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Bachelors capstone project

Bachelors capstone project do my capstone bank routing deckblatt englisch essay writer ´╗┐police in Georgia have reopened an investigation after a video involving alleged police brutality went viral and provided some new evidence in a case involving a cop who was beating a homeless woman with a baton now the homeless woman is identified as Katie McCreary however the police official that you're about to see in this video which is graphic has not been identified he is anonymous but this took place on June 4th and apparently the officer had gone to a Chevron station in response to a complaint about a woman begging for money she's a homeless woman she's at a Chevron station asking for money which I think all of us have experienced at some point and usually they're not dangerous people but nonetheless the owner of the Chevron station ended up calling the cops and things got violent now the cop claims that the woman tried to push him out of the way when he arrived on the scene and then that warranted what you're about to see so let me just give a tiny bit more detail than her before we go to the video so McCreary says she attempted to push me out of the way and walk out of the door which I would think his mission accomplished the guy called you to get rid of her right and she's leaving boy this feels like it could have been resolved a lot easier and so in all these cases I always feel like it's not an easy job I mean I got to deal with a homeless person who's not listening to you that is not easy so and he says later she tried to reach out and grab his badge grab the vest than the radio now that's what he put in his report right but you know I'll tell you one other thing he put in his report after you watch the video yeah exactly let's let's watch the video and then I want to give you his detailed report so you kind of see some of the inconsistencies by the way warning the video is difficult to watch so if you're uncomfortable you should look away now [Music] No all right so I should note that she does have a mental illness uh it's unclear what that mental illness is exactly but a local news station spoke to a dozen individuals in the area who are familiar with her who know her they all said that she wasn't a problem she never posed any type of risk and she did have a history of mental illness she is homeless and again she was there asking for money now guys look it's super tough to deal with a mentally ill homeless person nobody's saying it's easy but you just saw that video man I just I don't know I couldn't do that could you beat a mentally ill woman like that she said she was gonna leave I you know did he feel like that was a disrespect of his authority I don't know what the station manager asked them to do did he ask for her to be arrested I don't know but you would think that hey she's bothering people asking for money she says she's leaving great wonderful we could have left it at that I just I can't stomach doing that to somebody let alone a mentally ill person I mean if they were gonna cause violence on others I get it man that's what cops are for right but a mentally ill woman who is not listening your orders you couldn't figure out like you thought what like she's disrespecting you not everything is this respect people are different and if they called you because she's not able to respond to those to those requests there might be a reason for that don't we do any training in this country yes there are mentally ill people yes some percentage of homeless people are mentally ill no the correct answer is not beating the living crap out of them so I maybe I miss something because I was under the impression that a cop can only open fire on someone who poses an imminent threat right and he said in that video very clearly and he got a response from the people that were there put your hands behind your back or I'm going to shoot you and then two people were like no please don't shoot her don't you're why are you gonna shoot her like is she posing a threat to you and maybe I'm wrong maybe that's not the policy maybe the new policy is if someone's annoying you and isn't listening to your orders in the fashion that you think is appropriate then you get to open fire by the way if you shouldn't kill someone that could be murder but if you threaten issue someone that's already a crime that's an assault now if you're a cop's yeah now if you said that to a cop you'd definitely be arrested hey don't do X otherwise I'm going to shoot you right that would be that's assault and with even if you don't you never pulled a gun or anything like that now cops got a job where they have to threaten violence sometimes I know that it's slightly different rules but now but it can't be that if you have you're under no imminent threat at all like nobody thought that woman was somehow magically gonna kill the cop right so threatening to kill her or shoot her which would kill her certainly could his assault let alone the other obvious assault that's happening on the tape so this video is new which is why officials have decided to reopen the investigation into this case they had already decided that he had done no wrongdoing and they wanted to move on but this video went viral and they're like okay well we have new evidence we have to look at this again now I want to give you the details of the police report that this unidentified cop had five old so you kind of have a sense of his side of the story and and what he believed happened so in the incident report dated June 5th a day after this took place the officer said when he arrived at the gas station McCreary attempted to push me out of the way and walk out the door more words were exchanged and McCreary reached out and grabbed my badge and after being warned not to touch him she quote grabbed my vest and radio according to his incident report he said he used his baton on her legs for arms and one strike inadvertently struck the side of her head as she was moving around so that was his take I think it's a little different from what we saw in the video but again I mean it's being investigated we'll see how it turns out but it's an internal affairs investigation and I mean we have some precedent on how things like that turn out and in this case we also have a quote from the DeKalb County Police Department they said in a statement after watching the video quote the narrative in the officers report appears to be consistent with the video yeah so now to be fair he didn't say he inadvertently struck her he said he inadvertently struck her head but the rest of it was not inadvertently was very clear what he was doing and and look it's not just about that this guy's a bad guy that's too easy an explanation and I don't even know that he's a bad guy I mean I know that this was a bad act I do know that the training is don't ever ever let anyone disrespect you and so in reality what they need to do in some police departments across country are doing this is bring in mental health experts so yes it's gonna take longer it's gonna take a bigger part of your day but hey I I need backup in this case and the backup is not more forces to get even more violent I need someone who's a trained professional who can come and help me deal with this person who is clearly mentally ill rather than my way of dealing with him which it was what I've been taught and unfortunately all most of the police departments in the countries take out a button of baton and beat the crap out of them until they are made to listen to you and those are the cases where they don't get shot if you liked this video you probably like independent media the best way to support independent Media become a member of the Young Turks TYT Network comm /join write for me chapter 6 capstone project order Molloy College.

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