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My capstone project for money

My capstone project for money capstone seminar imp rubric ´╗┐but I do want to say one thing about their way and I we appreciate your input here one of the founding philosophies at one of the people Asif these set off century is about legacy and I'm I'm really interested in artists who kind of a real reason and real need to do a piece and the story of the way this came about when you bring mr. stone in 1998 I was writing the music repulsion money upstairs and downstairs there was this amazing cast including a person showeth who was Christian and an art season Robert found I would be away that the thing you know we're upstairs I have a 10 month old on we think they're pounding so I just have such a soft spot or in the for this piece and after last season the first thing I thought I thought I've been doing the brain and want to do it Jonathan wrong like wonder if you would be interested in I was really shy about it emailing you know I was on the train and I emailed you and at the same time I mean this is not this is true right the same time Jonathan emailed me and said I saw tick tick boom I'm wondering if you're interested in new crazy it was crazy it was crazy it sounds like true but it's true talk to you about is wiring a piece you know you can tell when you're performing it and the thing that never happens with art is if you never get to talk to them before they perform before people throw skills at you the I feel what what drove you to this piece and why is it I think it's a dream fulfilled which is how you can form it completely and I got out of this show I had a friend in high school made a musical theater mixtape and the first song of the mixtape was my family here a battery in your and now he's here but where are you oh my god the first one what am i right what I said to Matthew who is super straight and I said I would run through today he said what's that I was I was 14 and I and there's some and there I was on the mixtape I bought the CD off of Amazon and I and I remember like going to my room taking up the liner notes I remember putting the CD into like the boom box that I got for Christmas and sitting on the edge of my bed and reading reading reading along with the sugars is mostly Sun through any like whoa well I member my mom calling me down for dinner like sign there there was a three songs I said I'll be down to 10 minutes a minute I remember so vividly falling in love with the show I got into a car accident while I was listening to he riots in the middle throat and waiting for car to come on kill me BAM policewoman to the side of the family and sold our car I sang I'd rather be sailing for every occasion I just have loved this show so much and I feel like thanks of this on our open night I feel like this this off center program that Yuma started is so special in so many ways and one of that one of the like one of like the most meaningful ways for me personally it's like a childhood dream come true to be able to do this but also a bill Finn who spoke so eloquently on our opening I was talking about how amazing it is for him to sort of revisit the show and when I asked you and you serve actually simultaneously about doing it this year I had no idea that we were going to be able to try and make it better I didn't know that that was part of this process it just it wasn't that wasn't part of the plan one of the things that's really tricky about you know it's really tricky when the authors are alive that's right I think you know like Langston Hughes is a dream deferred and I think the new brain was way before that you know there is a big movement I'm sure you're all aware but not only with healthcare but the way that we look at mortality the way that we think about possible care in humanity I mean the fact that what has happened with a confederate flag in the Supreme Court I feel like there's a turn towards humanity what it feels like I know that in our hustle you know that in our own history our kind of history there's a we have in our family was a deep and very very debilitating brain injury in my time as a doctor and and I remember him saying to me if you really want to get well don't go to the hospital and he used to keep patients we would come home from school and there'd be a patient in our room he's too sick to go to hospital he needs care and this this kid you know constantly that wasn't a human touch where he won't get well I always thought about that and one of the things when you watch this piece tonight and I'm wondering what it's like for you especially with the nurses it's so true you know there's something about the quality of it and the fact that so much of it is your body what is it like to be on the receiving end of that because it's so beautifully captured because it's on doesn't feel that way it does it really does I might add that sir I'm Hollywood dad right now and she said open-heart surgery a couple months ago and we were talking on the phone of like maybe three weeks ago about that feeling of being in the hospital and the feeling of going under and knowing if there's a possibility of not coming out of that and the intensity of that and also how like we talked about this in rehearsal to how and it's it's certainly expressed through all the different characters where organ is the one having the brain problem but it's like at the same time the mother's going through a crisis and the boyfriend is going through a crisis and the bed when something like that happens everybody is affected and it's amazing how how we handle ourselves and how we express ourselves as the certification and as the people who love the patient and change said something really interesting in rehearsal to which was that he said it which I never thought about he was like I said would you see to me how everybody expresses their feelings when they're not with each other in this in this show and how the mother ends and Roger his boyfriend really emot-- and express themselves without the in front of order which cause they're trying to be strong for Gordon and how true to life that is when you're dealing with someone that's going through that sort of Hospital experience and then also the like hilarity of it and the like this sort of like very matter-of-fact way or where we talk to about there's a scene when I'm in the wheelchair and the minister comes over and the doctor who everyone just had put some hands on you and they're sort of running through their lists and compassionate things to do with a patient and then I'm like okay anyway and they go the compassionate things that they're supposed to do it's such a like weird world that I feel it's just so like beautifully captured in the show it's one of the the hilarity I think here I'm talking about which is really true but my husband had a stroke it was it was seven years ago now upon my brain injury and it's no joke and then I came home after all of that and you've got the mail and there was a jury a jury can do you notice really those things that this side of the university that happens what what is it that it's so rare that we get to talk to you first of all you're such a nice human and you know you know you're not you're careless and kind you do your work but I can't wait to work with you again and that doesn't always come and that's not kindness is not weakness there's real distinction between a-- and i even minor you and i think you're that's why you're the only person that michelle gets long you know again it's really rare that we get to spend time with you before your half-hour what is it that something that you would want us to think about as you watch it or do you want to just go you know the great thing about the earth every performance is its own like opening eyes opening night and so everything about opening night affects that performance today was our first and only that name it was daytime and were people that we knew in the audience for that and so cinetic is just going tonight knowing that it's our final show and we're all sort of infused with that the actors were not like it's been particularly the actors in this production who are all extraordinary and are also connected to one another it's it's amazing how in this rehearsal process it's been so short how quickly everyone is bonded in this company and so we together are knowing that this is our like final show and so I guess we're just excited to kind of celebrate that and experience that with you guys running this entire program when you get so many working fine I love you Kelly O'Hara wanted the scene here yes he said well we'll stay I know but Jeannie and I also like sent to her I was like I really love to learn that like the piano in the beginning to the timing whatever and I've never played the piano in my life and I was like is there anyone that I could go to this is like six months ago or something to take lessons and Jeanine was like don't be stupid you're taking US Attorney I'll make an appearance what and so then I thought okay that's one of those things that people say that like and then she was looking here's the name and number of my assistant and they'll be teaching your piano lesson - Jeanne we sat in your studio with them persistent it's probably the time when Jonathan will be doing the complete work so I saw three hundred million six times I was making sure those into Janine's a sort I'm obsessed with this woman Carol energyne I mean everything it's going to be in a room with you playing piano was really surreal for me as a fan of you but then if someone that's running an organization and running a thing to have that person teaching the actor fee I know I feel like just shows no I'm doing a commercial for butter you're like true like your instant passion and you're like you just like you're so invested in every single possible way which is which is so rare or someone that runs an organization that I want to do public units before her Jonathan has to get into character yeah teaching my triple axel you know what I can really I say that's a lie I can't I always say back in and I get on ice I can do it sort of like lesson write for me university of south carolina capstone requirements Adelphi University.

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