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Ap capstone sample research paper

Ap capstone sample research paper centennial pediatrics nashville tn skyline custom thesis on psychology due tomorrow ´╗┐hey what's up guys his camera auto I'm removing an aftermarket alarm on a 2016 Tacoma I'm pretty sure there's the same for a 2015 as far as like the steering panel screws and then bolts and everything where they go this one here it's weird you hit the blinker up and then you can start the car that's how this alarm works but it's causing problems so we're gonna get it out so if you have this one good and if not just take what you can from this video and you know first let's turn on the AC though make it cold in here just for a few minutes and then I'll get to it alright so I turned the car off took the key out I'm gonna go ahead and pop this out it just comes out you look in there and see something back there but we're gonna take this panel off to get to these wires first let's take this bottom kick panel off you can just wiggle this out just kind of you know gently pry on it until it comes up and then over here come and take this black footrest off go ahead and get this off it could be kind of stubborn just pull that off and then get this little nut off go it unscrew this and then get this kick panel off put this over here so you can just kind of pull off there's gonna be a clip so don't lose the clip that's attached to it and put this over here alright so now we're gonna undo this bolt right there it's a 10 millimeter when I do it I'm gonna move this panel here and then we'll go ahead and do this and unplug the TPMS button you just unplug it and there's this little button right here you press down a little tab and pull it out all right and then so you can kind of wiggle it loose from over here I usually start over here and you kind of wiggle it out don't fry it like straight down you could break something and then come on to this side you can't pull loose just pull all around on it until it comes loose pull this loose right here this comes out and don't lose a little pink tabs all right so this is kind of hanging down I'm gonna go and disconnect these switches you know see it's kind of stuck so I'm gonna go ahead and disconnect this switch and this switch all right okay that disconnected I got this one disconnected you just push on the little button just like that the other one then you pull it out that's how to get those out then to get this hood latch out you just push down on the tab I think this could come out just like this and it'll go in the same way - you just kind of go up to it and then flip it in and this will get this off go ahead and pop this off and then we can remove our steering panel and put it aside put them over here so they don't get scratched or broke all right so now this little black piece is going to come off go ahead and undo this take this off and they go and take ten millimeter off right here there's about three you get that off and look here's a here's a one of the relays from the aftermarket 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wire up here probably something with the blinker circuit those this not much in this alarm you know it's only there's one little biter and then I like three other wires your here's Mayim or you know just if yours has a lot more these little biter guys just disconnect them they just connect like this pull him down and then these ones I'm just gonna cut them and then put them together and that will just kind of be like reconnecting this wire I'll show you what I mean and if your car has a lot more wires and those little things it's like biting on the wire just go and just connect those don't let them intimidate you if there's a lot just go and pull them all apart you'll probably have this part though too you'll have to put a wire back together that's being cut into so I'm gonna put this yellow and blue wire together because they're both again just coming off this black wire that was originally cut in half so just putting these two together will make it so as if that black wire is reconnected yes here's the relay that's all it does works on that so go and plug this and I took it out so I could pull that fire off easier be careful pull on the wires you don't want to rip the wire out of a connector that's a whole nother can of worms and then these two like I said I just kind of stripped the end I'm gonna put them together with the the buck connector not a buck connector it's the pinch connector put it together and now this is just as if the black wire was never cut in half make sure everything's tight connections are tight and then I'll put it up here with like a zip tie or something something out of the way I'd you I just use the aftermarket wires are on here because if I were to try to put the black wire back together only it would be kind of tougher you know because it's like not that much wire to begin with so now I'm gonna start the car make sure everything starts up far put it all back together all right everything's good starting up fine I'm gonna turn the AC on cool off I'm in Sacramento it's super hot out here right now hopefully you're somewhere where it's pretty cool all right so now I'm gonna let the car run while I put them back together so I cool off here's how I just you know cleaned up here I just put a zip tie on it and put some electrical tape and hold it all together let's out of the way and now we're gonna put the clamshell back on and so just gonna go back together now just how it came off screws in tighten them down other side this one in when you tighten it it'll kind of suck up the clam shell you know they'll make the seam tighter I'll go and put this bottom piece on I mean there's three bolts three ten millimeter bolts right here right here right here they also hang on this little plastic anchor hang on that when you're putting it on and then we put this kick panel back up make sure all your tabs are in are on it and then connect the connectors first go and connect these but I put the hood cable back in and then put the black part on that I took off to earlier don't forget that and then we'll just put this in just kind of put it in slow make sure everything's behind up perfectly you know remember that this is plastic it's easy to break I'll put our 10 millimeter backing over here right here cut that in I got that in I close this back up all right and I'm gonna put my kick panel back on and this is the black wire I said to reconnect just connected when the panels off okay I put this on I'm gonna put my little plastic nut right here on all right I'm gonna put this on right here and put my put this little cubby guy back in he just popped in this video helped you out remember if yours has more wires you know just the same principle just connect them so it could be all right please like comment and subscribe do my capstone jasper al Parsons School of Design.

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