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Access chapter 2 grader project homework 1 chapter capstone exercise online

Access chapter 2 grader project homework 1 chapter capstone exercise online write for me capstone bank wire routing number statistics death penalty deters crime ´╗┐hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be five of my top tips for completing a half ironman already tip number one alright so tip number one is coming prepared now you might have a race that's in the dead heat of summer but trust me just come prepared bring an extra pair of goggles bring your wetsuit just in case you know it could be wetsuit legal bring an extra pair of running shoes if you need to it might seem like a lot of stuff you're bringing but trust me you do not want to be that person that wakes up on race morning that is freaking out over some slight weather issue or maybe you accidentally ripped your swim cap or your goggles or whatever the situation is it's always better to be prepared and so what I did I brought my swimsuit I brought my wetsuit over a couple pairs of goggles um even if it's warm outside bring cold weather gear and warm weather gear just have enough stuff that you aren't going to be stressing out the morning of the race and so I found that extremely extremely helpful even though I was packing a lot of stuff just having enough so that if something did go wrong or you know the weather changed slightly or started raining on me I had everything that I needed on race morning to successfully and feel very comfortable about racing alright tip number two all right so my next tip is rest now this probably seems so obvious to everyone out there but getting the proper amount of sleep or even just rest is extremely extremely important so even the night before it might seem really diller a ting and fun to walk around you know the expo that's going on and to just see everything but something that really helped me was to just stay off my feet I wanted to be fresh in the morning so I did do I think a practice swim and I went for a little jog nothing too strenuous because I just wanted to make sure I was extremely rested up the night before also I don't know if it's the race is going to be in a town close to you but you might have to travel and so I know when I travel I get very anxious about sleeping in a bed that's not mine and so having maybe headphones with you or even I used earplugs because I was actually sharing a room with my mom and she kind of breathes heavily kind of snores when she sleeps and so just making sure I was comfortable enough in the environment that I was in to get enough sleep and even if I couldn't sleep I could rest I could plan my phone and just make sure I'm staying off my feet just so I could be energized as possible for the race in the morning all right tip number three all right so tip number three might also sound kind of like a no-brainer but have fun now everyone out there might not be doing it to win the race or you might be one of those people that are trying to be you know number one finishing the race but I still encourage you to have fun um there were a lot of signs people were holding up everyone's cheering everybody on so be one of those people that also cheers people on I know I always felt really good you know when these fast bikers were coming up behind me and passing me and I kind of just felt defeated a little bit but every now and then one of them would be like keep it up keep going you're doing awesome and so that's what I would do when I was you know maybe passing someone on a run or passing someone on the bike I would just encourage other people because it just feels so good when people are encouraging you to finish just complete strangers pushing you on to just finish this race also I encourage you if you're kind of feeling down a little bit or you're like I just can't finish this maybe try talking to someone during my half ironman probably the last six miles of the run up to the finish line I was kind of running the same pace as this guy I think his name was Aaron I can't but he was 37 I could see on the back of his calf how old he was and just talking to him and we kind of started running together so we would run to the bottom of a hill and then we'd be like okay once we get to that hill we're gonna walk it and so it was kind of cool talking to someone and kind of got kept my mind off of the race and we were both kind of feeling like oh we're so tired or we're so hungry or all rooms just finished and so it was kind of nice to just get your mind off of someone or it was kind of nice just get your mind off of the race so I heard if you if you see someone just talk to them and have fun doing a tip number four okay so the next tip I have is something that I picked up after my very first half ironman and it's something that I didn't do and the tip is to pack an after race bag and so when you're done with your race all you're going to want to do is maybe change out of your clothes get something to eat just chill you want to kind of just strip everything off you because you're probably tired you're probably hot you're probably you know chafing in weird places and so all you want to do is just get out of your clothes and the worst thing possible is having to dig through all of your stuff to find you know that sweatshirt that you just want to throw on or those sandals that you know you packed what you just can't find them so my tip is to pack a bag filled with maybe some food that you like to snack on because you never know what they're going to have after the race for the athletes and so um like I said when you're exhausted just some clothes that you know you're going to want to wear or that you easily have access to so you're not digging through your car or rummaging through all of your stuff so some clothes some shoes some snacks definitely um and yeah that is tip number four and finally tip number five and finally my last tip is to bring a bag or bring somebody to collect all of your gear from transition so I was fortunate to have my mom and my dad and my little sister come cheer me on during my half at Muncie and it was just so nice having someone to go into transition that give you a little kind of a form to give to someone who can go in into the transition area who is able to collect your your bike or all of your shoes and just everything that you've left there because I know when I finished my race the last thing I wanted to do was go collect my bike and then pull it all the way over to my car and then get all my stuff but if you don't have someone with you which you know that could be the case in your transition area so where you set up your bike and your shoes and your gels and your dues and all that stuff pack a some type of bag so I think I also had a garbage bag in there and so after my race I had my mom get my bike and then I got everything else and I literally just threw it all into this garbage bag and heaved it over my shoulder so I wasn't walking around with my helmet and my goggles falling behind me and me having to pick them up I just threw it all into a garbage bag and hauled it to my car where I had my from tip number for my after race bag where I had some water and some candy that I wanted to eat just to spoil myself a little bit so hopefully you found these tips helpful and you can use them when you're preparing for your next phrase or your first half ironman you Iron Man event or just something that you know you can keep in the back of your head so coming prepared getting enough rest having fun packing an after race bag and having someone or a bag to collect all of your gear after your race so I hope you like this video comment down below give me a thumbs up and definitely subscribe to my channel I'm pretty new at this and I love all the feedback I can get and I definitely look forward to seeing you guys next time bye change page colour in onenote for money School of Social Work.

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