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Benefits of enterprise risk management pdf order

Benefits of enterprise risk management pdf order write for me difference between paper money and banknotes bonnie gull exmouth market review presentation I'm going to try to explain today how to use an Excel worksheet to put together a biological graph with statistics I suppose I should start off by saying that Excel is not this graphing program in the world but it's the one that most schools probably have in their science department so that's one we'll go ahead and use for the problem today let's go ahead and suppose that I have taken measurements from three groups of students let's suppose I'm doing their weights and I have three sets and we'll just call them set a B and C just for simplicity so I'll go ahead and fill out the worksheet here why don't we just call them a B and C keep it simple and then let's suppose I'm carrying Oh three sets of data for each one there'll be weights why don't we just call them w1 w2 and w3 for simplicity I'll just randomly fill out some numbers here it doesn't really matter what they are let's get this guy a little more weight there 155 122 and 163 they're enough three sets of data each one has three data points in it the first thing I'm going to do to do statistics on this is let's go ahead and calculate out one would be the averages for the data sets so let's put average over here in order to do an average very simple just put the equals sign which means you want to insert in a function the function is going to be called average we'll just spell it out there now you can go ahead and use the format function menu option but I'll just write it in here we have an open parentheses as you can see over here and we're going to then drag over the three numbers that we want to use close off the parentheses press ENTER and there we go the average of those three numbers was 137 point six six seven pounds now I can go ahead and write the other two calculations in there but I'm going to keep it simple all click on that go up to edit copy it will drag and paste it in there edit and then paste and it automatically puts in the function and calculates the averages which would be in row 3 and 4 let's go ahead now and do the exactly the same thing now in column F here we'll calculate the standard deviations again the equal sign here stdev is the excel abbreviation for standard deviation open parenthesis once again I'm going to drag over the three numbers that I want to do B 2 C 2 and D 2 close the parenthesis here enter and the standard deviation is 17.1 pounds which actually is pretty high let's do the same thing let's click on that will copy it drag and paste in row 3 and 4 and it goes and we have our standard deviations before I go ahead by the way and graph these numbers here just want to clean things up a little bit my weights here only had three significant figures I didn't have any decimals so I'm going to go ahead and select these numbers here let's go up to format format the cells number and I'm going to adjust the decimal places to zero so we'll round them off there so that the numbers all have the same significant digits so if you look for example in this one here I would then say that my average of those three weights is 138 plus or minus 17 pounds that's my standard deviation as a general rule of thumb anything more than 10% is not a great set of data 10% of thirteen point eight would be about 14 pounds so 17 pounds plus or minuses probably pushing it a little bit okay let's go ahead and graph these numbers the first numbers I want to go ahead and graph are the averages so I will go ahead and drag and select those three numbers there now I'll go up to the charting wizard button here and it gives me a whole menu of items in the wizard the first default menu is the column histogram that's usually the one we're going to use we'll keep it simple and let's just go ahead and click Next we'll select that one you can see I've come up with three bars or histograms on the y-axis over there we have the weights so it looks pretty good the problem with this one though is if you look at the x-axis you will see though that it says one two and three one two and three was not what we had down as our variables on the x-axis it was set a B and C the first thing we need to do is to change that this is a bit of a trick in Excel every set of variables is considered to be a series so let's go up to the series button and we can put another series in as Y or as an X now the trick is had I gone ahead from the start and selected the set a B and C and the weight average is it would have gone ahead and give me two sets of histograms here that is considering they're both as Y variables but that's not of course what they are the set numbers are really the X variable so let's go down here to this item which says category x axis labels will use our finder key and we'll find them there they are a B and C put a bit anything could have been names could have been days whatever and we've got them in here automatically in the chart wizard let's hit the finder to send us back it pasted them in here and now you can see I know it's hard to see because I've been blown this up yet but instead of saying one two three and now says a B and C and that's what we want it now we're okay let's go to the next one okay so far it's looking pretty good by the way I don't like this little default they've got here which is series one why don't we get rid of that let's hit legend see how it says show legend let's deselect that to get rid of it much better so far so good only problem with this is we have not put on our standard deviations yet so let's go ahead and click finish we like our graph let's stretch this out by the way so everyone can see this a little clearer okay so far so good though how do we put those standard deviations here's what you do first of all click on the panel here so that we get dots highlighting each of the histograms now we've selected the histograms in order to modify their properties you need to now double select them and then a pop-up window called format data series comes up a lot of people have trouble finding this I could have also have gone up to the menu on the top and hit format to do this but I like clicking on things a little easier you can see that one of the options in this guy here besides all the fancy bells and whistles is this guy here Y error bars let's click on that now here's our error bar options here now what we want to do is to both I want to have the standard deviation be plus or minus on the weight unfortunately another trick with Excel you can't do it all at once here's how you do it one at a time go down to custom we will now find the Plus error bar use our finder here they are right these three numbers right there yeah let's click back here and now we can see that they appear there now what we're going to do now is go down to here and do exactly the same thing let's get those three standard deviation numbers again so we're doing it twice go back in here and both sets of standard deviations got punched in for plus and minus now you can see that on the display options the both option is now highlighted in black let's go ahead and press ok now you can see that we have a plus or minus error bar which represents the standard deviation or both all the histograms let's just take a look at this for a second if I was interpreting this data biologically would I say that the averages are different well you can see that B obviously has a higher average than a and C so an untrained biologist might say yeah average B the set B is indeed different however you look at the standard deviations plus or minus you can see that all the averages all well within each of the ranges of the standard deviation so based on this test so far we have to conclude that there really is no difference between the three sets of data now later on we might go ahead and do a student t-test to take a little further but that's where we are so far write for me articles internet of things Hofstra University.

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