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Ati capstone post assessment for money

Ati capstone post assessment for money research paper on drone technology pdf for money nationalism is good essay ´╗┐newaz come to munising it's a bagel shop and this morning Ashley Kirkland is at the Bay furnace bagel works to tell us what the skinny on their bagels is all about good morning Ashley good morning Vicki well vapor in his bagel has been around for just about two months here in munising but they already have some great things in the works they've got 18 different flavors of bagels and I've already spotted some like a french toast flavored bagel hello love that and they've also got a sea salt bagel now these bagels are baked fresh daily and as well as their extensive menu they have sub sandwiches and artisan breads which are also baked fresh daily we're going to head back and talk to their Baker and see how he does what he does and what makes their bagels so special we'll also talk to one of the store managers about what they have in store for the munising area here I'll take it back to you Ashley Kirkman reporting live in munising TV 6 News all right thank you lovin after the hour if you're in the muta sagari a-- maybe you've been waiting to get a fix of morning bagels well why not stop and check out Bay furnace bagel shop Ashley Kirkland is there this morning to check out what they have good morning Ashley good morning Vicki wants porting a hairnet right now because I'm in the back in the kitchen where they bake the bagels and i'm here with head Baker row mrs. Roberts and I got it I got it I'm just so mesmerized by these bagels but what are you doing right now Robert as we'll talk about the bagels a little bit later but you're baking right now right now I am mixing up a batch of whole wheat bread for our sub sandwiches we mix up both whole wheat and wheat breads every day and we make sub sandwiches from off of those right now I'm mixing up some yeast to put in the mixer here and you guys make everything fresh daily yes we make everything fresh daily the bagels we we mix up the day before so the bagel set you eat today were made mixed up yesterday and then we top them and put them in the oven today for you to eat so what kinds of different flavors of bread do you have we know you have 18 flavors of bagels what about the bread all we have is the whole wheat bread and the white bread well and that's really all you need because as I say you have 18 flavors a bagel and I'll let you get started with the bread that we're going to turn on the mixer but let's head over here to the real deal the main thing here the main attraction of the bagels how do you choose all of these different flavors well we started out with a basic variety of flavors we had garlic onion parmesan asiago then we added some extras we went through our our supply of toppings right here is our our top bagel right now it's this is the furnace bagel it's a Chipotle seasoning with a pepper jack cheese on top of it sometimes the bagels fall-like because it's really a pizza this isn't a bagel you guys you guys have so much on these and I love it because the different flavors like look at that is a margarita bagel it's a tomato bit tomato with basil and mozzarella cheese on top of it and in this the furnace bagel this is the namesake bagel you said this will do what to the back of your throat it'll put a tickle into the backyard row yes all right but you definitely want to be aware of that what else what other kind of flavors do you guys hand we have asiago here this is the miners bagel it's a red pepper with garlic and onion and provolone topping on it and we have a garlic here and onion on top we have a number of fruity flavors as well these are all the savory flavors right here the veggie swiss one of the favorites in town here people love that one it's a veggie mix with the Swiss cheese on top and a hella Pinot gelap anel yeah help you know cheddar bagel so you guys are it's really like gourmet bagels it is it is really when I first started this I thought that bagels had egg in it well bagels don't have egg in it with the way you do it is you use you use the right combination of high-gluten flour yeast and barley malted barley the same kind of stuff that you make beer out of we use in the bagels beer and bagels like a coach you don't serve beer no we don't okay so you have 18 different flavors are they 18 roading rotating flavors or sometimes we do rotate them if we have a new flavor that we try out we take one out and angry rotate them route basically we've been keeping the same ones throughout the whole time because everybody likes a different flavor every day don't if it's not broke don't fix it right right okay okay so we're going to come back and talk about different things that you guys have available coming up as well as check out some of these bagels I'm going to have to taste this one that you says make the back of your throat take all the time all right Ashley Kirkland reporting live in munising TV 6 News so bagel shop though Ashley good morning Vicki well if you're in munising and you're a bagel and coffee lover this needs to be your new happy place and I'm back here with manager Amy Nolan Amy my mouth is still cooling off from the furnace bagel that I had that was really delicious I told you you did war me now you guys are much more than bagels but that is what you do well here you have coffee what kinds of coffee do you have we have really good coffee it's qiwen out coffee and if you look behind me here we have the flavors up here we have a yooper blend which is more of a milder blend in the North Woods which is a little bit darker of a blend those are our top sellers and then we have a borealis which has the flavor like the cherry being bourbon flavor oh wow yeah okay now you guys are so you p is what i said with the different names of the coffee and the name of this bagel shop baifern is what will where'd you get that well that originated from Bay furnace campground and the idea behind furnace is baking bagels furnace so it's actually like a historical campground and it has a lot of historical background so we like to keep everything you pee here and the name is a you p name yeah very good until you also have different things you have bagel chips you have sandwiches what are the bagel chips exactly well let me tell you when you try one you won't be able to stop the bagel chips are the bagels that are left over from the day we will put them in the oven and make the homemade bagel chips and we sell out of those on a regular basis so they're really good to grab take on the boat to go on a picnic with and that's nice because you get to recycle some things instead of throwing things away perfect yep exactly right we do so now what else you people look forward to on your menu well actually we have 22 different subs for them to choose from and all of those subs come hot or cold so you can get them on a regular sub bun we make those every morning white or wheat or you can get them on a bagel and any flavor a bagel you'd like we'll make like a turkey sandwich or ham or whatever you choose chicken right no is it can you do breakfast all day long if you want to breakfast bagel sandwich yes you can that's the good thing you can get a french toast bagel with sausage and egg or bacon ham and you can get that anytime until we close it I like it I like what I'm hearing here yeah speaking of closing what are your hours we are open 7 23 and we're open seven days a weeks yeah yeah well thanks so much Amy so many great things going on here great coffee oh it is good yeah it's okay I wouldn't just fill up great coffee great bagels right here in munising tell people where you are where you're located we are located right next to the shell gas station downtown right break beyond downtown munising okay I'm not singing yep yep and you can find them on facebook bae furnace bagel works stick around for more of your TV 6 morning news write for me the internet of things opportunities and challenges for distributed data analysis Modern Orthodox Judaism.

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