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Best it capstone project order

Best it capstone project order do my arduino set one bit in byte application letter for admission in primary school ´╗┐with our special series the future with a look at weight loss can you imagine if you could lose weight simply by freezing the nerve that tells your brain you want to eat effectively retraining your stomach that means no more diets no more yo-yoing well it is already happening watch this Melissa Donovan is no stranger to struggling with food like a lot of women I'm an emotional eater and I typically will eat when I go out to celebrate I will eat when I'm at home and I'm bored when I'm like it's really been a stressful day at work every day that ever one is I've done it a Nutrisystem Jenny Craig Weight Watchers I've tried paleo whole xxx sugar detox I've been on the 21-day sugar detox and I'm a registered nurse and I've had two nutrition classes when I had my second son in 2011 I've never been back to pre pregnancy weight and it's been so frustrating why can't I do this and what is what's my issue I now have to realize when I'm hungry and when I'm not hungry and how to eat better and how to put myself in a place where I'm going to succeed and her current secret to success is one you might not have heard of yet nerve freezing Emory hospital started a new trial using cryotherapy for weight loss last summer we go through the skin with a needle well we freeze the nerve shut down the signals in two directions from the stomach to the brain to quiet the hunger response and out to the stomach to slow food transit through the stomach Melissa was dr. Pro logos first patient you feel absolutely nothing I thought I was there for two minutes I was there for 30 the next day I called dr. poore logo and I was like you know is this a placebo effect like I think I'm supposed to lose weight so was that why I don't feel hungry and he started laughing because I was the first one that had it done this is a tool in my toolbox to help me with losing weight well that's awesome joining us now is dr. David Pro logo interventional radiologist at Emory Johns Creek Hospital in Georgia and Melissa Donovan the first-ever patient to undergo cryotherapy for weight loss good morning to you both [Applause] you're telling me so my ex-husband is a pain management doctor and he used to stick needles and people to dull the end of the nerves to help with their pain this is the same kind of thing this is exactly the same thing and in fact that's the origin we were using cryotherapy to decrease nerve signals to help people with pain and now we're doing it to manage people's hunger it's one needle in the belly one needle in the belly to the vagus nerve at the posterior or the back part of the stomach got two minute fries and a band-aid over the puncture site how long does the fries last so the fries itself should last 8 to 12 months but the real hope is that by then new habits will be ingrained and the person's life will be transformed so how like oh you get the shot right and then you say the next day you're like it says placebo effect what changes did you notice I forgot to eat I mean and I'd go to bed at night thinking about what am I gonna eat for breakfast I feel like we all do my old day is driven by what I'm going to be able to eat in my next meal bagel I don't know like I'm so excited and so I made a cup of coffee I went to work the next morning and literally it was like one o'clock nurses are really busy we're on the floor we don't pay attention I was like you guys I haven't eaten today that's crazy yeah now many people who need to lose weight are emotional eaters mhmmm right food really is my friend it's always there for me yeah does this address that cuz that's not like really hunger that's what's so interesting because I always go to food celebrations sadness boredom go to a movie I'm thinking about what snacks I'm gonna have used to pack snacks in the minivan when I'm out with the kids I'm always thinking about it and now I was forced to realize I am an emotional eater I don't need to be I have to find other ways you know now I have more time and I'm just not hungry I'm not grabbing for that food to make me happy and nurses are the worst we tell you to eat well and then we eat doughnuts at the nurse's station and so I became very judgy and I was like I'm gonna be eating the doughnut I'm not hungry look at that right when you eat a meal do you stop earlier you do and what was my when I go out with friends for sushi I overeat sushi bad like almost like Oh No give me my four rolls and I was like halfway through one roll and I was like I just can't finish this what a waste you really don't have that desire you don't have that hunger you don't have the cup I long would you have it I didn't July alright and she's lost 25 pounds right and is it true you just recently did a CT scan of Melissa we did and what did you find we're talking about a backstage actually and her body fat percentage is down 14% what about the rest of America so certainly we hope to roll this out to the rest of America soon but the point I'm hoping to make and Melissa is making is that the trial is really an effort to create a whole new way of thinking I want people to shift their focus away from I'm gonna lose 90 pounds in 90 days and onto a brand new target a new strategy which is aimed solely at not quitting your diet that's not quitting your diet so the role here we have an unlimited supply of diets right but the problem is people can't stay on and so what we hope to do here is dial down the body's response a little bit to dieting make it a little bit more comfortable and easy and give people a chance to succeed now I know it's early but is there any other side effects of this that we need to worry about so so far we've done 20 patients and the average time out from the procedure is four months and we haven't seen any complications related to the procedure or adverse effects yet so it's not like at the 12 month mark or when this completely wears off she's gonna be this voracious eater it's gonna come back double No No if anything we hope that the nerve will regenerate to a normal state than a new set point mm-hmm would you get another one get another shot at the end of the 12 months I'm probably not gonna need it that's what I've been that's what's so interesting cuz I've been on every diet he's right it's unlimited I've done them all and if I don't lose the weight quick enough I'd gain it right back so I've lost 20 in game 25 lost 15 gained 20 and my friends are all what do you what are you doing today Melissa and I was like it's true and now honestly it's very slow and steady I'm not to where I want to be yet but I'm well on the way usually by now I would have already gained back it's incredible yeah good for you you won't need it again make it sorry I don't need it again because it just sort of lowers the entry barrier for you and keeps you on your diet long enough to gain some momentum and by the time you've gained momentum you're on your way and you don't need it again this is revolutionary can I just see I'm just curious raise your hand if you would consider having that yes almost everybody not everybody almost well good for you thank you for sharing your story and all the best to you thank you thank you hello today fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives what are some good topics for a capstone project cheap Marist Brothers.

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