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Acct 600 capstone project week 2 cheap

Acct 600 capstone project week 2 cheap capstone component 2 professional reflection learn dialogue writing [Music] New Orleans is truly like no other city with the convention taken place every day of the year the n-no as a tourist economy food music deep American history and fun is where the wait though was eager to visit being from the Crescent City sometimes is wise to leave in order to gain success and because of that we decided to bring you our top 10 celebrities you didn't know was from the Crescent City is another son he came from New Orleans he just scream I am yellow he need to be screaming out in New Orleans born in New Orleans in 1975 Khalid Mohammed Khalid better known by his stage name DJ Khaled was raised in New Orleans and even worked at the record store Odyssey records in the middle of Canal Street I did a little research menu and coming from and all do you have the same love and the amount of fans that you have here in my industry having to know and if not are you trying to sound oh I got I got love everywhere I go cuz I represent Lobby was saying you know I would go to show love loving return so I love to sing every hood and every ghetto the loans definitely we got love I got love for them on that's why you got a little Wayne and Herman I'm like five songs I'm out saying like that's showing the New Orleans love although this is true we couldn't find a clip where he took pride or he even mentioned he was from the world before we did the research I would have been he was from Miami this guy don't run shit down here neither did you scream I am yeah he'd need to be screaming out in New Orleans [Music] [Applause] [Music] you are from New Orleans just down the street from Houston Texas yeah 17 Ward New Orleans native Jason Mitchell an American actor best known for his role as eazy-e and two biopic Straight Outta Compton it's a summer blockbuster with homegrown talent one of the stars have Straight Outta Compton is straight out of Hollywood growing up 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of ground in Treme where captured Africans could listen to the music of the European brass bands and they combined those two sounds into jazz and pop pop turned into [Music] [Applause] love himself songwriter singer and actor Luke Jane was born and raised in NOLA he attended st. Augustine high school and was classmates with another New Orleans legend in native Frank Ocean [Music] [Music] born a 504 baby anthony mackie is proud of the present city I Love New Orleans through and through one thing I will never forget is 7-ball gentility I've been to 85% of the cities that people say are the best cities in the world and there's no city in the world that does this Maggi is well known for his roles in the 8-mile she hate me Hurt Locker brother-to-brother and we are marshal just to name a few he attended Warren Easton high school and have been a part of the Bacchus Mardi Gras Club since he was a child and Anthony Mackie of course is all New Orleans people know him as the Falcon but he's awardees that kid went Anoka worked his way up learned the hearts in New Orleans yeah actor Carl Weathers who played in such movies as the Terminator and action Jackson but was most known for his role as Apollo Creed in rocky 1 and 2 is also from the wallet you look at New Orleans is an integral part of who you are culturally ethnically there is something about New Orleans that is like no other place he attended st. Augustine then left the city to play college football and even played for the Oakland Raiders before becoming a full-time actor from New Orleans Carl Weathers attended San Diego State University on a football scholarship he then played professionally for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL and the British Columbia Lions in the Canadian Football League but since he had a degree in drama he retired from football in 1974 to pursue his real dream acting is Richard Simmons and 62 years ago I was born in the French Quarter of New Orleans fitness guru Richard Simmons is also from the war in all of the 1980s you couldn't mention Fitness without mentioning Richard Simmons he was the epitome of the cardio world Richard Simmons attended brother Martin high school I'm in the middle of boy talk all right when your boy talk could get kind of talking the motto television radio personality Rocsi Diaz is originally from Honduras but moved with her family to New Orleans where she was raised from a young age she's best known for her role on BET's music video show 106 and Parks my family lived in a area New Orleans called Slidell like really really fast and then we moved to Chalmette sean met is on the other side of the 9th she attended West Jeff senior high school in the West Bank just ten minutes away from the wall in CBB when I came back I wanted to come back and give back to my high school West Jeff was my first project here's a list of others that you may or may not know was from the Big Easy [Music] you [Music] jeff watson capstone financial Manhattanville College.

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