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Ap capstone graduation

Ap capstone graduation the meaning of casing for money essay about histology of bone ´╗┐hey guys so today's video is gonna be a little bit of a helpful guide on when you're writing personal statements it can be really tricky and there are really really crucial I know a lot of people say well you know they're not that important only grades matter that's not true they will be reading it because they do want to see the kind of person you are especially if it's for course like veterinary medicine which is kind of very specific and if you want specific people they have interviews it's very they pick you out really specifically so I'm gonna be focusing on that because that's what I did but it is kind of general advice so if you're not doing that you can always sort of watch it and kind of retain some of the tips that I say because they will be irrelevant to you as well okay so first of all the introduction it's really crucial it's the first thing they read it's got to stand out it's got to be concise and it's got to be interesting so I would say like maybe choose a theme which kind of throws two throws like this shows your interest in the kind of field that you want to break up with it's long their specific part of law that you find interesting that you like you can mention that for example for bet what I did was like how diseases travel and how they affect humans and animals so that sort of showed my interest and also like a bit of the research side of everything and so sort of like they they see that you've done your research and that you've kind of picked through the subject and kind of know a little bit about it so maybe incise make it very clear and make it interesting make it short as well don't make it too long and maybe choose a few that you like a few sentences like and then pick one that flows best for the rest of your personal statement and that's pretty much it for the introduction you're gonna wanna like leave a lot of space for like the middle chunk of the personal statement which is if you're doing that that's going to be all your work experience so how I structured it was I wrote the placement the amount of time I did in that placement because a lot of times they will not be getting references they won't ask for them so they do want to have all that stuff written out in your personal statement so you want to do that and basically right after that you want to write all the skills you've learned for example where I did my clinical work experience I did x-rays and then we did sort of vaccinations we did sterilizing techniques and I'm sort of any general things that you've learned that were kind of obvious to you when you did it and write those out and then for each placement you're going to want to be like a bit analytical and a bit critical about what you've seen and also how sort of like the vets were in your placement like they want to see that you've retained something for the experience don't just write it out and that's it like say something you thought interesting that you that you saw that when you thought was interesting for example like in one of my placements the bets were like asked to treat these puppies that had parvo which came from puppy mills and like I'm I saw how they dealt with the situation of having like a provider that wasn't you know up to code and just say do you think they you know deal with it well or not and basically how you felt about the experience how you sort of how this opened your eyes to the field and how it makes you think differently on the field you do this with law or with economics or with anything really okay so you're gonna want to do that with all your placements and right differently like right a different experience or a different thing that like stuck out to you like what I did to farm for example I met this really interesting person who was came from the US but he was doing like sort of researching I think they'd like to hear that stuff it makes him sound like you you were paying attention and that you you were really present and you took a lot from the experience it was just it wasn't just something even did because you had to so you're gonna want to do that and then the part before the last like before the conclusion what I do suggest you do is add skills so what they want to hear is that you're not just like obsessed with your course and that's it and that's all you care about that makes you sound kind of one-dimensional so what you're going to want to do is maybe if for example I did I did tutoring and then I did some courses to volunteer at a hospital and I also volunteered at a charity foundation and you're gonna want to write that stuff out so it makes you sound like you're like a but like a team player and that you sort of got their hobbies for example like sports that's really cool if you mentioned that because it is a stress reliever and they you know they like to hear that you you can handle stress and you could handle university life I think you're pretty much social that you're not just like staying at home all the time studying and then just doing work experience it gives you like a bit of depth and it's an ache it makes you sound like a more interesting person then like the last part pretty much the conclusion should just be a sort of summary of the experience and if there was like anything that for example you understood for my work experience like I have realized and opened my eyes to the possibilities of what this could offer me or that I think I'm very well-suited for a possible career or you know path in something like the specific of your course something like that that makes you seem like yeah I understood what I've done like I understood my experiences and I'm really sure that I want to take this course like that's what they want from personal statements they want to see that you're right for that course so again choose something quite um it needs to sound well like it needs to sound complete and if her bagging mentioned maybe any future work experience that you're gonna do if you're gonna take a gap year like I did you can go ahead and mention I think they like hearing about that it makes you sound like you're open and you you don't really have like anything to hide or anything that you're you know you're going to take it as an opportunity to do more work experience and open your mind to new experiences also after you've written it make sure it flows it needs to sound good you don't go overboard with synonyms and stuff actually like don't use them at all because they just make you sound kind of like it makes it sound really you're trying so hard to sound sophisticated don't do that make it it doesn't need to be crazy-complicated like it if it's simple but clear and it sounds well and sounds interesting that's all that they want from top to bottom you know use the space well don't just go on and on about something that is like kind of that you think it's good but it's kind of irrelevant like you have very little characters and you'll notice once you start writing it that you'll run out really fast and another piece of advice just get held like for example my English teacher proof-read mine and my parents read it and make sure loads of people read it that you listen to their advice and also proofread it just really spelling mistakes you're not that good with spelling I am NOT I'm excited to get my English teacher sort of make sure the grammar was over ie and stuff so I think that's it just make sure it sounds genuine it doesn't sound too fake you know talk about stuff you know don't go on about something you don't really know and that should be it just as long as you get other people to read and they okay it should be fine and that's it I hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for watching stay tuned for my other videos on interviews and a level advice and studying advice bye it's evaluation plan for capstone project for money Mandl College of Allied Health.

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