Access Chapter 5 Grader Project Homework 1 Chapter Capstone Exercise For Money
Access Chapter 5 Grader Project Homework 1 Chapter Capstone Exercise For Money Whitehall Street zip 10004
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Access chapter 5 grader project homework 1 chapter capstone exercise for money

Access chapter 5 grader project homework 1 chapter capstone exercise for money lse mpa capstone project for money how to write a good essay in 45 minutes we'll talk about solution to practical access to everybody could take help raise your families network to put money in your pocket and find another way out of the gutter we're gonna get over get all down the country just empowering born into a loving our people no I mean I know you we can't do excuses just results that's why I'm here a quarter so when we talk about getting it to ownership I want to talk about first and foremost what's killing us the most let me ask you what do you think is the real estate ownership land ownership business ownership what is keeping our community back the most from because right now all one say this black community and I'll say Africans in America that's what we are majority of us were descendants from from Africans and we in America we got stuck here and we work for this lands we go nowheres we want to go somewhere but we not American property we not patrons of America they have not done right by our people and deserves our patriotism yes so we are Africans in America the black community versus other communities I want to ask you all what is stopping if you look at our community if you take every bad category single-parent homes high school dropouts teenage pregnancy obesity diabetes AIDS whatever take any bad statistic you knows number one you knows that one we are if you google any negative stat we are the number one community in every negative stat being incarcerated being reincarnated like every negative stat we're number one but then if you take any good stat right if you take any positive step no he said it every single positive step family wealth business ownership homeownership credit rating any positive stat we are last place this is not to mind you is not to any fault or creating of our own but what it is that we are not being intentional about our own self accountability and digging ourselves out of the mud out of this hole we didn't put ourself in this hole but we got the responsibility to get ourselves out the hole we cannot wait for somebody some magical man to come down and sprinkle fairy dust on black people no one's come in sprinkle fairy repair does all black people whose not be intentional about repairing ourselves that's what this class is it's really a community repair class it's not just a real estate class I'm marking it that way security repair class this last said repair angel in Rose ours no one after all that we've been through two and three or four grandmas ago no one ever came and said ìlook here's how your parent here's how you save here's how you build wealth here's how you heal from this trauma if you got kids who were abused in their home for year after year for after year after year I molested and abused and beat and these left him out to the world does more than likely there's gonna be some vestiges some residuals of trauma and then if they don't ever get repaired we're gonna do their kids the same thing he talked about like I think about the beans I got when I was little more so what my but like I was like like like like I'm crazy but why did you beat me like that but why not well soon you'll have a little skinny blue belt you want me take a bath and come out wet you could beat me because she wasn't beating like that but why was she'd beat like that does her mom would beat like that well it's hormonal being like that cuz she would be like that and they was beat like that by our former slave master and their children so we've never got any instant repair and healing we gonna be a broken people you are intentionally the Shubin are intentionally demoralize intentionally degraded you have to be intentionally elevated intensely uplifted intentionally repairs the only way to fix it I don't see no other way out and because I'm a black man in America African man in America and our community I don't want to see it the last place forever I want to see it advance and some of the bad categories I want to see his advances I'm gonna positive categories and last place to another place cuz right now the scores fall under 52 zero we've been here 450 years and for every year on year before and 50 years we've been the last place every single year the scores Bourget 50 to zero take dog in us and so ain't no time to celebrate because one of us make it out we got work to do I want to tell you guys about a couple ways in which you can engage us one I want everybody grab your phone I want you to text the word all one word get lit li t all one word get lit two six nine six nine six I'm gonna give you a free ebook on our wealth DNA kit it's going to come with a monthly budget expense sheet that dream life expense sheet it's gonna come with a financial family Financial Network calculator so you guys see what your actual net worth is don't be scared of it look at it in the mirror like you're stepping on the scale you can't lose weight or gain weight if you don't know what your way is secondly our school now J Morrison Academy we have our online courses J Morrison Academy calm or 800 numbers one eight four four join JMA these are two ways you can always get in touch with us our team or look into our online programs right now we have a special one our wealth mastery course 149 a month for weekly lessons weekly mentorship pull over 90 hours of lecturers over 200 hours of archived mentorship calls we do guys to get lessons on residential real estate investing commercial real estate investing business mastery course a self mastery self development course our credit mastery course 26 letters of each course and a stop the finance course if you want to learn everything about building wealth rule state entrepreneurship and business owners that we never been taught this course is for you fight all the day for this course 149 a month to learn everything that won't teach you in a community college or a university there's also a beginners course at 99 a month there's a six month course again with reaching lessons and etc it's all explained on the site by just encourage you guys to learn something new if you want a new situation one change situation you can't get new resolve with the same information you can as a possible outside of look you gotta do something different learn something different Dez will put you in position for those who don't learn or want to learn in a different way we also offer one-on-one coaching I do it myself for business owners or investors who want to excel or accelerate or scale their business other personal business development coaching and real estate development coaching there's a 12 month commitment our team Queen EJ King will doctor talking about that or you call these numbers as well and if it's not my program that my program is a little more advanced but if it's not my program we also have an associate coach program where you still get a strategic call with me one on one while I look at your chess board and tell you what you should be doing for you to become where you want to get to basing your goals and then I'll give you a personal accountability coach to get you better so you can look at our one-on-one coaching programs same number same website look we just launched our own real estate fund for our community 100% black owned and operated this phone works like difficulty rest we're just Tulsa real estate fund WWE Tulsa real estate fund calm which is nothing expect to get two hours of corner class lectures and then go get go get rich off two hours a game without have a bigger commitment to changing the financial situation I'm still learning I still got business coaches entrepreneurship is constantly evolving but you gotta have the same kind dedication to that as we do learn the LEAs hip-hop songs know what's going on a shave rule housewife in Atlanta without put that same time it's our own education interval and involvement msn capstone project examples cheap College of Osteopathic Medicine, Harlem.

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