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4024 capstone ct fort collins co

4024 capstone ct fort collins co capstone realty logo for money bloody mirror movie review ´╗┐Christmas Eve that's crazy it's Christmas Eve already we're getting pretty close to a new year as well 2018 is on the horizon which I always forget about but it's it's super close now as with the past few days on the Christmas countdown this year I've been asking you guys what you would like to see up until Christmas Day and today is a little bit different to the past few days cuz if I the game yeah and this one's not even like a really Christmassy one but it's one that you guys have been tweeting me and commenting like crazy it's geometry Ashe sub-zero and you have no idea how many cables and knickknacks I've had to set up to be able to get this to work but it's working and I'm ready to play now the reason that you guys have wanted me to play this particular game so much is because of the first level recognize that name that's right press Start okay no no no that version I'm pretty sure is my old theme song which is why you wanted me to play it so badly so as you can see I haven't even started it yet i've just booted up the game i'm gonna go straight in you ready pop here we go come on show me the goods already here this and I've never played geometry dash I know what a tablet before oh my goodness it's happening what was that did you see that crocodile thing I died you look at that crocodile thing that's mad gonna go don't mess it up don't mess it up yes yes yes oh my guess once dude dude I can't even I could even keep up dude I didn't expect it to launch me through the air you kidding me 21% though ain't that bad it's so much harder it's happing the screen rather than clicking a button on a mouse I don't know why it just is are we gonna own this one someone you've got this you've got this don't worry about the music just keep on going insane actually insane oh my eyes my eyes no the krookodile hate me it's so much harder it's a blitz this is like the first easy as well here we go yes and it changes to this which completely caught me off guard yes though no reverse grad C press Start oh it's mad like all the lights and stop this is crazy compared to the PC version actually nuts I died so if that bit I need to remember that I need to not press the screen but it's so hard to see we got here we got doors where's the job it's ok it's ok Santa doesn't get angry he can't get angry especially on Christmas Eve or in a seconds I know it's wrong here can we change our guy to like the santeri one we can't even unlock a red color because we we don't have one yes no that is so difficult as it got arrows where I need to jump I think it has ok I need to pay attention to those you know guys I'm taking the headphones out that's right when I played the PC version it was so much easier without the music because it's not always on time I'm a musical person so I'm playing it without you guys know me out there though yes yes yes ok this is going well I have no idea what just happened but something's happening ok where's the spaceship mode I think we can do this all my words I have no idea what's going on compared to the normal geometry - this is actually crazy like really really crazy look at the background what is that what is that oh my goodness why is that there is a flippin skele boat trying to eat me that is insane without the music in my ears I have no idea what's going on but crazy I've never seen anything like this in geometry dash before it is crazy ok we're back to whatever this was i press some buttons but i don't think you need to press actually anything there and it does kind of give you some guidance as well just got those dots in the background but apart from bad especially this bit is crazy I wonder what the music's doing oh my goodness I can't believe how crazy this is guys come on come on don't mess this up this time don't mess it up there we go there we go No that was so close 64% this bit actually blows my mind it's crazy absolutely crazy no I did the same thing again dogs bring so much attention ah ok ok ok I think I'm doing it I think I'm doing it just don't touch the lava don't you even touch me bro don't do it what is happening what is happening dude what is that whatever what's that is this super mario odyssey I didn't think so what I put the tunes back in I need to know what happened there that was absolutely insane ok ok this is the drop oh I see here we go she's like the dubstep skeleton oh my goodness this is the bit we need to find out what happens guys it goes into a pipe and then it changes it's like no music here oh I see we defeat him we got it we got it yes what what is this oh my goodness is actually insane musics not helping me it's all a getting mad I can't get mad at Christmas Eve I can't 76% 76 we can do this it's fine I think I need the lucky bit you know actually this bait isn't helping at all it's making it so much harder I can't really see that well and that's in my mouth ha ha the important thing we've got this we've got is to defeat at the skeleton and we just need to get to the next level here we go I failed in this one last time I don't know how yes yes yes yes yes okay we got this yes continue okay I don't think I have a choice but I'm gonna continue anyway oh my good the skeleton come back No whatever happens what is there a boss fight ah how can there be a boss fight inside geometry - 89% come on we're doing this for the nostalgia we it's fine it's fine we're back we're back we're back Oh Carmen what I did Oh the books why it wasn't it that's insane here we go boss fight somehow coming up I mean I don't know how this is even a thing what it is oh yes did I do it guys yes yes yes I did it a boss fighting geometry - who knew that's actually crazy so we did unlock a new guy it's this guy but I can't make him any different color I kind of like this I guess now judging by the bottom there's only four levels so I'm just gonna try this one the one before was the easiest one so let's see what this one's about I've got my headphones back in okay this doesn't seem so bad it's got the guidance as well which I quite like just to give you kind of a start on the level okay he's pretty chill but what what why did I say that why did I say that we're going through like portals and stuff this is insane guys oh my goodness I can't I can't I don't even know what's going on I think I'm doing it though it's getting crazy it's already getting crazy what no only 25% that's not so bad I don't reckon I can do this today but I'm gonna give it a few more goes there was only my first attempt and I have no idea what happened so let's see I like our little guy as well he's much more crazy kind of matches this game there we go guys this is let me go on here we go yes I died like instantly really I never used this one before no why is that one so hard I've never used the diagonal zigzag one before that one's difficult dude it's so fast as well this is actually insane no no even said the word ship and I just when I'd read it I was like oh and I was dead so guys you know what the point of today was just to discover that first level and I got sucked in by geometry again it got to 37% that ain't so bad on the second one hey I hope you enjoyed this video if you didn't please do leave a big fat thumbs up that'd be greatly appreciated and tomorrow's video is going to be great I have got a super special Christmas present for you if you're excited thumbs that would be great also hit that subscribe button if you are brand new to the channel because you don't want to miss out all I've got in store for you tomorrow and I will see you at next time if you're watching this just before Christmas and have an amazing Christmas day if you're watching on Christmas Day you have an amazing day I'll have a video for you don't you worry and I will see you guys very soon yeah [Music] capstone mining address for money Houghton College, Houghton.

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