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Access 2018 capstone project online

Access 2018 capstone project online chemical engineering capstone project ashes report card player ratings smh definition ´╗┐whoa Abraham I have used your methods and gratitude and appreciation a lot and it has tremendously helped my life in so many ways my life is so much better in every area than it's ever been before in a lot of ways appreciation is the most powerful of all tools isn't it because all I want to start a group called gratitude and appreciation and the question that came up for me the block I would think oh boy this feels really good to be able to share this and then I would imagine someone saying well how am I supposed to be grateful for having cancer how am I supposed to be grateful for getting a divorce how am I supposed to be grateful for 911 you know and that block kit and I thought oh give me a chance to ask Abraham what would be a good response to that what do you see you have identified in this powerful question the precise reason that we are talking about this newest process of moving up the emotional scale most people who we interact with like yourself who have been working for a while and meditating for a while and aligning for a while most of you your lowest set point is somewhere around frustration or overwhelming you rarely dip into despair or rage or fear while it can happen it's not usually where you are but as you've just pointed out you are teachers who are sometimes dealing with people who have many of the emotions of despair and powerlessness some of them are being abused some of them have strong addictions in other words many of them are not in the brighter happier fluffier places of overwhelming and frustration on up to ecstasy you see and so the reason that we are teaching this process as we are is because we're wanting you to help them understand that they cannot necessarily get all the way to gratitude in other words we would not hold appreciation and gratitude seminars for people who've been physically abused we'd have let's get into a group and Club them until their heads fall off head of group in other words we would be promoting regaining our sense of power we might even be teaching karate in other words mm-hmm there are some bridges that are necessary you can't ask one who is in despair to feel appreciation they can't find that they're not on the same wavelength so what you're wanting to do if you're wanting to start a group in order to maintain your own consistent alignment with it then say universe bring the people that are vibrationally close to where I am help me find the frustrated and overwhelmed of the world and I'll take them into appreciation but don't bring me those battered wives they're not ready for appreciation they're still in revenge and rightly so or you could start several groups you could have a group where you practice pivoting and positive aspects and you could just bliss out all day in other words we watch Jerry and Esther and others watch them sometimes they are just so happy that they are hard to take not for us but for normal people in other words they just sort of move through life and they're playing with each other and life feels so good and someone watching them might want to say haven't you heard about 911 don't you know what's going on in Iraq don't you know that there are people starving but Jerry and Esther can't relate to that in other words in their bliss they can't go there anymore than those people in their powerlessness can go there and we want so much for you to understand that this world does not all need to be the same party at the same time there's plenty of places for plenty of parties when Jerry first began receiving answers through Esther from us one of the primary things that he said many many times until we finally made him understand was he thought that the judicial system should be rearranged and that there should be islands of incarceration and that rapers should all be put on the same island where they could do it to each other and that murderers should all be put on the same island where they could do it to each other and thieves should just steal from each other all day every day on their Island in other words they should just live the result of what they are and we said those islands exist however they are not islands of incarceration in the way you have described their vibrational Islands and these vibrational islands move about in other words they are everywhere you are mixed among one another they are in every city but that which you are and that which you are offering vibrationally brings into you others that are a vibrational match and so there is no injustice that ever happens and then a powerful teacher like yourself comes forth and you live some of the stuff that doesn't feel so good and strong Rockets of desires are bolting out of you and you have a sort of quantum leap a sort of emotional vibrational shift and then you say it happened for me and now it is my charge to do that for others and we say don't ask people to buck the current of the universe instead say I'm going to let law of attraction manage this and I'm going to feel as good as I can feel and I'm going to build as many bridges for as many people as I can we're not all that happy with the attitude and what goes on even in classes or in structures like Alcoholics Anonymous or in many counseling sessions we think that most of those places hold people far too long in a vibration that they could have long left behind them but we also acknowledge that they're not ready for pivoting and positive aspects they're not ready for your rampage of appreciation party in other words that's a bridge for them you see and so as you just relax and say I'm not the teacher of all students I am a teacher and the students that are ready for me will come to me and then relax and be ready let your work be I'm going to be queued up and so turned on so in alignment with who I am that I'm ready for what comes to me Jerry and Esther went through a Taco Bell drive-in in Texas the other day and a wonderful voice said to them welcome to Taco Bell and she was so bright and uplifting she was so beautiful and she was doing the best job that Esther has ever heard anybody ever do at a drive-in window and Esther said to her told her what she wanted and then Esther said do you know that you are the very best i have ever heard under these conditions and I go everywhere you would not believe the number of drive in windows I have listened that and you are the absolute best and they drove through and the woman was standing there beaming from head to toe and her manager was standing right behind her and they gave Jared Esther their food and said this is on us you have made our day and Esther said nothing could have felt better in all of the universe than this moment in time in other words she was right up there she was on that place for it she was a vibrational sync for it and here was someone doing her best to do her best her manager was even standing right there behind her what a magical thing that the universe orchestrated where she was doing her best and someone a rare one who could appreciate the best when she heard it reflected it right back in other words this is the kind of magic that you are upon you see you don't need a classroom for that but it's fun to get together in classrooms it's fun to come together with common intent and purpose it's fun to uplift but you do not need all of the students to come to your class they are not vibrationally ready just ask the universe to bring those that are and then just gobble them up with your interest and fascination and reflect back to them the best that you are able to muster and then just keep doing that for your joyous harvesting of life experience thank you yes indeed you write for me navy capstone requirements Webb Institute, Glen Cove.

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