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Abstract for capstone project example order

Abstract for capstone project example order capstone logistics stevens point wi address celebrities in the media essay ´╗┐look what I got and welcome back to the real so what we got going to date is we have max that is back I decided I kind of think about like how do I incorporate like the 15 best teams the 50 worst teams in a way that's kind of cool where we can see kind of what would happen how it would affect things so I have taken the 15 worst teams in the NBA and giving them a 99 overall like this guy's max count like they changed the name cuz you for some reason can have the exact same name it makes sense there's all these max Lopez Batista don't ask me why that's the name max all all these guys are in the league on the 15 worst team I'm doing 3 simulations and I'm doing my prediction things I'm making my prediction of who I believe could win with it and who will do the best and if they I think they're going to win a championship so the team so like what we're kind of trying to see is these are the weaker teams in the league how much would a 99 overall player help them how much would that help carry them and I want all of you guys right now before I tell you my jet guess which team do you think would be the best off I was a weakest 15 I just scroll through the whole thing showed you guys the rosters and now I'm going to tell you guys who I am selecting to be at least for the first is because it's going to change every season I might switch it up I might be the same I think the Wizards I think the Wizards will win if I added I got a center and 9 and overall they look at this line john walsh bradley field they have a great team they're not having a great season i didn't include the trailers in this because i figured the Trailblazers would win pretty handily they just always seem to win in this i don't i know it's close I'm not sure if they're in the bottom 15 though so for my first prediction I have going with the Wizards I am locking that in 100% I'm going to be swimming this season with some music and stuff you'll see be in the playoffs where we can see if I will be right once again we're going through this drop leg on this video if you enjoy this style of video and I'll see you guys in a second like you be strong to hold the flowers of the stars dear dream Billy in strength now I'm the only one only one [Music] Hey so as I'm season 1 the Orlando Magic max ends up winning well he want everything MVP Rookie of the Year Defensive Player so he had up really did your baby they did well I have really liked it we went 50 and 32 so I'm curious if import you to be able to make it through and make it to the files out of the east um I don't know there's a lot of tough competition but I'm thinking maybe that we have all these players it's going to happen I'm not on her perspective let's quickly look at the statistics here player stats and see kind of how we did where is he there is I was I was losing a nice autism don't ask me don't happy a blended in it blended in don't I know I was like an idiot right now and he was in hidden in plain sight that whole time - his name was not staff at the end that threw me off you got 17.7 points per game let's look at the power rankings were fourth so my prediction was Einstein's did very well that nice the whole league has changed the whole league has changed because of these 9 overall players the Nuggets had an amazing your Rockets that might affect my prediction for next time let's go ahead and submit whole thing are we to test West oh my are you kidding me - can't just throw me a bone man that destroys Pistons have won the championship and you can see these Keys these are not huge usually see in the final I'll make my second prediction now I am going with the Denver Nuggets that is my selection locking it in right now and I'll see you guys in a second you and I [Music] Oh [Music] Hey so season two I'm going to show you what we got 47 and 32 for the Nuggets we're going to go through a little bit more detail here because I kind of rushed it last time let's leave the league leaders and stuff and see if it's not even all these guys let's see the center position cuz they're all centered yeah they dominated but this guy'll in the magic for some reason the magic just are the best team to have a good center on don't ask me why don't ask me how I don't ask me why that's a thing but it's a thing DeMarcus Cousins is right in the middle there and one of the things I really wanted to see in this how like how which teams would still be dominant and we can see that the Cleveland Cavaliers still even with every team like all these dudes having nine an overall maxed out players Cleveland it's still number one in the driver's seat in the Power Rankings per season to Golden State which teams really really fell off let's go to the ball and latch up and you have a Boston Toronto had a really bad year Brooklyn still sucks Philadelphia still sucks it doesn't matter if you give them they're not going to be great how did the tea that I think the first time do so whether it videos because I'm glad that I switched my prediction there let's go ahead and jump into this you guys let's go the players has one more timely that he was our top scorer this year Mac Decker and then nickel a joke it was the second Wilson Chandler where the Nuggets got to find them we're playing the sun's around one that's another team who has the max out guy I suck so bad at everything I should be embarrassed for myself I honestly should that is how how do I mess up this bad twice case the Miami with the Nexus that's been two completely crazy team stuff you guys have guessed both right if you guess the pistons in the heat you're a genius you're an absolute genius alas make my third prediction I was not very close to it anymore I'm really not I don't know who it's going to be it could be anyone honestly it really could be anyone I am going to go however with the Houston Rockets no because I tell you miss best Tina's even have a night overall player I don't know that was kind of a reach I want to go with the team that got the 99 overall player let's go with the Wizards again call me crazy but I'm gonna go with the Wizards again I might regress it in about 30 seconds when you see me again but I'm going to pick the Wizards one more time [Music] [Music] [Music] hey so season three and I think you guys already saw I don't even know if we made the playoff did we not even we didn't even make the plan so I officially at the end of this video I can give myself the crown of saying I'm the worst at predicting things ever I am I really suck I went home for three I went back to the Wizards after they let me down this was absolutely terrible one way down Brooklyn Brooklyn let me just Brooklyn is in the playoffs and I'm no I never thought that that would ever happen the Nuggets the team that I picked last time who ended up getting on the first round their first once again which athlete sucks let's go over where we had 17th in the league oh my god we're gonna lose it we are going to lose this lever says let's go lead leaders in points per game four centers as we can see once again the magic version wins their magic have yet to win a championship yet though DeMarcus Cousins let's go ahead and submit it means nothing to me but to you guys it might change your predictions that you put it at the beginning let's see Charlotte Wow this is the weirdest bring you off this is crazy though so this is the type of videos I like because they're unexpected you don't know what to expect I was not expecting those teams at all I don't think you guys were either but anyways thank you guys so much for doing video drop like down below I love you guys so much have a great day god bless you else you guys next kapstone paper mill fire Professional Business College.

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