applications you can use it to prospect for oil planes can fly over the ocean and look to find out where oil rises and therefore has the possibility of discovering that oil under the ocean that's just one example fluorescence measurements are used in so many different ways to understand nature of the atmosphere which helps us to know something about the possibilities of climate change that are being produced so you find it being used in many different context it's now become very much a general technique whether battling the flu or fighting cancer the medicines we take can be lifesavers today's medicines for instance may not reach the parts of the body where they're most needed while treating disease they may harm healthy tissue as well and sometimes they have unwanted and dangerous side effects a new generation of medicines made out of nanoparticles may help avoid or reduce these problems nanoparticles are barely 150 thousand to the width of a human hair ACS priestly medallist Richard and Zaire is doing research that can help move nanomedicines out of the laboratory and into home medicine cabinets another area which is in its infancy is using nanoparticles as a form of drug delivery and I've been very involved in my lab with dr. gunilla Jacobson to take a drug just put the drug into it as common solvent that's a small molecule and squirt this mixture into supercritical carbon dioxide this wonderful supercritical carbon dioxide has the ability to dissolve small organic solvents but not large organic molecules and the large organic molecules precipitate and rain out as small nanoparticles what we've been doing with that is embedding the nanoparticles into polymers we actually make a polymer mix and these polymers are biodegradable so they can be put into the body and then release the drug over a long period of time we've shown releases that go over more than 40 days this is important for many treatments because often a treatment has to be repeated in medicine whereas if that we can do this the right way once put in it stays in and and keeps giving out for a long time there'll be many possible uses of this and I'm not the only one who is fascinated at all but and it sees the opportunity of drug delivery through nanoparticles o que é capstone project order Rochester Institute of Technology, Henrietta.

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