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Ap capstone seminar examples order

Ap capstone seminar examples order capstone logistics in colorado for money business from home report [Music] before service video vote in the description so before I talk about the series I'm going to talk about the votes of the bills and the scenes each tied with two votes for which team I use I want to use the bill smart because those are more likely to okay than sex what I would think and because the bills I feel like need more help than the Saints the Saints could use some help but I let it feel like the bills could use more help so the vote actually went to st. Louis so st. Louis has the most votes I could have done the single with Saints but as I said I wanted to do the bills but the same glue those pills really doesn't make sense so I went through 14 inside each got one vote which was like four or five like of the teams that we turn into and I have two that have really sick uniforms we have the Sacramento miners mmv San Diego Crusaders not really kind of doesn't make much sense because we're in the East but both of those teams are in the West well you know what we're gonna have a fight logic we're gonna beat logics but I mean then again we could use for 49ers because driver me how about this I'm gonna have a vote two votes in the description right now we're gonna have the bills or right now we're doing the bills so ability to just convince the West I'm gonna have one vote - you're Crusaders your votes gonna end tomorrow morning and I kind of want to stream the offseason because I was to get a semi season I don't really don't know oh I know mister ah so gone you think that do you miss dr. Connell but this drop to go that's me I miss dr. goat this series isn't gonna be like unrealistic unrealistic but it's not gonna be realistic at the same time kind of like my braun series i've got like super unrealistic where we do really good like arleigh but it's not any super really realize like the charger series it's gonna be very realistic rules I'm trying to have made a few trades but I've use like the trade block so definitely go through the team mix or devote Tyrod Taylor I liked our Challenger your life I don't think he's gonna be our guy Nathan Peterman pretty good at real life but I think we can get something a little better shady y'all might kill me he's 29 with normal big we're getting a different running back receiver is a Jones I definitely want to keep Jordan Matthews maybe but he's on a contract here so I might trade them hoes in Philly brown are just like there I'm definitely sure eight at least one of them so I can have a Jones playing Charles clay is just there because he's there maybe he'll be our guy next he's our online Cordy Glenn's good Incognito's is kind of older I like John Miller Dion Dawkins good job rookie I do 1/2 him part of you like let's look at the defense for the offensive line Jerry Hughes I liked you to use but no Marv so dearly Darius up right hold on them Kyle Williams kind of older 34 shot Lawson I want to hold on to in the second season linebackers I'm gonna travel around Zell Alexander I know in a really good year last year but I'm gonna trade him Preston brown on my trade where the heck is Reggie Ragland Jarrell Hodges I really liked your dodging debris like I want to keep him but where the heck is Reggie Ragland she's not that bad he was like a second round pick like soon where is Reggie Ragland how about I go by age I don't think you can you go my name's it's like a look for arm okay I can so let's look for our for Raglan Raglan not passed our there's no artists pqrs just goes from P to s Reggie Ragland is not on our roster okay I don't know where the heck Reggie Ragland is kind of strange secondary of a dresser today he's white he's gonna be here long term did he have quick okay did not know we had quick though but I'm a little confused why would you give today these white and Dora Jackson quick over with marks on bottom here I'm not saying white or Dora Jackson or bad players but Washington Lattimore's better than both of them my marginal item where I deserved at least quick uh but everything about the second I like Micah Hyde plate yeah I already know what I'm gonna do a strong safety guys watch my channel for a while he does apply in an ode to now I drafted Jamal Adams over him in the fantasy draft series but yeah we're gonna get him so till you be lucky probably yeah we can relocate so the vote is gonna end tomorrow minors or Crusaders they both have really good uniforms as Sacramento miners or San Diego Crusaders uh both of those you knees are sick trust me but I were to start making some trades I don't want to get like superstars and go back home or David Johnson or anything like I don't want to do well I want to take let's start making sure we're kinda overpaying a little but that strong safety I was talking about is Keanu Neal we're trading Jerry used trials clay and the third round pick for him but he on is like what 22 and he's quick development nosey I think he's 22 or 23 maybe how old is he he is 22 boom in our next trade we are trading Mike Hyde Kyle legs might older to the Tennessee Titans for Corey Davis he is 6-3 22 23 years old and he's 6 foot 3 90 speed he's gonna be cheating out there him and say Jones very excited proposed to we just need one more receiver and that receiver might be Jordan Williams so we're pretty good at receiver and he's 22 boom here Chetty Richie incognito who's an older player and he gains there's only 75 overall to the Jets for their first-round pick which is gonna be really high loads of future for always good to milk the tree we're gonna be trading Jordan mills for Nick what the goose key and if the Frau Pech he list is really well Navin but we have Preston Brown so I'm gonna move him to left outside linebacker and you're gonna be very surprised who he can trade and that player is Quan Alexander's we basically traded Jordan Mills our backup right tackle for a future 5th and Quanah on Xandar now I would have give them Quan quick but if they got quick we won't be able to get on I might move them to free safety where it goes up like an 86 but I'm also gonna consider him maybe I'll have them at safety this year so Preston Brown can well then again I don't know what I'm gonna do we are trading Lorenzo Alexander who had a great year last year top 5 in sex lately but it's 33 34 so I don't really want them as well as TJ Yates to the Jets for their second-round picks we have their first and second-round pick which is very big baller shady McCoy Tyrod Taylor and filly Brown for JJ Watt I think I said no superstars but going I don't know why the Texas really want Taylor it was so close if we put Jordan Matthews in but I had to put it Taylor but just fine we kind of just got JJ Watt on our team we are trading Vladimir Ducasse a nick O'Leary and Leonard Johnson Gemini's for the first-round pick I would agree have a lot of people and say we kind of just finesse them because they just got finessed we are treating Eric would Patrick DeMarco and Joe Dan iord to the charters for my first-round pick now you're probably saying oh you just got another really good pick no the Chargers do really long this game don't really get it but I mean a first-round picks the first-round picks we have six now I think I'm done making trades honestly I'm thinking maybe tomorrow I'm gonna do a stream for this series we're gonna go Frank the whole season and the offseason and stuff while his team is trash wow this team - look TJ what just sucks this team sucks so I hope you guys enjoy next episode will be extreme tomorrow make sure to check it out make sure you vote the votes gonna end when I start the stream probably which don't really know when that'll be so just be prepared I'm out peace components of a capstone project The College at Brockport.

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