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Ap capstone portfolio order

Ap capstone portfolio order write for me capstone geology allarme cia prezi presentations ´╗┐oh my god my dogs just decided they want to sleep really really now okay hi guys me and my cold sore would like to welcome you to this video I feel very unprepared for this video but we're going to do it anyway I've been waiting for ages for this call so leave so I can film but then I just thought you know what this is my face I don't care I'm if you don't want to watch it then that's fine don't watch but people get cold sores and they look gross and this is just life so there we go today I'm going to be recreating a look I've never done this before we created a celeb look but I saw this picture and I was like oh that looks so good so I really want to try it out it is this photo of kylie jenner with hen you and platinum blonde hair and just this really nice brown smokey eye and dark lips and bold brows and i just thought it was gorgeous so this is all gonna do today hope y'all look good but yeah i'm going to do it super quick i'll show you the products that i'm using but i don't feel like you guys need to sit through a minute be blending out my foundation so i'm going to try and make this really snappy and then we're going to try and do my hair in some sort of way hopefully i'll be fun so if you want to see how i do this look on myself or for mere mortals that don't have access to every makeup product in the world then keep watching i'm going to start by moisturizing my face i'm going to use the clinic Moisture Surge which was in my recent favorites video it's a really good base for foundation and i love the way that it looks under makeup without looking to this increase or sort of go patchy or blotchy or too shiny so yeah it sinks in really nice and it doesn't leave you feeling sweaty so this is what i'm going to use as a base i hope you guys don't mind my cringey graduation photo in the background my mom just gave it to me and i haven't found a place for it yet I feel like I don't do you put photos up of yourself in your bedroom and I feel like you don't so I don't really have any like to put up I'm going to prime my eyes i'm going to use either the Urban Decay primer potion or the Niles pro prime I'm really gonna use the nas but because we really make a difference they're both really good products i'm also going to use a tiny bit of the terry rose lip balm on my lips just because i'm going to need some extra moisture today with the situation on my lips at the moment so I don't want to meet a little flaky and hot processor just that when I come to do my lips they are nice and moisturized I'm gonna start with my eyes just that my face looks a lot more flawless by the time we come to do that and the eyes will have all the patterning us will have settled so I'm going to zoom you in and I'm going to start with the Too Faced chocolate bar I'm going to start in the shade milk chocolate just in the crease I'm going to blend it so the edges are much softer taking two phase semi-sweet I'm going to put that all over the lid and blend it into the crease and smudge it a bit further out into the corner as well I'm going to take milk chocolate again and put that underneath my eyes and then blend it out okay so I'm looking a lot like a zombie it's definitely time to do my brows I'm going to squeeze as much they can out of the remains of my brow where's and just go through them with the end of the spoolie and then if this just completely dies on me then I will use some powder just to make them a bit bolder I'm going to darken the rest of my brows because she does have really dark sleek looking brows in the photo with a winged liner brush and darker shade from the marc jacobs and aletta palette to make my brows really sleek i'm going to take a bit of the Kevin a quan what is even as this the central skin enhancer and just outline my brows so that they really pop and look really defined you okay I'm looking a little bit more normal now I'm definitely gonna go onto my face and hopefully get rid of this thing on my lips that's making me second-guess making this video it looks horrible okay Kylie has really flawless skin and I don't have a foundation that is really heavy full coverage and also the right color and finish bubble so I'm going to use my NARS pure radiant tinted moisturizer in Alaska and my mac prolongwear waterproof foundation NC 25 and mix them together I'm going to blend this in with my Beauty Blender as always I'm going to take the banana shade from that anastasiya palette and just twist my PG blender in it and do my under eyes with that yellow make it really bright I'm also going to take a little bit of Giorgio Armani face powder on my Beauty Blender and put that on top of where the banana stuff is now with the anaesthesia light scope color I'm going to go in with my Real Techniques contour brush really lightly and just accentuate my controller and then we're going to blend okay so I'm very patchy all over but we are going to blend I'm going to use this tiny wee little Christian do your fluffy brush just to wipe off any excess powder I have underneath my eyes I've just opened a brand-new better than sex mascara so i'm going to apply that i did really want to use these lashes that i bought but then i just realized i didn't buy any lash glue so I can't so it won't be the glam as it was going to be before but this is still an incredible product so it should still be really nice and full and long I'm going to line my lips with a mixture between Kylie cosmetics Malibu and berry and lip liner in number six this one's just a little bit darker and malibu I think it's too late so I'm going to mix the two together I'm going to try to over line my lips just to try and get rid of this as much as I can although it won't be completely gone I'm going to take exposed and apply it all around my lips and then I'm going to a tiny tiny tiny bit of true brown and then mix it in really quickly to make a slightly darker because I left dr. K downstairs would be the perfect lip color but I'm going to mess up all the lighting if I go and get us so we're gonna see how this goes I'm going to take my NARS Laguna bronzer a little my cheeks for a bit more warmth in my face and then with my favorite becca cosmetics jaclyn hill champagne pop I'm gonna do my cheekbones on the end of my nose my Cupid's bow and then just to finish off I'm going to take my really mini travel size hourglass ambient light in dim light and just put that all over really you just I think it just makes everything a lot more flattering your foundations or have a life put back into it and it also just gives a really nice finish amazing this actually turned out much better than I thought it would I'm going to take a little bit over here from my hair and bring that over I've moved my hair over to the side parting I'm going to use my straighteners to try and get a bit more life into it and a bit more bounce but obviously i don't have the length that katie has in our extensions or i'm not sure if it was a wig so we'll see how this goes I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you like the style at video then give it a thumbs up leave a comment below in anything that you would like to see in my future videos and i will get them film for you i hope you guys enjoyed this video as always you can find me on all my social media thingies and send me a message and we can be friends and life will be good so i'll see you in my next one bye senior capstone research project for money Sullivan County Community College.

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