Advantages Of The Capstone Approach
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Advantages of the capstone approach

Advantages of the capstone approach do my early childhood education capstone ideas tenure teacher policy on reporting [Music] don't change that channel or touch that dial probably because you're not watching on TV because this is Rover Creek Kickstarter pick starter for July 9th 2018 our first pick comes from El Dorado games with their completely unrelated title the island of El Dorado in this game you'll be plays explorers it's trying to find these sacred sites and if you control all four you win the game of course you can't do that on your own you're gonna have to try to build up little cities get some resources or build a militaries to possibly protect the sites from other players there glide different venturers which was really cool with all unique abilities which obviously you'd like some are better at growing resources that aren't military some better at running around in addition there's one site that's stronger than the rest one ritual site but it's in a cave where there's a lot of mysterious creatures and things that you ought to get through first this look they are really fun really beautiful art on the hexes some of an interesting exploration game a lot of the tiles like unique one looks like remind me a little bit of Balfour souls that classical art style on there and this does have an expansion for this now which includes some new another new site and accouting some crazy things that you'll find in the cave including like I saw one was a giant you have to fight so good luck taking that down a giant what I guess human does it look like this seems like kind of maybe a good complement to that other eldorado game that was the building Arres nominee last year a little bit this one feels a bit more euro because there's not as much deck buildi as stuff it's more like area control a little bit okay it looked really pretty and it's only $29 which is pretty nice for the base so I check it out if you want to find more gold your mateys next up it's a game called sea of plunder hey Pirates are in this game my friends it comes from three nail games and every player is gonna have their own ship and you're going around a little map trying to collect treasure of course the way we're is your drawing cards and the cards have a little diagram of how your ship can move so sort of like you know like a knight in chess or other chess pieces can only move in a certain diagram direction that's how you go you can't just go like one space however you want you have to follow these cards so you play one of those and you can also play a card that will move one of your opponent's boats in a similar way and some cards may even let you do other things like steal from your opponents move some of the islands around so essentially we're trying to do is move your ships on the board to get to those islands collect enough treasure get a certain amount of treasure you win you get all the points etc it looked like kind of a neat light little pirate game I'm not quite tired of pirates yet in my games your mileage may vary but the the the map movement I thought was pretty unique it has some good reviews out there as well if you check out the Kickstarter page and you know like I said pirates and I'm certain that it's not related at all to sea of Thieves it's they didn't just look up synonym for thief can plug that into the title I hope I don't know but if that sounds cool like them pirates check out see a plunder it goes for $35 game over man game over or maybe not this next Kickstarter is actually for mentor games it's called bio craft from Jason Hite the price can vary of course in this kind of deal because it's actually all about like sort of terrain pieces that if you can't really recognize sort of as that alien feeling but not copyright alien hmmm yeah of course I'm a big fan of alien movie that's why I also use the different line in the previous week and what's also cool about this so if you actually want more about space or even you don't even need it for space you could do some weird like high monster terrain in the metros game you could use that but it also nice because there already are a bunch of alien miniatures out there so you can just use these to help make that like a really beautiful sort of hive wall on area that actually uses alien predator or Marines that's true you could use it for the AVP game I guess or if you have a specific RPG or something right so I just thought this was a cool thing to point out for anyone who loves that site and needs that little extra sci-fi feeling and our mentors game of course price will vary depending on what you actually want or need and our last pic of the day is a role-playing game called John silence from ginger goat press this is based on an old series of books by the author Algernon Blackwood who I was not familiar with but apparently he was sort of influence on people like HP Lovecraft even JRR tolkien a lot of other authors of sort of that time period the mid early to mid 1900s and the John Silence RPG is about psychics in them in sort of the nineteen hundreds and but it specifically focuses on people of color so it has a very kind of socially aware agenda to go along with it you are playing people of color who are sort of these like paranormal almost x-files style investigators and it kind of uses that as like a metaphor for you know how you're being seen in the world so like I said socially aware kind of trying to get a message across and specifically this is a non violent RPG so there is no combat involved every single encounter that you have you're gonna be trying to get past by talking to the people or somehow work convincing them of something to persuade them not to fight you or some other way so it's an RPG about us talking to each other and non-violence and I always love these kinds of weird RPGs that try to really do something different with the genre I actually looked at ginger goat presses previous games cuz they have some other RPGs they've done a Kickstarter and they have some really weird out-of-the-box ones like there's there's one called doll where one player is a little kid and the other player is there doll like almost their imaginary friend it sounds awesome one is a dating show that takes place in the future when humans don't necessarily have human bodies they could be a robot or a galaxy or something really weird stuff but I you know I thought this was cool it's something definitely something you don't always see and I had never heard of this author the Sears before but the RPG also comes with like a bunch of short stories I think new stuff and like poems related to it so cool stuff goes for $16 for the digital version and $30 if you wanted physical so check out John silence John silence is what a lot people say to me those were all of our Kickstarter picks this week we didn't see a whole bunch of new ones I think we're really now approaching that Gen Con period when people are saving their best stuff for later but you should stay tuned because tomorrow or the day after on our channel we are gonna have a preview for another Kickstarter game that we didn't mention today so I'll just tell you it's called jetpack joyride it's probably up right now why do you watch it or it will be very soon so stay tuned yeah we've got plenty of fun videos so don't worry if one video can do a lot of content we've got plenty more to show ya that doesn't sound like we're desperately begging you to keep watching hey I'll let us know if there's any kick-started as you like tour back to this week until next time i'm jonathan i'm well and this was kickstarter pick started or unroll for crit don't forget to like it subscribe for more board game content every little bit helps please we gotta eat [Music] you write for me thesis paper on nanotechnology Bank Street College of Education.

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