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Accounting capstone project ideas online

Accounting capstone project ideas online capstone exercise excel 2013 chapter 1 stock report in sap b1 tables I am an entrepreneur. So I am the idea generator and co-founder of Euromessage which is the leading email company of Turkey. So we started a new sector in Turkey and right now we are trying to enhance our business' internationally. Besides, I am a fresh mother, my baby is six weeks old and her name is Zoey. (Applause) Thank you, I am tired... So, and I know this little Zoey is going to change my life very much. Actually for me, life itself is a constant change.While we are chasing our dreams, our goals or whatever you name them, actually what we are doing is dealing with the change and it takes some courage. Tonight I will try to share some moments which formed my dreams and which gave me the courage to deal with the change and the challenge.So my initial dream in life was to be financially independent. As a daughter of divorced parents,I realized in my early ages that it is not a good idea to look up to a man for my basic financial needs,sorry guys.I had to make my own money and I had to buy my own diamond ring if necessary, if Nil Karaibrahimgil says very nice in her song, I like that song. So, my second dream was to be a world citizen. These dream formed itself when my mother married a wonderful Jewish person and started the Austrian school.So I was mesmerized by the diversity of these different people, different cultures and different belief systems. When I was ending up studying in Vienna and spending my summers in UCLA, this dream became an obsession. I didn't want to be squeezed by the boundaries of my country, my religion or my language. People are the same around the world,only our experiences make us different from each other.So today when I look at myself,I can say I live my dreams with its positive and negative aspects. I own a company, so I was able to buy the sailing boat that I was wishing for since my childhood it's called ?,change is inevitable in life, it's meaning, it's a greek word. I am married to a half Scottish, half English man who grew up in Germany, I met him in Switzerland,we lived in Hamburg,I live in İstanbul and maybe we will move to New York. I think I can say I'm financially independent but I have to admit I didn't buy my own ring my husband did it.And on the other hand I perceive myself as a world citizen although my passport still says I'm Turkish and I'm 100% religiously Muslim.I know with all ups and downs,I live the life that I have chosen and I'm very happy with it.But it's not easy.If I look at myself,actually I work every hour of the day, I have no time for my private life, I have to travel back and forth from Hamburg to İstanbul. Actually I have an Excel sheet to plan my travels between Hamburg and Istanbul. It's a hard life,and the sailing boat,it's the biggest headache I had in my life. So now I know what is that saying means when the people say the best moments of having a boat is when you buy it and when you sell it. It's really like that.Anyway,change and challenge they are inevitable in life.All you need is to have the courage to embrace them. When I was 22 years old,I met a guy.I don't even remember his name but I remember what he told me.He told me very passionately that everyone should reinvent himself/herself in every 2 years to gain new perspectives in life. This encounter changed my life profoundly. I loved the idea and I embraced change with all of my heart.So at that time I was studying in Vienna and my family was expecting me to come back to Turkey and take over the family business with my sister. I decided against it. I took a very very experimental job at Doğus Holding, it was a CRM department, at that time nobody knew what CRM meant, even me but I said yes to that offer.It worked well for me. I spent 10 years with Dogus Holding and I'd several responsibilities in different companies and the idea of EuroMessage occured to me while I was working for Doğus Group.So trying to reinvent myself,I had to learn to get out of my comfort zone. When we set up EuroMessage I was working for Doğus Holding so I had to resign.I went to my boss and said I am going to resign,I am going to do my own business. But my boss convinced me to carry out both businesses at the same time and he offered me a new job at Garanti Bank. Another challenge, I had no idea about banking,again,I said yes.I ended up working for two businesses 5 hours a day afterwork I had to work for my own business. Garanti business was a new challenge for me, I had no private life,no time for myself but I did it.Again, it worked for me. And in a funny way, to leave Garanti was another challenge for me. Because I started as a little product manager but after couple of years, I ended up being the marketing head of the credit card business so I was representing a big power which actually didn't belong to me. But people were treating me like I am a very important person, I had a VIP life, I had the best seats everywhere,people are taking my calls whenever I want, so it was very very hard for me to take the next step and to join my partners at EuroMessage. But I knew I had to do that.So one day I decided okay it's time,I'm going to leave this luxurious life and I'll go to my startup. So,in one month I was sitting at EuroMessage, with no influence at all.I lost all my so-called friends, they didn't even take my calls anymore,no more VIP seats but I was happy. I was representing very little power, but it was my power. So with all the corporate knowledge I gathered throughout the years, me and my partners we converted EuroMessage from a startup to an established company. Right now we have offices in Hamburg, İstanbul and Dubai and we are competing with international companies.So challenge, going out of your comfort zone, this is what my life is. Even if you look at my private life, it is the same.I wouldn't be able to meet my husband if I wouldn't dare to take a off-pist skiing training somewhere in Switzerland. And if you knew how I ski, you would know how daring it was for me to take this advanced course so I did it and I met my husband there.And to carry out this relationship was another problem, he was living in Hamburg, I was living in İstanbul, we were carrying excel sheets, we were spending all of our money for flight tickets, we had to find very interesting ways to communicate, sending video messages to each other, facetime, skype,we used all the communication methods you can imagine in life.So,we did it.We were able to see each other only on weekends, we even managed to create a baby. So, if you want it, it happens. For my private life, and for my business life. If I think with my 6 weeks old baby, being here and giving this speech is not easy. I have to admit Melek there were times, I thought I am going to call Melek and say "I am not going to do this. I am overwhelmed, I am tired, I can't speak English anymore, I'm forgetting everything. This speech is going to be a disaster." But it would be really against everything that I'm telling here. So, life is a change, I mean, if you think we are living in really very distruptive times, everthing is changing much much faster than before. How we communicate, how we share things, how we learn, how we discover, everything is changing. And the only constant thing, however,is the absence of clarity,direction and right answers. So it would be a very unrealistic to say there is an easy way towards transition in life. There is not. I just dive in. I try to take the courage, to dive in and do the new stuff. I know that all the excitement, all the energy and all the possiblities to live our dreams are out of that comfort zone. And the courage, actually, I get usually from the books I read and mostly from the people I am surrounded with. So, change is good. Thank you very much. May change and courage be with you. internet of things opportunities and challenges for semiconductor companies order Hamilton College.

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