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Asu capstone project order

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out of here Oh No why is there penalty for that oh come on that wasn't boy is that a penalty I hit the puck let me see the replay no I think you hit me no way let's see oh I don't know that look clean to me alright hey let's go all right Rangers on a power play early in this one yeah Oh get it out get it out ah oh nice pass always it on a break not oh good save by Lundqvist a shorty I was almost a short-handed goal oh I sing what is that Sookie wow I got in on a shorthand to break away there it almost buried it look at that oh my this the dangers for a DJ a DJ Oh face off wig I'll get it across oh this is trouble ha yeah put him in this all unhurt and strim that she was hurt oh that is dirty okay no that was actually a clean shot oh my it looks serious guys oh no oh that's 71 clendenon clendenon I'm getting the rookie he went all the way up because oh that's me oh we let guys here oh yeah he's like red that's crazy Adam Glen Glendenning Glendenning look at this breaks it what a deke Oh 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Oh Ryan stop I see look at Ryan's guy was all the way down at the other end oh oh that was a sick gold did you see that 14 seconds I know look at this backhand look Oh Oh is sick all right too too too late in the third I want to face off I mean clinic ah where are you putting it oh boy oh boy get in the net get in the net look at this so it's gonna all right I'll tell you if Ryan scores and wins this game oh oh no Ryan stop shooting it all the time that's how you miss all the time no no oh my god Oh shave with 13 seconds up [Music] yes yeah you got it out of his own what the heck all right it's going on Oh No shoot it Ryan Oh guys no johns up good job Ryan you almost held that lead we're going to overtime tied it too what happened um player scores next wins whoever scores wins if it goes to another overtime then you play John Eddie shears oh wait John you're the Rangers yes I'm on the fit oh it's three on three oh I'm in on a break oh why did that gonna stop buckling where is it is good I'm kidding for you John hey because I cheered for you oh my gosh oh yeah oh yeah oh yes who scored that oh it's a freeway that was top right under the crossbar that was amazing shy let's see it on replay number five not sure who it is yet beat slunk with stick side water bottle goes flying who is that who is that I can't tell still I can tell he didn't do much of a celebration but he just made oh look at some of these replays the guy with the red hair is going bad guy ah this was the goal though that was the best goal I know that other one was the best quote just happened Wow Rangers fans are like devastated what a shot alright guys that's gonna wrap up our twin boys TV NHL 17 video game as you like that [Music] guys if you white guy you want to see some more let us know in the comment sections otherwise [Music] capstone mentorship programme SUNY Cobleskill.

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