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Ap capstone 2019

Ap capstone 2019 write for me internet of things basics ppt ocd checking writing machine ´╗┐what's up guys we are back with another video today it is a comparison or was this video possibly the guide for your next smartphone purchase it's actually kind of surprising that phones in very similar price point actually have significantly different attributes reasons why you want one over the other we won't do in-depth reviews of each devices as you can check them on our website best under dot n here we will be mentioning brief summary of each with some noteworthy pros and cons so if you are planning to buy a phone in this range then watch this video as V and wield the best Android smartphone below rupees 10000 without further delay let's get started Asus zenfone max 2gb RAM version 1 of the Asus most popular smartphones Asus zenfone maps - GB Lam version launched me 2016 the biggest USP of this phone is the battery life backs of 5000 mah nan and Google battery giving it a great battery backup do the Charlie provided in the Box is a V 1 ampere charger Asus zenfone max comes at a price for these 9999 it has a low resolution IPS screen on 5.5 inches 720 to 1280 pixel which is rather low resolution for the speed sides zenfone max is good in the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 6th one 5s you see which results in 4 smooth and decent performance it has 16 GB of internal storage with 2gb of RAM 2016 gradient steps up to the latest Android marshmallow out of the box for the Zen UI on top of Android 6.0 can be a bit elusive with the 13 megapixel sensor and an app and by mega pixel shooter apple run the cameras dip a reasonable performance also the missing fingerprint sensor the speeds all the leads that is cool song Samsung has just released the Galaxy G to prove at August 2060 Samsung Galaxy is one of the finest and popular Samson series flexi g2 blue is superior than spss virginity it has more wrap internal memory and a superior processor as compared to it and happens to the best sensor form that you can buy under rubies 10,000 this phone may not give you the best features but is it surely has the best after sale service and is available good online and offline other phones at this pricing may give you much more features than what Samson is providing but they have lousy after sale service and limited online availability unlike the usual G Series this who uses a 1.5 gigahertz processor instead of an X and O's processor which is a little bit of disappointment but under 10,000 you can't expect anything special from Samson you did a very entry-level chipset and as always elementary sensors are missing also samsung's trademark g'bye mode NFC feature is not present in this form next we have the lenovo vibe k 5 + 3 gb ram version which is surely levels answer to all the other phones on this list landable in the recent ones are shown in greece targeting of the mid budget and low budget range forms launched on august 4 2016 and price L to be speedy $4.99 then over wide K PI + stack for the 6042 1.2 bigger goals of the form home snapdragon 616 processor which makes it a sweet performer it has a poor battery capacity of 20 750 MHz and has some peaky issues also usually low budget phones don't have a Qualcomm processor but this phone has a snapdragon 616 processor along with adreno 405 GPU s mediatek heaters this one's for you the device comes in both 2gp and 3gb of RAM but the fingerprint sensor is missing on this device the phone has a compact design looks good and has a good full HD display along with Dolby Atmos some enhancement despite being a full HD for the touch is a five-point multi-touch only the 13 megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front shooter for selfies give a decent camera performance the phone does not have android marshmallow and rather runs on android 5.1 the form packs 16gb of internal storage but is expandable with iam 32gb via microsd card also the pony gets hot when in use which can be a real deal breaker for some users the lenovo is notorious for its lousy after-sale services but on this list this is the only form from a well known Illinois giant according to us our recommendation for second best phone under rupees 10000 as respect to the features is leaked Olli 1s eco this chinese company has just earned rupees 32 crew for the very first flash sale online eco d1s eco is practically identical to the v1 s it was the first form by this company and carries on the fingerprint reader and put charging at this fellow this stylish looking metal body smartphone is the second release from the company in May 2016 and is placed at rupees 8899 with a very powerful 1.85 giggles octa-core MediaTek give your extreme processor and pull HD display you can experience videos and games that are whole new level the amazing part of the smartphone as it will provide free content services LICO phones are future oriented fools and engaged next-generation technologies like type-c USB and amateur TV our technology at this price rate and a Gorilla Glass 3 protection some cons like blue trail non removable battery or no NFC support also may be a deal-breaker it also eats up while in use which is a normal thing but few users may be worried and lastly it carries the trademark no microSD swap feature that is memory is not expendable overall we can say that the Lee u1s eco has a powerful bunch of features having almost everything for the price but also consists of some cons that cannot be ignored before we unveil the best phone in the rupees 10000 please subscribe for more videos like now moving on to one of the finest smartphone right now and our top on this list the xiaomi redmi note 3 16gb version with stunning looks and plentiful features this smartphone is worth more than the price of rupees nine thousand 999 redmi note 3 comes with a massive battery life of 4050 M age which can last for more than two days and offers 26 hours of talktime on 3G network it supports fast charging and USB OTG for pastor nolasco you can quickly a lot of both with the fingerprint sensor layer has no real issue with antenna clamp games it has a vivid Sun lit display perfect for light reading and usage in the broad daylight also in this polish die immediately note three posts of a strong CPU performance also this phone has a much much more compatible infrared sensor than legally e1s and a 16 megapixel rear camera they are some blue points like loop scratch resistant front Gorilla Glass protection and HDMI port support it has almost all the senses that misses out on the NFC DJ the features that zambian will do key has a heavily outplayed the bonds present in it as for now at this low price range you would not get every feature you want in a pocket now concluding let's refresh your memory if you want to tie one Bram then go for Sam's Lexie g2 Pro if it's the s-type mode or NFC Samsung on Pi Pro is the best answer also this is the only Exynos phone on this list if you are a heavy user and gaming is your priority then zombie redmi note 3 is what you are looking for also this phone has the best battery backup camera and the latest and best Snapdragon 650 hexa-core processor on this list but if multitasking is your field but don't like the Snapdragon the li kui one is eco brings you the true octa-core MediaTek Helio x10 processor also xiaomi redmi note 3 and liquid even s eco may have the same sensors but xiaomi redmi note 3 has better compatible sensors now if you are a frequent traveler and battery is your concern then go for none other than SSM full max as it has a whopping 5000 mAh battery capacity so what do you think do you think we have missed any phones yes the noodle is by commenting on the comment section below and please like subscribe and share this video to help your friends buy the right gadget hey you're watching hit subscribe button below it's free isn't it do my kapstone paper jobs William E. Macaulay Honors College.

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