Ati Capstone Fundamentals 2018 Quizlet
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Ati capstone fundamentals 2018 quizlet

Ati capstone fundamentals 2018 quizlet write for me ap central ap capstone my photo reported on facebook ´╗┐hi this is Jackie parched from the Multnomah County library school core with novelties new books you can't wait to discuss for fourth through eighth grade this video is all about books about growing up if you'd like to look at the websites that I mentioned in this talk the URLs are all listed in the description below all summer long bye hope larsen 6th grade and up for beena this summer is shaping out to be the worst one ever her best friend Austin is off to spend a month at soccer camp and after she binge watched too many shows her parents have canceled the Netflix account Austin's older sister charlie is sort of friendly and they like the same kind of music but she keeps ditching Vina for her older friends finally it's the day beena has been waiting for Austin gets home from camp but he's acting really weird what happened to him at camp and does this mean their friendship is over some discussion questions for this book summer fun index Vina and Austin have a summer fun index to keep track of the fun things they do over the summer what would be on your summer fun index false friends Vina worries that Charlie isn't a true friend and it's just using her do you think bina and Charlie are true friends how would you define a true friend and what's next the author is planning to more books about Vina what do you think will happen to her next and I've included links to a book trailer and an interview with the author long way down by Jason Reynolds seventh grade and up the day before yesterday Will's brother Shawn was shot and in Wills neighborhood there are rules when someone is killed number one crying don't no matter what don't number two stitching don't no matter what don't number three revenge if someone you love gets killed find the person who did it and kill them so now will is in the elevator traveling down seven floors with a gun in the waist of his pants on his way to avenge his rather in that 60-second elevator ride the car stops at each floor and someone gets on all of them have suggestions for will and all of them are also people he knows are dead what is going on in this elevator will will choose to follow the rules some things you could discuss the ending it's a little bit open-ended what do you think will did rules what are the rules in wills neighborhood do you feel like there are rules in your neighborhood if so are they similar or different presumptions who does will think killed his brother why do you think he's right some related websites I've linked to a reading group guide from the publisher a video of the author reading aloud from the book and also an interview with the author from NPR Louie under cover by Fannie Britt grades 5 through 8 Louie's dad cries a lot Louie knows because he spies on him at night when he's supposed to be asleep he knows his dad misses their life before when all four of them live in the country his dad built furniture his mom bakes shortbread cookies and they all went on camping trips and have snowball fights Louie misses those times too the times before his dad started drinking his parents got divorced and he and his brother had to start splitting their time between the country in the city the one bright spot in Louie's life is Billy a girl at school he has a crush on Billy stands up to bullies reads a book every week and rides a jet-black bike to school every day now if fluey can just get up the courage to talk to her some things you could discuss bravery Louie criticizes himself for not being brave do you think he is why are why not what makes someone brave and family problems Louie's brother says in reference to their parents why did they stop loving each other and Louie says they didn't stop that's the problem what does he mean by that some related websites I've included a link to a blog post from the illustrator of this graphic novel where she talks about her process as an illustrator I'm from the point where she gets the text all the way until she is finished with the product and I've also included a link to the James Brown song it's a mad world which is an important part of this story lucky broken girl by Ruth Behar grades four through six Ruthie's family came to the United States from Cuba not too long ago and Ruthie is adjusting well she's making lots of friends at school improving her English and becoming the hopscotch queen of her neighborhood but then Ruthie's family is in a terrible car accident and she breaks her leg she'll have to be in a body cast from her waist down to her toes for months Ruthie can't go to school play hopscotch or even get up to go to the bathroom she has to use a bedpan ugh lying in bed all day is boring her friends stop visiting and her mom is grumpy having to take care of her all the time just when Ruthie is feeling terribly discouraged a visiting teacher and a new neighbor introduced her to books and art that make her dark days better things to talk about dreams Ruthie says I think if your dreams are small they can get lost like trying to find a needle in a haystack when a dream is big you can see it better and hold on to it do you think it's better to have big dreams or small dreams why good friends why does Ruthie change her mind about Danielle what makes someone a good friend and tough times Ruthie appreciates the friends that stick with her through her injury why do some people abandon their friends during tough times how can you help friends who are going through a challenging situation I've included links to the educators guide from the publisher it has activities and discussion questions I've also linked to the author's website which has a book trailer and a playlist to go along with the book and for students who might want to know more information about Cuba I've included a link to national Geographics Kids site about Cuba the stars beneath our feet by David Barclay more grades 5 through 8 it all started with two garbage bags full of Legos or maybe it started with the two guys who followed lolli and his best friend and beat them up or maybe it started when lolis brother Jermaine died without Jermaine Lolly's been having a tough time it seems like he's always either sad or mad one thing that helps is when his mom's girlfriend brings home big bags of Legos from the store where she works lolli starts building a giant city which takes his mind off what happened to Jermaine but lolli still has so many questions he wishes he could ask his brother what should he do when his lego city gets too big for their apartment and what she/he do about the two guys who beat him up leave them alone or get revenge things to discuss expectations at one point lolis friend vega says well if we was different you know been born with money it's just making good art and music ain't really expected of us what do you think people expect of lolli and Vega what kind of expectations do you feel adults in the world have for you peer influence Wally says the folks you hang out with can raise you up or bring you down low over time they can make you think a certain way change who you really are do you agree why or why not and names at the end of the book lolli prefers to be called by his whole name Wallace why I've included links to a discussion guide from the publisher also a site that shows some iconic New York City buildings including some of the ones that lolly and his friend Rose see on their field trip and I've also included a link to an author interview from NPR thank you for listening at the very bottom of the description I've also included a link to a full list of all the titles from all of the 2018 novelties videos I also have a link to a survey you can fill out to let us know what you think of our videos and a link to find more information about the school core program thanks new topics in water resources research and management Long Island University.

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