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Ap capstone research questions for money

Ap capstone research questions for money do my udacity carnd capstone github army air force crash reports ´╗┐certainly okay verification I think marks are stoked about this but ever since has become very popular term in political discourse reification refers to when we take an animal subject through like a human being or in an animal's effect and we behave towards it as if it was an object sorry if occasion happens for example when human beings when labor is called to to function professionally to function in its everyday working as an object and when its treated for example by itself lawyers as an object rather than a subject okay so every time we have an objectification of a human being we call that verification and what happens in the case of security and what has certainly happened in the case of Greece is that the quality or the collectivity of the people living in this country in some sense have been briefed I'd have been objectified into the technical notion of the population so we often talk about for example how the population is doing we use statistics we use the polls and we measure is a relation happy police policy objectives is the population better off with certain practices at the level of economic policymaking if we referring to the population as if it's something different than the people constituting quality so you can very often find many pol reports stating that you know the population is doing better in degrees or the population enjoys a very real world of of economic returns however if you talk to people to the everyday people around you very often to have a much different view and this is because the population is an instrumental notion and the creation does not have a one-to-one correspondence with the if you like with the people were the people who can put this where will the collectivity with a sum of individuals comprising a particular community so in this sense the people serve only instrumental to the self perpetuation of a system that does not precisely represents them very often for example nowadays we say that we're going to introduce certain measures increase because it's going to be better for the population but the process through which these measures are going to take place and when a function are going to be once that may undermine the individual prosperity of the citizens so this is a clear case where you have a contrast or if you like a trade-off between individuals and population so what are the implications of overturning contemporary politics into this year of numbers economic indicators and initiative like the comic management I think the first and most evident one is that this kind of approach subjugates values to technocratic considerations of statistics over economic performance and it undermines the very important normative meaningful elements of political life without which no quality can survive no individual can survive secondly I think that regarding the issue of current public perceptions about what the nature of political life is and security also involves another precaution is that it has ceased to be unfair eccentric okay so by focusing very much on a numerical economical specialization of police agendas by focusing too much on what the economy does we forget to look at what the humans comprising the quality do so this is a clear case of turning away from humanism which is actually was the approach of ancient Greeks to politics towards technocracy which has as its unit of analysis but the human being percent but rather some other a domain of collective activities such as economics anything finally this has a further promotion which is that by eroding the normative structures of society we also in Greece have experienced the loss of meaningfulness of everyday life so everyday life no longer become very easily enlightened by my ideals by ideas that serve to make the human life via doses of it is used to say without some insurgents work of meaningfulness without considering human prosperity and spiritual eudaimonia of the people we risk using the meaning of everyday life and certainly that might seem very big mistake one may say okay right so the situation of us advanced that level increase that how can we how can we how can we go back how can we transform a regime of security that has developed that it's very well rooted in government policy making and in the very perception of the mythical people have for over 25 my thing at 30 years now well I think that the solution can be very very easy and although you may be easy and simple I think may be quite effective by reconsidering i returned to humanism that is to hellenism and by reconstructing the way we speak about politics the way we orient our discourse in our everyday discussions in the way we write about things on the internet on newspapers we can suggest a return to ethics what is precisely missing right now in greek society what doing about ethics are done refer to this moralistic motivo discourse of good and bad according to a little party when we say ethics in engine grease we refer to all those practices that serve to enhance a person's character and make him a better person so what we need to do increase right now is the reorient or thinking towards categories such as eudaimonia individual and collective happiness education for the sake of education and above all obviously the attainment of harmony and health both of an individual but also a collective level well it's not enough that people who write or people who talk with them suggested to change in their discourse but it would also be quite important that the government started to structure its own discourse and its own policy making based on certain ideas and values that are not economic economics as mr. sir was very well said at the beginning is a nothing without our perception of it and the perception of our place in the world so the economic situation in Greece and I I totally believe this and I am I totally vouch for what she said is something that will very easily change should people change the perception of what is important in everyday political life and the political as you saw it this could be a diagram I showed earlier cannot be departed by the individual the individual is inherently political and every thought we make every feeling we have every discussion we made with all around us is in fact a political act and through the smoke leak roll outs of every of everyday life we influence the way our world and hence the social world is structured so by really orienting our focus and our political thinking our political vocabulary again towards a concepts that have to do with human values with a human soul with the attainment of certain ideals in your life I think will be the way of remedying the economic situation in Greece and whatever their source we have half of this than to return to certain classical ideas of hellenism that have to do with eudaimonia as we saw earlier and I have to do with concepts such as harmony that provide not only the cornerstone of this particular tradition from philosophy point of view but i think that provides the cornerstone of every healthy individual and every healthy society so young gonna look into that for now and i think that i open the floor to questions because perhaps a little bit too much concert wise thank you nursing home capstone project order School of Drama.

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