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1655 capstone way vandalia ohio

1655 capstone way vandalia ohio capstone other forms heterozygous definition example essay ´╗┐hi my name's Stephanie GRL I'm a graduate student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs my question is how well do you think graduate programs in public affairs prepare future leaders and not look sir no I'm not kidding I'm kidding I'm actually at the graduate level a number of great programs UT of course our number ones JFK school the Woodrow Wilson School Maxwell school it's your cues there are a number of programs that really do a good job of providing rigorous education one thing they do less and less of is actually encourage people to go into the public sector because many young people go into into these schools no longer interested in the public sector they want to get the degree which they know is going to help them to to go into consulting or go into into finance or do you know to go to into different in two different fields and then you know that's fine but but for a lot of these programs the Kennedy in the Wilson School for example were pioneers in this in this effort they were they were built I'm the Woodrow Wilson School is in its charter that the point is to prepare people for publicly is your public sector leadership they don't do that now the percentage of graduates from those kinds of schools that go into public sector service now it used to be seventy percent it's now about a third okay and that's happened over the last 25 years part of that is economics you know you can earn a lot more and if you have a lot more debt it's it's a lot more attempting to go into into a more lucrative field but I think part of it is also cultural we've lost a sense of civic obligation this sense that if you have a degree of from from institution of higher education especially a graduate degree then that entails a certain responsibility to give back I think we now see higher education as a private good something that is going to benefit me as an individual a good job make a lot of money lead a good life whereas in the past we used to see this as a privilege as a collective good that there's a you know to quote T Oregon but there's a there's a moral responsibility more duty on the man of higher education to do his service for his country you know that people who had college degrees had a higher level of responsibility and service to whom much is given much is expected and and we've lost that in this sort of mad rush to to to wealth an individual advancement thank you hi I'm Stephanie burns from Texas A&M University and I was just wondering what your thoughts were on required volunteer hours I know a lot of high schools and some colleges even require their students to complete a certain number of hours for graduation do you think that that's a good requirement or does it does it take away from civic obligation how to set yeah it's one of those difficult things out I think with younger students surely repaired or your teacher that that's your job is to require kids to do things they don't want to do and then what over time that we've lost that we've lost that bad understanding that's what you're supposed to do say no to the kid right anyway but yet you so requiring volunteerism age can over time develop an ethic of service which i think is very important you know of course you don't want to go to the extreme where it's or like competitive volunteering where you're you know it's just trying to do the things that are going to look best on the college application or on a resume you know that becomes that becomes a problem but but I don't think that that that mandatory service is a bad idea at all just like I don't think mandatory math class is a bad idea at all because we need kids to develop math schools skills and we need consider develop Civic skills as well thank you welcome good morning sir i'm joel Fuhrman I attend a text Tech University and I know that each of the branches of armed forces operate on core values and they each have their own and as far as I'm aware the public service branches don't really have their have core values of us wondering if you were going to implement some in your Academy just kind of as inspirational motives for your students absolutely no absolutely i think that Betty's again what differentiates the the military academies is this idea that there are core values that we that we hold dear duty honor country that that we that we should all dear and we absolutely want to to implement those in a public service civilian context because there's no reason in the world why duty honor country for example needs to be solely associated with the military those values are important for all of us in fact part of the reason I think that we have such trouble in our civilian public institutions is that we don't emphasize those core values those those patriotic values they've almost become you know I always use the word quaint because people think oh this quaint and cheesy it's old schools whatever but that's the problem we need to reinvigorate them so absolutely they would be at the center of a public service academy thank you sir you're welcome good morning i'm tony game MacCulloch from UT el paso order you speak you mention expectations in middle school and elementary school I was wondering what do you think about expectations in college do you think they need to be higher absolutely no absolutely i remember when i went to Duke she has she has about expectations in college you know that's having high expectations matter in college absolutely i think one of the saddest things that's happened in higher education and then may not have ever been a golden era but I sort of feel like the standards have have deteriorated again because we're just not willing to to hold people to account you know that we figure all these kids are now 18 years older adults we can't really tell them what to do or we can't really expect them to do this they're kind of going to do their own thing anyway and I disagree with it I think that that we can and should expect students to come to class beyond time do the reading you know should be basing and if you don't what you fail I don't think it's rocket science and and so I think that a lot of colleges because it is related to this this this transformation of college education from being a public good into a private good what's happened is that colleges now see you and other students as a customer and the customer is always right customer has to be appeased because if the customer is not happy customer won't pay tuition right and that's a problem and so instead of holding you to high standards and saying you know you've got to clear this bar we're going to really push you and push you and push you they say well okay you can't meet this problem how about this one oh how about this one I will you please come to class you know and it's a never-ending spiral and they say well you know we got 20 on trays in the cafeteria for you all cook by going a chef and you say well I want 21 so they have all here's 25 you say I 126 there's no end to that I think what the military academies do and what we want the public service academy to do is is to get away from that mentality and say this what you are doing is learning to become a leader for this country and we have to put you through the fire in order for that to happen we are not going to cater to your whims we're not going to pamper you we are going to hold you to high expectations so that's the way of answering your question to say yes they should so before we thank dr. Ashe he's much too couth of course to go on the stump here but if the youth the US public service academy sounds like something you might be interested in helping to build please visit their website or talk to Chris and Sean afterwards because there's plenty of ways that you can help it's still not a reality yet so thank you amen do my kkr capstone asia ltd Orange County Community College.

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